Scammers Photoshop Fine Art – Getting Duped with a Fake Image

Essentially just like many people today male scammers hardly like the way they look. The only difference is that while people do it for fun male scammers use Photoshop to manipulate images to dupe unsuspecting women. Military scams are the most affected by Photoshoppers and women who are head over heels in love with so called soldiers refuse to look closely at the images attached or added for them to see. A little makeover, as these male scammers think, makes them look better and their story credible. Through Photoshop, they chop the image of the head before attaching theirs or perhaps a head they think is much better.

Fake web circulated content

Some of the stolen pictures are used time and again across the internet. A good example is a male scammer known as Lewis Britz Kartel whose head is usually photoshopped on the head of military men in military scams.

Stolen photo of Army Gen. Keith B. Alexander

Original photo of Army Gen. Keith B. Alexander

Stolen photo used by scammer

Stolen and photoshopped photo used by scammer

The truth however is that the man is neither in the military nor is the uniform he is always seen wearing in a Photoshopped image his. In fact, some of the common stolen images used by dating scammers come with webcam footage of the individual. This is why every unsuspecting woman need to know in most cases, if a male shows up in a webcam it is most likely fake-more or less a webcam recording that has been stolen.

Common scenario

In many scenarios, the stories are almost the same but with some alterations. For instance, the male scammer can claim to be a Pilot with the military, a marine, engineer in an offshore oil rig in Europe from Texas, a commercial pilot with the British Airways and many other claims. Some even claim to be Christians and in search of honest, loving and committed women for a relationship that will eventually lead to marriage.

At the beginning, these scammers sound like the real deal, letting the woman hear what she wants and his undying love as they get to communicate more. However, some start sending red alerts that if the woman paid attention the fake individual would be determined right from the beginning. For example, if you reply to a question with another question you might realize the scammer getting angry since most tend to have a short temper.trailer movie Wonder Woman 2017

As the communication progresses, the male scammer gets down to sending his image with a view of duping the woman with pictures of what he has been claiming to be. For example, if the scammer sent two photos purporting to be him, a woman with a keen eye can realise that it is a Photoshopped mess. Doing a quick search on in most cases brings up lots of information on the scammer, including stories of those who have been duped by him.

Essentially, after sending a few Photoshopped images and realizing the woman has not noticed it yet gives the scammer confidence to enter the second phase of action; ask for money from the woman with all kinds of reasons, such as sickness or funds to purchase an air ticket after being discharged from the military, with a promise to return it immediately they meet in the future. As lots of women who have sent thousands of dollars to scammers already know, they never get their money back or see their Romeo but suffer serious heartbreaks and financial loss.
If any male in a dating site asks for money for whatever reason, it is extremely likely you are about to be scammed.