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Acceptance of application of claims Account opening form Acknowledgement letter Acknowledgment of debt Acknowledgment receipt Acquisition of historical artworks Affidavit for change of ownership Affidavit of claim Affidavit of oath Afghanistan diplomatic courier delivery form Afghanistan special force ID card Agreement Agreement form Agreement letter Agreement of lending money Air cargo clearance Air force commendation medal award Airline bill Airline ticket Airway bill Airway bill clearance Angola revenue authority approval order Annual leave permit Anti terrorist certificate form Anti terrorist clearance certificate Anti terrorist form Anti-drug and money laundry clearance certificate Anti-drug certificate Appendix to agreement Application for a tax clearance certificate Application for test of gold bars samples Application form Application form for leave Approval for contract payment Approval for mining license Approval for release Approval letter Approval of leave request Approval of quotation and award of contract Approval of shipment Arrest notification Australian civil aviation authority ID card Australian pass Authentication seal-update Authorisation certificate Authorisation of exercise Authority for leave Authority to pay certificate Authority to remit Authority to remit form "A" Authorization of leave request Authorization/agreement letter Authorize form Aviation declaration Award of contract Award of undergoing mining project Azerbaijani pass


Bank account bill Bank application form Bank ID card Bank notification Bank of Africa ID card Barrister ID card Beneficiary application form Beneficiary form Beneficiary introduction form Beneficiary remittance form Benefits funds notification Bill of lading Birth certificate Boarding pass Booking confirmation BP contract award letter Brazilian visa British army ID card Business afford Business card


Canadian pass Cash deposit certificate Cash invoice Cash receipt Cashier's check Central bank of Nigeria ID card Central intelligence agency ID card Certificate of accreditation Certificate of achievement Certificate of alluvial concentrate samples Certificate of appreciation Certificate of approval Certificate of authenticity Certificate of authority Certificate of authority and lifting Certificate of award Certificate of call to the bar Certificate of claim Certificate of closure Certificate of completed curriculum Certificate of completion Certificate of contract approval Certificate of contract/terms Certificate of deposit Certificate of fund ownership Certificate of good conduct Certificate of guarantee Certificate of health for mineral exploration Certificate of incorporation Certificate of inheritance Certificate of insurance Certificate of legality Certificate of membership Certificate of offer Certificate of origin Certificate of ownership Certificate of payment Certificate of payment approval Certificate of permit Certificate of registration Certificate of relationship Certificate of retirement Certificate of transfer Certificate of value Certificate to commence business Certification of bill Certification of employment letter Change in authorized signatory form Change of beneficiary Change of next of kin certificate Change of ownership Check Check-in confirmation Checking account transaction alert Chevron ID card Child care Citizenship card Civil suit Clean bill of record Clearance certificate Clearance charges declaration Clearance process/delivery stop order Clearance receipt Clearance unit permit Combined payment disclosure Commercial invoice Community compensation program Company registration certificate Confidentiality agreement Confirmation for contract Confirmation of funds acceptance Construction contract Construction license Contract - construction project Contract agreement Contract agreement letter Contract approval Contract approval certificate Contract approval letter Contract award certificate Contract award letter Contract award notification Contract beneficiary certificate Contract closing statement Contract completion certificate Contract conditions Contract continuation letter Contract interview award Contract letter Contract payment approval Contract payment notofication Contract registration certificate Contract renewal with ministry of public works Contract staff ID card Contract tax charge Contract tender Contract tender board Contract/inheritance fund release Contract/sales certificate Contractor beneficially/fiancee form Contractor ID card Contractor safety recognition gold award Contractor's fund release application form Contractor's next of kin form Cote d'Ivoire ID card Court declaration letter Court instruction order Court letter Court order Court release order Court verdict CPG Assessment result Credit authorization Credit card Croatian ID card Custom clearance Custom clearance form Custom declaration Custom duty charges Custom notice Custom receipt Customer account information Customs clearance certificate Customs clearance invoice Customs declaration dispatch note Customs traveller declaration Czech pass


Death certificate Debt certificate Declaration and guarantee for valuables Declaration fee note Declined online transfer transaction Deed of agreement Delivery form Delivery notification Delivery tag registration form Denial of appeal Department of finance notification Departure authorization Deployment certificate Deployment letter Deposit certificate Deposit receipt Deposit slip Deposit transaction history Diploma of education Diplomatic ID card Diplomatic immunity ID card Dispatch letter Dispatch order Dispatch permit Draft payment Driver license Drug law & anti-terrorist certificate Dubai customs approval Dubai customs notification Dutch passport


Egypt express bill Egyptian pass Electronic funds transfer guidelines Emergency leave certificate Emergency retirement Employee ID card Endorsement of the award of contract Engineer certificate Envelope Escrow agreement Eskom specification E-ticket receipt European Union entry clearance tax certificate Expert engineer ID card


Family identification form FBI ID card FBI special agent badge Federal reserve bank ID card FIFA certificate Final approval Final transfer of funds certificate Foreign currency allocation transfer form Foreign payment allocation approval Form of certification Form of contract agreement Freight/Exeat duty report French identity card French pass Full corporate offer Fund origin clearanace Fund release certificate Fund release notification Fund transfer clearance Fund transfer slip and authorization Funds clearance certificate


Geneva convention ID card German ID card German pass Ghana aviation supreme decree Ghana customs and preventive service Ghanaian pass Ghanaian police ID card Ghananian bar association ID card Gold trade agreement Government of India stoppage of consignment boxes Grant deed Guarantee and undertaking Guarantee letter


