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  1. Scammer William Allen from Lagos (Nigeria) and Kabul (Afghanistan)
  2. Scammer Eddie Smith from Kabul (Afghanistan)
  3. Scammer John Wells from Kabul (Afghanistan)
  4. Scammer Eric Williams from Kabul (Afghanistan)
  5. Scammers in Afghanistan
  6. Scammers in Kabul
  7. Romance scammer Ashton Purple from Kabul (Afghanistan) and Lagos (Nigeria)
  8. Dating scammer Peter Renteria from Kabul (Afghanistan) and Lagos (Nigeria)
  9. Scammer Oscar Barry from Kabul (Afghanistan) and Lagos (Nigeria)
  10. Romance scam Donald Meyer from Kabul (Afghanistan) and Lagos (Nigeria)
  11. Scammer John Wells from Kabul (Afghanistan) and Lagos (Nigeria)
  12. Christopher Douglas Cunningham from Kabul (Afghanistan) and Lagos (Nigeria)
  13. Rodney Wilson from Kabul (Afghanistan) and Lagos (Nigeria)
  14. Michael A. Smith from Kabul (Afghanistan); Lagos (Nigeria) and San Antonio, Texas
  15. William Dane Roger from Kabul (Afghanistan) and Lagos (Nigeria)
  16. Tyler Williams from Kabul (Afghanistan) and Lagos (Nigeria)
  17. General James Krulak
  18. Sgt Elliot McGlone
  19. Jerry James
  20. Romance Scammer - Jack Redd aka Frank Williams Pilot at British Airways
  21. Romance Scammer Basten Boadu (Justin Anthony) senior officer of US Army
  22. Maj Gen Robert James Afghanistan
  23. Attached to scammer
  24. I need a good word from anybody, please
  25. Fred Benson
  26. Lawson Taylor from Accra Ghana and Kabul Afghanistan
  27. Bradley Riley
  28. Michael Benmigho from Accra (Ghana) and Kabul (Afghanistan)
  29. Military scammer Antonio Dickey
  30. Dating swindler Anthony Wood
  31. David Wood romance cheater
  32. Cheater Sean Mcdonel
  33. Svindler from kabul
  34. Wattttt
  35. MARK HARRYSON AND MARK HANNETT ( both are on polish communicator GG )- SCAMMERS.
  36. ”Patrick Edmonston” in Afghanistan