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Our copyright policy says that at the discretion of Male-Scammer staff, an account can be disabled for disobeying any rules set within the copyright policy here stated.
Copyright policy details
While on this website you may encounter other links to similar or dissimilar websites. This website is not responsible for the copyright of that material, nor does it promise that the copyright will not have rules different from that of your country of residence. Each country has a specific set of copyright laws, and because of this, cannot be responsible for knowing and learning all of these laws.
If you find posted material that is an infringement against material that you yourself wrote, please send any and all information regarding this to our site staff, so that we can begin the process of removing this material from the website. In alerting our staff of a copyright infringement, please note AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TEXT that you are writing in regards to this matter, and not another.
If you believe your copyright or trademark has been infringed upon, please contact site staff with the following information:
  • 1. First and last name.
  • 2. Address, telephone number, and email address.
  • 3. A description of what was copyrighted, and where the copyright infringement is on our website.
  • 4. Send us signature of the person who is the owner of the copyrighted material.
  • 5. A statement saying that, under the penalty of perjury, that the information stated in your claim is both true and accurate, and that you have the right to act upon the infringement of the copyrighted material.
We may take the copyrighted material off of our site immediately once we have confirmed that it is indeed copyrighted and under your full control.