How NOT to be scammed with help of scam letters search

Recognize a scammer with scam letters search Unsuspecting Women and Male Scammers – How Not to Be Scammed

Dating websites are popular today and lots of people have been able to meet and begin legitimate relationships from cyberspace. Surveys are showing that about one third of people living in the Unites States who married between 2005 and 2014 met on the web. In total, online dating is valued to be more than $4 billion worldwide. However, online dating scams were reported to have risen by over 27 percent in England alone in 2013 between the months of January and July, with 229,000 fraud cases reported.

Apart from losing membership fee paid monthly on a dating site, people are losing money, especially women such as a Canadian woman who lost over $42,000 to an email dating scam. In total, about $17 million were lost by Canadians alone. The worst thing in all this is every woman is a potential target; it does not affect one single dating site only but all of them, particularly those that are popular on the internet.

Changing profiles

It is quite hard to know a scammer right from the onset because at the beginning, they have really attractive profiles that draw lots of women looking for a potential relationship. However, even pinning one scammer down is not easy as they always change photos, names, email addresses, phone numbers, and locations among other particulars. After ensuring they have an attractive profile that lures lots of unsuspecting women, these male scammers engage in grooming processes that usually last for a number of weeks, years or months until they have earned complete trust.

Cash please

At first, male scammers do all they can to earn the trust of their female victims. However, after some time, they begin running into some serious supposed difficulties such as unpaid bills, visa issues or sick relatives and actually extol money from kind women who are into these male fraudsters they have come to believe. In fact, some UK women in Hampshire’s Basingstoke were scammed by a man who claimed to be living in the area and told the women about the huge inheritance awaiting him in South Africa and the fact they he required money to unlock the inheritance. Once the women gave him the money, he disappeared from their lives online forever. In short, lots of women learn after weeks, months and years of talking to an honest looking and sounding man they have been talking with a scammer, who takes his time before asking for money-his chief reason of engaging in online dating.

Scam letters and emails

It is however clear lots of male scammers today use prewritten email and letter sets repeatedly to target different women at the same time. These scammers send scam emails and letters in their hundreds and in so doing they catch unsuspecting women in their criminal nets. This means that well written wonderful letters, emails or live messages on a dating site might have been prewritten and sent to hundreds of women like you. In its nature, online dating does not portend a lot of security for users and not many women will ever approach their local authorities to explain about an online scammer that defrauded them money when they were looking for love. Women end up hurting and falling into financial problems when the male scammers have disappeared with their money.

Male Scammers site can help

One of the best sites helping to deal with these male scammers online is Its huge database is already full of scammers, newly added scammers, thousands of published reports, thousands of photos, scam letters, fake documents, media files and much more that can help every woman out there to know if she is being scammed. At the same time, women who have been scammed and do not want others to fall into the same trap collaborate with and file reports that have helped thousands of women to avoid being defrauded.

The site collaborates with all sorts of women from around the world and after receiving a report, they verify its authenticity before publishing it online. In fact, has published documents with links to real scam activity. Just a simple scam letters search or an extensive scam emails search in will get you thousands of photos, profiles, scam letters and scam emails that male scammers regurgitated all over the web to reach and lure unsuspecting women. If you have a scam letter or email, you can copy and paste some of its phrases into the site’s search box to know if the letter you have received has been used by scammers before.

Date online with caution

Before you reply to that well written letter or email on the internet, you might want to copy and paste some of its excerpts in and see whether it is a pre-written letter that has been duplicated millions of times over. Most women are physically safe and secure as they sit on a bed or sofa in their office, bedroom or car to chat and communicate online through their Tablets, Smartphones or the computer. They do not think there is any danger in what they are doing.

To avoid attracting male scammers, it is advisable to approach online dating or engagement of any kind with common sense and caution just like you would do while visiting a huge city physically. Only have minimum private details shared while avoiding giving too much information on the internet that you would never print on business cards or share with anyone down the street.