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  1. Scammer Tom Richards from Accra (Ghana)
  2. Scammer George Walton from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  3. Scammer Fred Lukas from Accra (Ghana)
  4. Scammer Steven Wood from Accra (Ghana)
  5. Scammer Michael Faure from Accra (Ghana) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)
  6. Scammer Alex Thomas from Accra (Ghana)
  7. Dating scammer Mikkel Forde from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  8. Romance scammer David Copeland from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  9. Romance scammer Alpedro J. Johnson from Sandton (South Africa)
  10. Scammer Michael Speeds from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  11. Dating scammer Taylor William from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  12. Dating scammer Elvis Owusu Yeboah from Accra (Ghana)
  13. Scammer Robert Thibault from Accra (Ghana)
  14. Romance scam Stevern Welmeson from Lagos (Nigeria)
  15. Romance scam John Douglas from Lunas (Malaysia)
  16. Dating scam Jason Grose from Accra (Ghana)
  17. Romance scam Bobby Adams from Accra (Ghana)
  18. Scam Thomas Cole from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  19. Robert Stevenson, Jarrod Bernard,Merlok Cherrington,...Alvino Johnson...
  20. Robert Stevenson, Jarrod Bernard,Merlok Cherrington,...Alvino Johnson...
  21. Scammer Adam Williams from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  22. Scam Montgomery Evans from Accra (Ghana)
  23. Dating scammer Luca Moretti from Accra (Ghana)
  24. Dating scam Terry Philips from Sarawak (Malaysia)
  25. Scammer Charles Presten from Accra (Ghana)
  26. Romance scammer George Persson from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  27. Romance scammer Alford Ben Cohen from Accra (Ghana)
  28. Dating scam Dave Harry from Accra (Ghana)
  29. Scam Edward Church from Rustenburg (South Africa)
  30. Romance scammer Jimmy Kaylor from Lagos (Nigeria)
  31. Scam Carl Cross from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  32. Tony Barry from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (Malaysia)
  33. Anthony Mark from Accra (Ghana)
  34. Alex James from Pretoria (South Africa)
  35. Samuel Marino from Lagos (Nigeria)
  36. Wesley William from Accra (Ghana)
  37. Alex Dave Hewitt from Cape Town (South Africa)
  38. Bruno Alex from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  39. Josh Ferdinand from Accra (Ghana)
  40. Mark West from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), London and Liverpool (UK)
  41. Michael Richburg from Accra (Ghana) and Jacksonville, FL (USA)
  42. Alex Evan from Johannesburg (South Africa) and Manchester (UK)
  43. Benjamin Wellington from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  44. William Tega from Accra (Ghana) and London (England)
