Intimate Photos as the Ultimate Tool for Male Scammers believes that all scammers need to be found out and rooted out of the web where innocent women out to find some romance and real relationships around the world flock. Male scammers are very organized and able to play over two women at any given time and if the millions of dollars lost annually by unsuspecting women around the world is anything to go by, these evil men know their game.

So many women are falling prey to them most of them blinded by love, romance including images, letters, phone calls, instant messages and other communication shared between the two parties. However, in this melee of deception, there is another ultimate tool that scamming men on the Internet are using today; intimate photos.

Intimate images scams

There are many ways most women are becoming victims of intimate photos. In a number of instances, the scammer contacts the woman he is interested in and gets acquainted with her through lots of tricks, charms and niceties. From the beginning, the woman is led to believe she has found the love she has always wanted and prince charming is about to fall from the web right into her life and take her round the world of love, passion, romance and genuine commitment.

Nonetheless, as the correspondence continues, she ends up receiving lots of letters, most of them stressing about his endearing love. As the communication and charming trends continue, the male scammer then requests intimate photos as he describes in his correspondence lots of passionate things, such as where and how he intends to make the most satisfying love with the woman. The woman could have come to love the man dearly, thanks to his successful projection of an image of the perfect lover with genuine chivalry.

From that point on, the scenario changes and the intimate photos come into the equation. In a number of scenarios, the man begins describing in his correspondence, letters mostly, how he is in love and wants to meet up with the woman. His desire to make love to her is everything and for a woman who has been looking for real love and a man to share her most intimate being with, she fails to think beyond the man’s request that she should send him the money to cater for the trip. There are instances the man will indicate through a web of lies how his funds are held up just to compel the woman to send her money to him.

Sometimes a wary woman fails to send the money and the man continues flirting and writing passionate love letters and requests even more intimate photos. However, once the photos have been received, the male scammer starts blackmailing the woman in more ways than one. She is asked to pay the man or else all the intimate photos she sent will be displayed for all to see, most of them too explicit as to be embarrassing to the woman’s relatives, friends or even children and colleagues. She might end up paying an arm and a leg to hide her web intimacies that have gone awry.

In most cases, the final goal of most of these male scammers is only to amass as many intimate photos as possible and blackmail a woman for the rest of her life or as many years as possible. She becomes the perfect cash cow as far as the intimate photos remain with the scammer. requests all women engaging in online dating to avoid sending strangers, no matter who they claim to be, intimate photos and other sensitive information no matter what. If the man is real and serious, time has a way of telling including lots of other tools and resources that can help you discern a scammer from a mile away as you can find at