New service about scam and male scammers is online

malescammers is a new service dedicated to helping victims of online scammers, while enabling others to stay safe while they enjoy different online dating websites.

We have put together an extensive database by the help of thousands of victims of male scammers that have submitted us full reports on their cases. The main target market of our website is women who fall prey to male scammers through dating websites. The reports that we have received have been organized into our online database so that other women can search through it and find out whether their new companion is a scammer or not.

The strongest feature of our website is the search facility we offer. We have made a comprehensive mechanism to allow you to easily search through the thousands of reports in our database, to find the answer to your question in a matter of seconds.

When asking you to submit your report to us we ask you to fill in as much information on your male scammer as possible. Our victims have submitted all their scammers’ documents to help us provide you the most thorough information possible. Whether its pictures, addresses, names, ages, letters, or any other information that is exchanged between male scammers and their female victims, it is published as part of the report that is submitted at our website.

If you are at our website because you have already fallen victim to a male scammer, then we request you to please submit a report to us, so this male scammer cannot repeat his crime in the future on anyone else. Your report can help save hundreds of other women from falling prey to the person you did. With your cooperation our website can make a huge difference in the community. We also ask you to join our online community to give other naïve women the guidance and help they need to stay safe when making relationships over the internet.

If you are already in a relationship with someone you met over the internet, and because of some reason you feel curious about the legitimacy of this person, you can take advantage of our great service, and browse through our all-inclusive database that will help you find out within only a few minutes.

Our database allows you to search through our reports against a wide range of information like pictures, letters, fake documents, and even IP addresses. If you have any photograph of the person you are suspicious of, upload it into our system and our efficient search system will immediately tell you if this person has been guilty of scamming before or not. If you have any letters that your guy emailed you, you can submit them too to check for any previous crimes committed by this person. Most scammers use the same letter on all their victims, so if your partner is in this scamming business, he most probably has used the same letter you have, on other girls before.

We can help you find out the IP address from which your partner is sending you Emails. This IP address is also a great source of finding the true location of your possible scammer. You can also search through our database based on this.