Haitian pass Honorable discharge Hospital bill Hotel bill


Identification/confirmation Image letter Immigration clearance Immigration department letter Immigration service clarification letter Import duty clearance Independent contractor's agreement Independent contractors partnership agreement deed Inheritance deposit certificate Insurance and tax clearance certificate Insurance billing Insurance deposit certificate Intent to award contract Inter bank details Interior designer certificate International clean report clearance certificate International driving permit International funds clearance certificate International funds delivery certificate International funds transfer approval International movement permit Investment agreement Investors certificate Investor's required documents and details Invitation for payment Invoice Invoice and surgery description Irish pass Israeli pass Italian pass


Job acceptance letter Job completion certificate Judgement order Judicially form


Kimberley process certificate Know your client (KYC) application form


Last will and testament Latvian pass Lawsuit Leave acknowledgment and approval of request Leave approval Leave approval and certificate of pass Leave certificate Leave of absence application form Leave request authorization Leave request form Legal agreement Legalization and nomination Letter of agreement Letter of approval Letter of assurance Letter of authority Letter of award Letter of confirmation Letter of discharge Letter of duty withdrawal approval Letter of empowerment Letter of guarantee Letter of intent Letter of introduction Letter of invitation Letter of notice to revoc certificate of occupancy Letter of notification Letter of recognition Letter of recommendation Letter of release for retirement Letter of retirement Letter of warning Liability waiver Liberty pass Licence approval License requirements Loan agreement Loan application request rejection letter Lost property


Malaysian customs notification Malaysian ID card Mandamus order Marriage certificate Marriage form Marriage license Medical invoice Medical personel ID card Medical report Medical update Membership ID card Memorandum of understanding Military ID card Military leave of absence request form Military leave request form Military pass Military veteran pride card Monetary fund certificate Money back guaranteed form Money laundering / drug clearance certificate Movement certificate Muslim conversion certificate


New York state ID card New Zealand pass Next of kin application Next of kin details Next of kin form Next of kin status pronouncement Nigeria aviation supreme decree Nigeria special force ID card Nigerian national ID card Nigerian pass Non-disclosure agreement Non-inspection certificate Norwegian pass Notary acknowledgment Notice letter Notice of tax clearance issues Notice on insurance policy Notification of an extension work license Notification of non-payment of business tax Notification of tax clearance charges Notification of total leave bonuses amount


Oath Occupational tax certificate Officers convention ID card Official guarantee Official ID card Official offshore funds transfer stop order Official receipt Operator license Overhead crane inspection report Overstay of expired work visa notification Ownership certificate


Package clearance Package delivering slip Packing list Paraquat supply contract letter Patient bill Payment acknowledgment Payment agreement letter Payment approval certificate Payment confirmation Payment invoice Payment notification Payment order Payment receipt Payment schedule Payment slip Payment stop order Payment validation form Permit Personal checking account VAT taxation alert Personal loan agreement Peruvian ID card Peruvian pass Philippine pass Police report Policy and instruction for leave request Pornstar ID card Port to port bill of lading Portuguese pass Postal money order Power of attorney Pre-partnership contract agreement Priority one jets itinerary Privacy act statement Private pilot certificate Project Promissory letter Promissory note Pronouncement of beneficiary Proof of ownership Proposal Purchase and sale agreement Purchase order


Real ID Receipt Receipt of deposit Reciept of e-ticket Red cross airway bill Red cross ID card Reference letter Register for architects certificate Registration form Registration payment receipt Remittance advice Republic of Korea pass Request for balance payment Request for clearance certificate Request to transfer funds Result for test of gold Road development agreement Rules and regulations of Dubai customs authority Russian national pass Russian travel pass


Safe keeping certificate Sales receipt SARS notice Schengen visa application form Security company ID card Security company shipment form Serbian pass Shipment form Shipment order Shipment receipt Shipment stop order Shipping clearance invoice Shipping invoice Shipping quote Single-ship certificate Social insurance number Social security number South African ID card South African pass Spain pass Special force ID card Staff ID card Statement of account Statutory declarations act Stop order Sub-termination of construction contract Supplier assessment report Swiss pass Sworn affidavit Sworn affidavit of claim and transfer Sworn affidavit of fact as to next of kin Sworn affidavit of ownership Sworn affidavit/bona-fide beneficiary form Sworn affidavit/clearance certificate Sworn next of kin affidavit certificate of claim Sworn of oath partnership certificate


Tanzania visa Tax assessment (tax clearance) Tax bill Tax clearance certificate Tax invoice Tax notification Tax payment Tax receipt Tax requirement Tax revenue letter Technical plan Telegraphic transfer confirmation Telegraphic transfer form Telegraphic transfer order Temporal work termination notice Temporary resident permint Terms of agreement Testimonial Thrift savings plan Title deed Togolese pass Transfer allowance Transfer approval Transfer of ownership Transfer order confirmation Transfer slip Transit application form Transit clearance Transit facility form TRCLEA letter Trust/guarantee letter Turkish pass


UK national ID card UK pass UK residence permit UK visa Ukrainian travel pass United nation yellow tag United nations diplomatic card United nations diplomatic passport United nations military retirement form UNO guarantee UNO ID card UNO pass UNO regional diplomat ID card US army ID card US army replacement form US army vacation/leave certificate US special force ID card USA department of defense notification USA department of treasury instructions USA pass USA passport card USA permanent resident ID card USACE ID card


V.I.N. sticker Vacation accommodations booking/agreement form Vacation certificate Vacation licence application Value added tax certificate Veterans universal access ID card Visa and Mastercard gold application form Vocation leave form Vocation transit form Vocation/personal days request form


Warrant of leave authorization Will of testament Wire transfer confirmation Wire transfer form Wire transfer proof of payment Witness certificate Work completion certificate Work ID card Work permit