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In our database 88 media files.
This is simply the largest collection you can find online of media files used by male scammers.


Recently, there has been an increase of scammers sending their victims video and audio files. They are using this method to convince their victims they are real people and not scam artists. A small group of scammers will steal files from real people in different social networks. The majority of them are using media files of real videos and voices of people involved in the scams. You now have a unique opportunity to see and hear them.


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Name: Micheal Serra Mappel

Age: 45

Name: Albert Carpenter

Age: 42

Name: Davis Pulisic

Age: 38

Name: Andrey Maskalik

Age: 32

Name: Zackery Geok

Age: 59

Name: Paul Antonio

Age: 64

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