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  1. Romance scammer Alpedro J. Johnson from Sandton (South Africa)
  2. Scam Edward Church from Rustenburg (South Africa)
  3. Alex James from Pretoria (South Africa)
  4. Alex Dave Hewitt from Cape Town (South Africa)
  5. Alex Evan from Johannesburg (South Africa) and Manchester (UK)
  6. Eric Douglas from Pretoria (South Africa) and Charlotte, Fresno, Anaheim, Los Angeles
  7. Kelvin Cole from Pretoria (South Africa) and New York, NY (USA)
  8. James Rose from Johannesburg
  9. Gilbert Herrera
  10. David Robert in Johannesburg South Africa
  11. South African scammer Michael Traycot
  12. Romance scams by Anthony Lorrison
  13. South African con artist Michael Gibson
  14. Christopher Durbin from Johannesburg
  15. Dating swindler Michael Gibson
  16. Johannesburg cheater Frank Marmol
  17. CapeTown Stan Van Wildrich South Africa
  18. Stan Van Wildrich
  19. Romance Scammer GREY GREGORY