  45. Orlando Johnson from Accra (Ghana); Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and Pakistan
  46. Mason Daniels from Accra (Ghana) and Orlando, Florida (USA)
  47. Daniel Murray from Accra (Ghana); Boring, Oregon (USA) and Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
  48. Michael Jerry Louis from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Los Angeles, CA (USA)
  49. Roland Walker from Accra (Ghana) and Cordova, South Carolina (USA)
  50. Mark Cone from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), London (UK) and Mainstee, Michagan (USA)
  51. Maxwell Anderson from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and New York, NY (USA)
  52. Franklin Kenneth Mueller from Accra (Ghana), Germany, Syria and USA
  53. James Taylor from Miri (Malaysia) and London (UK)
  54. Mark Will from Accra (Ghana), London (UK) and Munich (Germany)
  55. Eric Douglas from Pretoria (South Africa) and Charlotte, Fresno, Anaheim, Los Angeles
  56. Kelvin Cole from Pretoria (South Africa) and New York, NY (USA)
  57. James Louis from Cotonou (Benin)
  58. Michael Smith from Lagos (Nigeria); New York, NY (USA) and Glasgow (Scottland)
  59. Alex Hopkins from Accra (Ghana) and Syria
  60. Dave Waltar ( Walter) Lagos Nigeria Sioux city, Iowa
  61. Male scammer using the name John Britt
  62. Michael Myers - Exclusive Dezyns or Xclusive Dezyns
  63. Diamond Security Group
  64. Richard Weston, Mike Alex, Mark Alex, Richard Garrison Weston, W. Brian. Groner
  65. Richard Weston other photo
  66. richard weston other photo
  67. richard weston other photo
  68. Richard Weston other name
  69. Ganesh Prasad Nautiyal from India
  70. Richard Weston uses other person's photo.
  71. Richard Weston or Richard W. William
  72. Richard Weston attached in his profile
  73. Marc/Mark/Marcel Bradley
  74. Bill De La Cruz
  75. Peter Strootman
  76. John Peter Paulson From UK
  77. Breitner Hamilton
  78. Hassan Muhammad/James Packers/Henry Kingston
  79. Don from Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg
  80. Taylor Robinson
  81. my love is a scammer
  82. david magid orthopaedic dr frm kings lyn wrkin in syria
  83. ibrahim rashid
  84. Anyone knows this man?
  85. Ralph Thomas Hennecke a.k.a. Eric Rud Hanes
  86. Mark Richard Oliver
  87. Victor Mohamad
  88. Rostex Urjasz romance scammer
  89. Daniel Muller romance scammer
  90. Bruno DeBet romance scammer
  91. Romance scammer Peres Watkins Abuja Nigeria
  92. male scammer
  93. Nigerian scammer in Ghana
  94. Chris Hansen from Houston
  95. Darren Friedburg
  96. Gambling addict Darren Friedburg
  97. Military Scam Diego Alejandro Castanon
  98. Josh Jensen
  99. Dudley Zinke from Lagos (Nigeria)
  100. Robert Dixo aka Robert Jackson from Lagos (Nigeria)
  101. Jonathan Ortiz aka John Gomes, Barney Diego, Patrick, Kingsley Amadin from Lagos
  102. Micheal Jenders from Lagos
  103. Micheal Stephen from Lagos
  104. Nigerian scammer Eric Richard
  105. Robert Cole from Lagos
  106. David Tennity aka Michael Scofield
  107. Brian Nelson from Lagos Nigeria
  108. David Williams from Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire)
  109. Luke Stefan aka Frederick Thomas
  110. Gabriel Sean
  111. Glyn W.
  112. Redmond B.
  113. Terry J.
  114. Marco M. aka Michael Conteh
  115. Lawrence Smith from Nigeria
  116. Gary M. from Lagos
  117. Brian O'Conner in Accra Ghana
  118. Richard Luke from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  119. Evans Danirl in Nigeria
  120. Mac Collins
  121. Scammer from Nigeria Gabriel Williams
  122. George Sherman claims to be in London
  123. Charlie Lambert aka Darren Lambert, Charles Lambert, Daz Speight
  124. Nigeria scammer Sam F.
  125. James Rose from Johannesburg
  126. Ghananian scammer Scott Douglas
  127. Accra scammer Carl Perkins
  128. Frank Williams in Ghana
  129. Nigerian scammer Rice R.
  130. Gerald Wilson from Lagos
  131. Milan Kyle Wesley
  132. Patrick Hart Lagos (Nigeria)
  133. Patrick Joseph Estes from Akure and Ondo Nigeria
  134. Nigerian scams Philip Scotet
  135. Bryan Thompson from Lagos (Nigeria) or Birmingham (United Kingdom) or Hella (Iceland)
  136. Gilbert Herrera
  137. David L. Bay aka Mato Lucky, David M., James Brooke-Benson
  138. Mauro C. from Nigeria
  139. David Robert in Johannesburg South Africa
  140. Andre Hanson from Lagos
  141. Davis Aaron
  142. Oliver William from Cotonou Benin
  143. Francis Johnson in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  144. Ronald Bernald from Petaling Jaya and Selangor Malaysia
