How to scam the scammers

Scamming the dating scammersCopy of the report received on

“I am pretty new on the dating scene and I seem to be attracting all the wrong men. This is Mark Goodman as I know him (aka Bradley Nolan). He found me on the Be2 dating website. His email included his yahoo address. So here I go, sent him a quick hello. The reply was pretty good. Nice Christian man wanting a friend etc. His pics were very clean and wholesome looking. I include all the emails he sent me but 70 %of our time and conversations were spent on Yahoo Messenger. (Hey girls, you can keep a record of all those conversations by ticking the “keep messages” in your options box). I recommend you do it.

This all started 4 weeks ago. Warning bells went off the minute I could see it was leading to money. Any way I shut him down after having a bit of revenge fun at his expense. (Sending him on a couple of wild goose chases to Western Union). Sorry, but it felt great. My second scammer stupidly used virtually the same opening email as my first one. So he ended up on here immediately.

Okay back to Mark West. As I mentioned earlier, nice man photos started to arrive in my mail. 2 weeks into Y.M ing each other, he loves me and wants to live together. Alarm bells ringing, googled his name and got nothing. Only thanks to this site, searching through 50 ish Ghana scammer photos, bingo there he was. Different name as you would expect. So I start my mind games again. I looked up the price of the air fare and offer to buy the ticket to stop his wanting that from me. Let’s see how he was going to get money now, I thought. God, he’s good. I forgot the old I need a visa, medical report and police report. Total £500 including agency fees. I told him I needed a copy of his passport to buy the tickets. This arrived via email last night. Today I have had 12 texts to my mobile asking had I been to Western Union yet. Answer “sorry babe. At work now. I’ll do it online tonight”. So, I build up slowly on messenger and say I can’t get WU site to work properly, I can hear the agony in his messages and before he starts to become suspicious. I go for the kill. “Did you get me new email with my new pics in yet babe”. No, because it hadn’t gone yet. It was sitting ready for the send button. And bang it’s gone. His profile from here, the copy of his old fake passport, along with a nice big red “BYE” in the covering letter. 20 second later he disappeared offline.

So I think some of you might think I’m so mean. Sorry, I am not going to apologise. This man has taken lots of women for thousands. And he won’t stop. My last email is probably in the trash already and he’s thinking of his next victim.

I truly hope this message has brought a smile to a few of your faces. And a few might be asking why I am so cynical. I just want a honest man, if there are any left. streaming film The Boss Baby

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps you girls find your right match, and not a scammer.”