Tips To Keep You From Being Scammed On Dating Sites

How to spot a male scammerIf dating online is important to you, please follow a few suggestions to ensure your experience is safe and you won’t be conned.

Certain Behaviors You Should Look Out For:

  • They are constantly flying off or are a member of the military but never gets leave
  • Ask for money for an emergency or want your banking information
  • Claiming you are made for each other and have not even met
  • Constantly asking for personal information that really is none of their business
  • Always avoids answering questions regarding themselves
  • Always seems disconnected when communicating
  • Constantly repeating what they say
  • Their photo seems too professionally taken

How To Read A Scam Artist:

  • They always describe themselves as trustworthy, loving, honest, and caring
  • Overly romantic such as holding hands under the moonlight
  • Takes out personal ads
  • Describing themselves as just an ordinary, simple guy


  • This is my last time on this website if you won’t go out with me
  • Refers to you as his or her true love
  • Wants your email address directly after meeting them online

High-end Profession or Highly Classified:

I am a doctor, lawyer, or better yet, works for the CIA! These are popular job descriptions that cons love to use.

Their Sad Story:

Their mother is in the hospital and needs an operation but he doesn’t have the money to pay for it, so could you lend it to him. Other setbacks in their life such as their brother just died or their child is suffering a long-term illness.

Other money cons include they are stuck overseas and can’t get home. They have plenty of money but can’t have access until they return home.

I met someone online but said he doesn’t have the money to travel here to meet me. Is this just a scam?

It certainly sounds suspicious! Never send money to someone you met online. Most scam artists run in groups and are constantly looking for various ways to get money. They usually have the ability to make fake documentations, tickets that have photocopied, even showing a fake visa. You should not trust someone who is acting like that. You should report them to the site so someone else doesn’t fall into their trap.

I met this guy online and he wants to share a really good opportunity for a lucrative business deal, is that necessarily a scam?

Never send someone money who claims to have a great business opportunity or better yet, a get rich quick plan. This is especially true if they need your money within 24-hours or the deal will be grabbed by someone else. No matter how sincere and tempting it might sound, never send money or financial information to anyone claiming to have a great opportunity for you to cash in on.

Most scam artists have been doing this for a long time and have their act down to a science. Usually, there are many of them working together and each will attack a different dating site. Their stories are all the same and unfortunately, there are people out there who fall for their lines.

He needs money for his critical ill aunt’s operation and the doctors won’t operate until he can pay for it, is this real or a scam?

Again, it’s hard to believe a reputable doctor would not perform an operation on someone who is in a critical condition. These scam artists play on the emotions of people. They know there is someone out there that will buy their story and send them money! Promise, once they receive the money, that person will never be heard from again!

Trust Your Instincts:

If someone sounds too good to be true, chances are they are too good to be true! Scam artists want to draw you in and the best way to do that is making themselves out to be bigger than life. Take a close look at the photos they are using and their profile information. Photos that are highly professional are probably not of them. Photos can be bought online and they’ll turn around and pass them off as a photo of themselves.

In other cases, scam artists will have really glamorous careers such as being a model, actor, a private pilot for a well-known celebrity. That’s not to say they are not in one of the fields, but travel with caution. Most scam artists are after money so chances are they are going to have a sad story and no money!

Any relationship and trust comes over time, not overnight! Anyone rushing into a relationship by declaring their “undying love” for you directly after hooking up with you online, is a little too much.

Again, requests for money in any form is none acceptable. You should never send money to someone you met online any more than you would just hand money over to a complete stranger you met on the street.

If you pay attention to your instincts and something just doesn’t seem right, then be cautious! Caution doesn’t cost anything but might prevent you from being taken in. For more information and advice for staying safe online, search online for profiles used by scam artists, also referred to as scammers. Get into forums that address these issues. There are many people who are willing and able to answer all your questions and concerns. If you do suspect someone is not on the up and up, report them to the site.