How to Deal with Changing Male Scammers’ Practices While Dating Online

Beware of ScamsFor women who have been using online dating sites or simply dating men on the web through various platforms and even communicating through emails, there are only two results; either you are talking to a genuine man or a scammer. In the last few years scams around the world have been increasing exponentially, from Canada, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Germany to other countries around the world.

Women out to find loving men always fall into an emotional trap that ends up hearting them psychologically and taking away their money. Essentially, if the man you are dating has not started concocting very believable emotional stories that end with a request for some funds here and there, chances are the man is genuine. However, scammers are known to even take years earning a woman’s confidence before going in for the kill.

Scammers are now universal

There is a reason to believe those who are mostly conned by men who seem and sound genuine are mostly locals. For example, a scammer in England was able to scam a dozen women from the same town with the same stories and emails until he was found out. His story was that he was from South Africa and an uncle who had lately passed away had left him an inheritance worth lots of money and property and was raising air fare to go and collect. While such male scammers are very common, has for many years established scammers are universal, with many even in the remotest areas of South America, Africa and Europe.

While you can use the potential scammer’s email to find him on social media and the internet, has a well stocked and weekly upgraded resource of male scammers from around the world.

There are always warning signs

Scammers first introduce themselves to their victims through emails, online dating sites and social network sites such as Facebook. In many cases, it is very easy to notice the age difference. However, using the email or name to find the potential scammer does not always work and you might end up thinking you are really communicating with a potential boyfriend or husband only to realize he had no social network profile or had hidden it well from you.

Scams usually go up as the age between the scammer and victim also increase. He might request any communication be done through a private email address or as you continue corresponding, the initial email you were corresponding through changes and you are given another. These are tell-tale signs you need to notice right away. In fact, if you can find his profile on social media or dating sites, you need to really look and analyze it effectively until you are satisfied he is not claiming to be in Latvia yet close to you in East London.

Experts at reiterate that a scammer will always give you some kind of a warning sign and if you are careful and not taken aback by emotions, love and the whole dating experience, you will notice them right away. Once you have ascertained there are a number of things that are not adding up or your gut feeling is telling you otherwise, you do not have to stop there.

Submit a report

Once you realize you are dealing with a scammer or a potential suspect, make the most of the website, which has a well stocked online database with scammer lists. Browse the site first as a precaution. However, by visiting you can do lots of things not only to warn others, but also to be safe yourself. These include:

• Browsing latest scammers
• Browsing all scammers
• Searching scammers by age
• Browsing scammers by name
• Browsing scammers by city
• Browsing scammers by country
• Browsing scammers by website
• Searching for scammers with fake documents
• Browsing scammers with media
• Searching for stolen celebrities pictures

The results you get might surprise you.

Keep educating yourself on scammers is a good resource to educate yourself on scamming, how victims are targeted, how scammers work and the best methods of protecting yourself. Most importantly, joining the website is an access to a very rich community of individuals who have interacted with scammers one way or the other and the shared information will be invaluable.

Subscribing to is also a perfect way of remaining safe on the dating scene online since a weekly newsletter keeps all subscribers updated on the top and latest information newly added to the site’s database. Every subscriber receives scammer identities, photos, scam letters, new scammer lists and much more. believes you deserve to find real love and friendship online without losing your money and mind to male con artists out there to make a quick buck out of unsuspecting victims.