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  1. Scammer Hansen Renold from Lagos (Nigeria)
  2. Scammer Barry Nelson from Lagos (Nigeria)
  3. Scammer Joe Kennedy fromLagos (Nigeria)
  4. Scammer Steven Taylor from Cotonou (Benin)
  5. Scammer Jason Lotte from Lagos (Nigeria)
  6. Scammer John Anderson from Lagos (Nigeria)
  7. Scammer Michael Wilson from Enugu (Nigeria)
  8. Scammer Michael Lukestffrd from Lagos (Nigeria)
  9. Romance scammer David Benson from Lagos (Nigeria)
  10. Dating scammer Sean Carter from Lagos (Nigeria)
  11. Scammer John Luke from Lagos (Nigeria)
  12. Romance scammer Jack Jayden from Lagos (Nigeria)
  13. Dating scammer Mark Raymond from Lagos (Nigeria)
  14. Dating scammer Jose Antoine from Lome (Togo)
  15. Scam Allen Trebek from Lagos (Nigeria)
  16. Dating scam James Andrino from Lagos (Nigeria)
  17. Romance scammer Kelvin Smith from Lagos (Nigeria)
  18. Dating scammer Philip Marini from Lagos, Nigeria
  19. Romance scammer David Gardner from Porto-Novo (Benin)
  20. Scam Onyeka Osita Dibua from Anambra and Awka (Nigeria)
  21. Romance scam Perry Lewis from Lagos (Nigeria)
  22. Scammer Gregory Carl from Lagos (Nigeria)
  23. Dating scam Michael Pender from Lagos (Nigeria)
  24. Romance scammer David Miller from Abuja (Nigeria)
  25. Scam George Kay from Lagos (Nigeria)
  26. Dating scammer Raymond James from Lagos (Nigeria)
  27. Scammer Jeffrey Rhodes from Lagos (Nigeria)
  28. Romance scam Andrew Balder from Lagos (Nigeria)
  29. Scam Kelvin Derran fromLagos (Nigeria)
  30. Dating scammer Benjamin Johnson from Lagos (Nigeria)
  31. James Martini from Lagos (Nigeria)
  32. Peter Ruben from Kiev (Ukraine) and Lagos (Nigeria)
  33. Donnell Moore from Delta and Warri (Nigeria)
  34. Bryan Parker from Chicago, Illinois (USA)
  35. Micheal Raynolds from Lagos (Nigeria)
  36. Hallwell Payden from Lagos (Nigeria)
  37. John Anderson from Lagos (Nigeria)
  38. Nicholas Jeffrey from Lagos (Nigeria)
  39. Daniel Smith from Lagos (Nigeria)
  40. George Summer from Lagos (Nigeria)
  41. David Taylor from Lagos (Nigeria)
  42. Anthony Robert Moore from Lagos (Nigeria)
  43. James Norman from Lagos (Nigeria)
  44. Richard Thompson from Lagos (Nigeria), Miami, FL (USA) and Glasgow (UK)
  45. Raymond Richard from USA and Lagos (Nigeria)
  46. Thomas Caron from Lagos (Nigeria) and Alabama, Georgia (USA)
  47. John Gomes from Lagos (Nigeria) and Reno, NV (USA)
  48. Donbell Mahon from Lagos (Nigeria) and England
  49. Peter Nathaniel Sparks from Akure (Nigeria) and Dudly, West Midlands (UK)
  50. Gary Halvorson from Lagos (Nigeria) and Philadelphia, PA (USA)
  51. Richard Romero from Lagos (Nigeria), UK, California, New Jersey, Philadelphia (USA)
  52. Michael Roberts from Lagos (Nigeria) and Morrisville, NC (USA)
  53. Jack Thomas Jr. from Lagos (Nigeria)
  54. Thierry Mugler from Lagos (Nigeria), Kentucky and Maryland (USA)
  55. Mitt Jefferson from Lagos (Nigeria), Illinois, Michigan (USA) and Equador
  56. Issac Alexander from Lagos (Nigeria) and ******ia (USA)
  57. Frank Lopez from Lagos (Nigeria) and Sparks, NV (USA)
  58. Ricardo Gomez from Lagos (Nigeria), Charlotte, NC (USA), Sarasota, FL (USA) and Spain
  59. Nigerian con artist Wilson Peterson
  60. Romance scammer Charles Oriro from Kenya
  61. Emotionally Scammed