How Does Scammers Photos Search Work?

Scammers Photos SearchEnsuring that male scammers on the internet who are preying on unsuspecting women are stopped and exposed is something that has been doing for some time and continues with serious dedication. The site has a very extensive database of collected information of all kinds about the different male scammers on the web. It is published with the hope that women will remain warned and alert about a potential male scammer about to make a quick buck out of them by promising the world and providing absolutely nothing except misery, emotional heartache and financial deficit.

Women are sent lots of messages and letters and in many cases end up falling for one of these well crafted scam messages. To help women of all kinds identify and know these scammers better, has been stocking its database and adding as much information as possible, including immense tools for all to use for quick male scammers identification and search. One of these tools is the Scammers photos search tool to help in rapid retrieval of photos used in scams.

This is in recognition that recognizing a scammer’s photographs is very vital and handy and plays that helpful and vital role. Once you have used the tool and found out the guy you have been corresponding with is in the male scammers website database, immediately you realize stolen pictures have been used and the truth about the man behind the nice and passionate correspondence you have been sharing is just another scammer waiting to pounce on your money.

You will find two services you can use on the web to search for images on the internet; TinEye Reverse Image Search and Google Images Search. In case a scammer has used stolen images of public individuals or celebrities, you will get a wind of it via the search results right away.

Most used images not in public domain

Firstly, it is worth noting scammers do not use photos of public persons a lot since chances of being found out are very high. A scammer uses a scam photo from those of ordinary people mostly in social networks. This is because none of the search engines have an access to these images and thus have not been indexed. They do not appear in search engine results.

Good news though

Currently, contains one of the largest collections of scammers pictures that have been used directly by male scammers with the database growing on a daily basis. In all of these images, 99 percent of them were stolen from ordinary folks, images really hard to find on the internet either through TinEye or Google. While the photo search application is based on a similar algorithm like that of Google, the tool to search scammers photos is very different because it’s exclusively carried out in the sites photos collection.

Through the help of the search tool, you are able to learn fast and in real-time whether the photos you have been receiving or that of a particular male of interest in the online dating world is a scammer’s image.