Help Root Out Male Scammers on Internet – Why Take Time to Submit a Report

Reporing scammers from was created for the sole purpose of rooting out preying male scammer out there to fleece women on the web. The site has a huge database that collects all kinds of information about the different scammers and publishes it online so that all women, current, future and past victims can be warned.

Please submit reports

Every year male scammers take away millions of dollars from innocent women who were just looking for love and were duped along the process of knowing one another in dating sites; the guy they had fallen in love with begin undergoing financial problems or require some funds to be released from the army or travel by air with a promise to return every cent when they meet. This does not happen and with time, after taking thousands of dollars from the woman, sometimes the latest Smartphones and Tablets, they disappear in thin air. Behind a used, hurt and emotionally destroyed woman is left.

No woman should go through this cycle that is so common and very easy to arrest before it can happen. As you report about a specific male scammer and share information you have received from him over the course of your interaction, from letters, images, video and other helpful information you can help other women from falling for the same web of lies. You might also come to know about the guy you have been conversing with as a scammer just from information put out there by women like you.

There is true love and genuine men on dating sites looking for the right woman but male scammers are abusing this important medium and they have to be stopped. Your shared information through a submitted report at site is a very effective process of ensuring these evil men do not clog the system, destroy your emotions and wreck havoc your finances.

Another woman is doing it for you as well

Just a short time spent on your computer could be the most helpful thing you have ever provided anyone. There is also another woman somewhere doing the same for you; taking a little precious time just to provide some additional information about a certain male scammer who must be stopped.

All received photos

It is important to provide all the photos you have received; these male scammers have been using the same set of photos all the time. By providing them, you will help another woman who might be having reservations about a date online and want to know more about him. It is also the best gift you can give other women-the face of their potential future scammer in their favourite dating site.

All received letters

Male scammers have realized prewritten letter sets are gold. They send them to multiple victims at the same time. In short, that letter you have received might have been sent to 100 other women who thought it was a masterpiece just the way you did. Share every received letter and you might be surprised at the huge number of the same letter and many others that might have found their way to you are already out there.

All received fake documents

There are all kinds of fake documents out there and sharing all of them with other women through will be really helpful. A good turn deserves another and by doing so you will also access those other women have shared and you can compare notes.

All received media files

All the media files you have about a scammer or a potential one are very important to share. They can be photos that male scammers have photoshopped to dupe you they are in the military, medical profession, sailors and many other lucrative occupations. Some of the video you have received might also be fake and the voice and face behind them is vital for other women.

Where to report scammers offers everyone a very innovative and unique mechanism to use to identify male scammers and even destroy their plans in your encounter with them during interactions on the internet. If you are tired of being a victim to these evil men you will find as the perfect place to begin your fight, provide all the necessary information and even receive a weekly update on the latest scam news to remain as informed as possible. By submitting a report at, you are making sure innocent victims are not losing to these evil people. Dating and love should not be costly, heartbreaking or a fraud.