Database search


The database has 6106 scammers to date.
It has the largest collection on the internet of male scammers operating on dating websites.


This is an excellent option to search the scammers' database by first name, last name, country, city, phone number, email address, postal address, and the website he operates from.


Before searching, always check spelling of their first and last name, the city name or other information you want in your search.


Here is an example of information regarding a scammer:


First name: Michael
Last name: Freeman
Address(es): 234 Central Road, Lagos, Nigeria
E-mail address(es):
Phone number(s): 254775982698


Search using a combination of keywords. Some possible variants are:


Michael Freeman Lagos - you'll find all "Michael Freeman from Lagos"
Michael Freeman Nigeria - you'll find all "Michael Freeman from Nigeria"
Michael Freeman Central - you'll find all "Michael Freeman" with "Central" street in the address field
Central Nigeria - you'll find all scammers from "Nigeria" with "Central" street in the address field
Michael Freeman - you'll find all "Michael Freeman" from any country
Michael Nigeria - you'll find all "Michael" from "Nigeria" only
Michael Lagos - you'll find all "Michael" from "Lagos" only
and other combinations...


You can also search using only a single keyword to get information about a scammer. You should also consider searching by their email address or a street name. In most cases, it is recommended that you use more than one keyword.


Search scripts perform searches by finding the specific occurrences of keywords that are in every scammer's profile. Stay away from using punctuation marks like brackets, numbers, hyphens, and general words such as "and", "or", "street", "house", "flat", "apartment", "city", "town", "village", "settlement", "state", "republic", "country" etc.


You can search using parts of keywords: instead of "" use "easymichaelfreeman"; instead of "254775982698" use "25477598" etc.