  145. Harry B. aka Klaus Hartman, Morgan William, Geraldo Owen, Greg William
  146. Scammer Bryan Williams
  147. Romance scammer Ray Askin aka Aaron Hanz Schmidt
  148. Scammer James A. Porter aka Charlie Hunk
  149. Henry Rosenthal Steinway Jr. aka Gerald Worlanyo Osai
  150. Romance scammer Daniel Smith from USA in Indonesia now looking for others contacted
  151. Romance scams by Thomas Fuller
  152. Michael P. from Puchong (Malaysia)
  153. Nigerian scammer Mark Donald
  154. Christopher Donovan McCoy scammer from Nigeria
  155. African scammer Alfredo L
  156. Eric R. Webb from Lagos
  157. Fake American Steven Owen
  158. Dating scammer Jeffrey Stewart
  159. Scams of Thomas D.
  160. James Melara
  161. Lagos scammer Allen Donta
  162. Ghanaian scammer Roland Weiss
  163. South African scammer Michael Traycot
  164. Carl Reyes from Kolda (Senegal)
  165. Romance scams by Anthony Lorrison
  166. Accra scammers Javier Jenzard
  167. Leonard Grey aka Anthony Smith Adams
  168. West African scammer Gomez L.
  169. Dating scams by Wayne J.
  170. Lagos fraud by Jones S.
  171. Malaysian romance scammer Thomas C.
  172. Fake American Frank E. from Nigeria
  173. Franklin Holmes from Kuala Lumpur or Selangor or Srinivas
  174. Romance scammer David V.
  175. Nigerian fraud Stephen Carey
  176. Gabriel Erich
  177. Scammer David Smith from Lagos
  178. Nigerian scammer Raymond AndrEs
  179. Romance scam by Richard M.
  180. African con artist Jean Perrin D.
  181. Magnes Tim Kasper swindler from Nigeria
  182. Deceiver from Lagos Alex S.
  183. James Stefano from Selangor (Malaysia)
  184. Ghanaian cheater Bradley Pegg
  185. Con artist Richard Jackson
  186. Swindler Michael Moses
  187. Cheater Gilbert K.
  188. Leonard L. dating scammer
  189. Greg Beaven from Accra
  190. Dating fraud Terry M. Anderson
  191. Love scams Michael Xavier
  192. Cheater Johnson Lola Mollykey
  193. Romance scammer Wilson P.
  194. Deceiver Ryan Brett
  195. Lagos fraud Antonio Diego
  196. Yves J. from Kumasi, Ashanti (Ghana)
  197. Scammer Alexander Philip Hamilton
  198. Swindler Ben T.
  199. Marvin M. from Nigeria
  200. Romance fraud by Scott B.
  201. Con artist Erdem E.
  202. Dating scammer Bruce McCullough
  203. Swindler Kelvin Smith from Lagos
  204. Con artist Jason Perez
  205. Ethan Laurence Moore cheater from Lagos
  206. Nigerian scams by Dustin Morris
  207. Serge Toussaint from Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire)
  208. Dating deceiver Ryan Scott
  209. South African con artist Michael Gibson
  210. Christopher Durbin from Johannesburg
  211. Eric Robinson from Lagos
  212. Scammer Bryan Welsh
  213. David Brown scams from Nigeria
  214. Cheater Zlatan Alfred
  215. Lagos scammer Pedro Gonzalez
  216. Christopher K. con artist from Nigeria
  217. Swindler Michael C.
  218. David G. romance deceiver
  219. Cheater Jarvis G.
  220. Dating scams by David Williams
  221. Johnson Smith con artist from Lagos
  222. Nigerian dating scammer Mark Larry Leo
  223. Romeo Scammer Chang Francis or Chong Chang Francis in Sabah
  224. Romance scammer Wilson Milke
  225. Ghanaian con artist Wilson H.
  226. Lagos swindler Jeremiah Clake
  227. Abidjan swindler Wilson Miller aka Lucas W.
  228. Anthony Clark from Accra
  229. Lucas Adams scammer from Face Book
  230. Romance cheater Mark Blienford
  231. Cotonou deceiver Chris Moran
  232. Fraud by Tobias L?sel
  233. Con artist Autairs Morgans
  234. Cheater John Starman
  235. Dating scammer Joshua Spinner
  236. Romance fraud by Samuel Fitchette
  237. Dating swindler Michael Gibson
  238. Albert Gijs Barnabas from Kuala Lumpur
  239. Shane Smith Nigerian scammer
  240. Christopher Zeuge scammer on Badoo
  241. Loren Kosloski romance scammer
  242. Matthew Brown Ghana cheater
  243. Douglas Michael from Ikeja Nigeria
  244. Swindler Harry Hill aka John Ezugwu, John Diecke, Chinwendu Onah
  245. Lagos fraud Salvatorre Ellis
  246. Bryan Berrios aka Alex Patterson, David Patterson from Accra
  247. Plenty of Fish scams Douglas Miller
  248. Richard Berrier aka Rick Webb
  249. Carlos Edward aka Austin Helsel, Chris Norman, J. Walker
  250. Michael Bauer Lagos cheater