Why Do Scammers Like To Use Fake Military Identities To Scam Women?

The most active male scammerA run through a profile of fake military identities on Male-Scammers.com defrauding women on dating sites sends a chill down your spine, especially if you consider what the women are losing. Apart from thousands of dollars in any currency, from the USD to the NZ$ and the Sterling Pound, you realize how sleek military scammers can be. They lose money and buy the most expensive Smartphones and Tablets for fake military men before they are used and left heartbroken. The fake military scammer has ways with words and makes a lonely woman feel so special, but he is neither real nor a Caucasian military serviceman from Texas, Venice or Florida as he might claim. Even the fake images used in profiles are stolen photographs from unsuspecting individuals.

So why do women fall for these military scammers?

A women appears in an online dating site to find love, feel loved, appreciated and find a man who is everything she has always wanted in a marriage, from being secure to saying the right things. To women dating online, a military man is a hero who has been fighting for the country, meaning assured security and protection for her. The scammer in this case writes and emphasizes to the woman that he is in Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq or some US base in an African county such as Ghana or other bases in the Middle East.

However, the individual is nowhere near these US military bases nor is he American, but scammers mostly in Africa and other parts of the world. In most cases, the individual claims to be currently based in Accra (Ghana), Kabul (Afghanistan), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) or even Lagos (Nigeria) among other cities. He will even insist he is in Iraq or other military base but has a teenage son or daughter in a boarding school in Ghana or Nigeria.

Courage, bravery and strength are attributes women love. The military date online is their chance to meet such a person and have a relationship with him. The fact the scammer claims to have performed dangerous missions and does not want to show his identity so that his enemies do not catch him augurs well with women, who are looking for a courageous man. They also entertain the idea of tasting some drama as they help their “hero”.

A military man is also rich, particularly if he insists he has a higher military rank and most women throw caution to the wind, in particular if he takes months before requesting money. The letters and messages the military scammers write are very attentive, romantic and loving. If you check on scammers.com, you will find copies of letters and messages these scammers mostly send to many women at the same time.

These scammers are very attractive and commit identity fraud to use stolen attractive men photos to woo unsuspecting women. They appear as dashing men every woman would like to meet and perhaps marry. The scammer does not take a lot of time before requesting for financial help, women whom he has promised heaven, romance, love and the world send him the funds with good intention of helping a sweetheart they would be spending many years together in the future.

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