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  1. Scammer Tom Richards from Accra (Ghana)
  2. Scammer Fred Lukas from Accra (Ghana)
  3. Scammer Steven Wood from Accra (Ghana)
  4. Scammer Michael Faure from Accra (Ghana) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)
  5. Scammer Alex Thomas from Accra (Ghana)
  6. Dating scammer Elvis Owusu Yeboah from Accra (Ghana)
  7. Scammer Robert Thibault from Accra (Ghana)
  8. Dating scam Jason Grose from Accra (Ghana)
  9. Romance scam Bobby Adams from Accra (Ghana)
  10. Scam Montgomery Evans from Accra (Ghana)
  11. Dating scammer Luca Moretti from Accra (Ghana)
  12. Scammer Charles Presten from Accra (Ghana)
  13. Romance scammer Alford Ben Cohen from Accra (Ghana)
  14. Dating scam Dave Harry from Accra (Ghana)
  15. Anthony Mark from Accra (Ghana)
  16. Wesley William from Accra (Ghana)
  17. Josh Ferdinand from Accra (Ghana)
  18. Michael Richburg from Accra (Ghana) and Jacksonville, FL (USA)
  19. William Tega from Accra (Ghana) and London (England)
  20. Orlando Johnson from Accra (Ghana); Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and Pakistan
  21. Mason Daniels from Accra (Ghana) and Orlando, Florida (USA)
  22. Daniel Murray from Accra (Ghana); Boring, Oregon (USA) and Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
  23. Roland Walker from Accra (Ghana) and Cordova, South Carolina (USA)
  24. Franklin Kenneth Mueller from Accra (Ghana), Germany, Syria and USA
  25. Mark Will from Accra (Ghana), London (UK) and Munich (Germany)
  26. Alex Hopkins from Accra (Ghana) and Syria
  27. Michael Myers - Exclusive Dezyns or Xclusive Dezyns
  28. Breitner Hamilton
  29. Nigerian scammer in Ghana
  30. Chris Hansen from Houston
  31. Military Scam Diego Alejandro Castanon
  32. Matthew G. Govin from Accra Ghana
  33. Brian O'Conner in Accra Ghana
  34. Martin James from Accra
  35. David Owens from Ghana
  36. Ghananian scammer Scott Douglas
  37. Accra scammer Carl Perkins
  38. Curtis M. from Accra
  39. Frank Williams in Ghana
  40. Clovis Alard from Ghana and Brighton (United Kingdom)
  41. Mark W. in Accra Ghana
  42. Scammer James A. Porter aka Charlie Hunk
  43. Duke J. from Accra
  44. Ghanaian scammer Roland Weiss
  45. Accra scammers Javier Jenzard
  46. Aaron Ramos aka Morgan C. from Ghana
  47. Ghana scammer Lawrence M.
  48. Accra scammer Douglas F.
  49. Ghanaian cheater Bradley Pegg
  50. Greg Beaven from Accra
  51. Romance scammer Wilson P.
  52. Yves J. from Kumasi, Ashanti (Ghana)
  53. Swindler Ben T.
  54. Con artist Erdem E.
  55. Scammer Chris Limones from Ghana
  56. Ghanaian con artist Wilson H.
  57. Anthony Clark from Accra
  58. Romance cheater Mark Blienford
  59. Accra con artist Pedro David
  60. Matthew Brown Ghana cheater
  61. Bryan Berrios aka Alex Patterson, David Patterson from Accra
  62. Ghana swindler Louis H.
  63. Charles Presten (AKA Lots of other names)
  64. another alias
  65. Scammer Patrick Hunte
  66. Doctor Mark Philipson
  67. Nick Bergner