Over 2000 male scammers in database now!

Over 2000 male scammers database There are now over 2000 male scammers in database now. That’s two thousand scammers who can be easily identified, their profiles and images can be crosschecked and subsequently the profiles can be flagged and you can feel safer while looking for a date online by eliminating all nefarious attempts or a dating scam.

Male-Scammers.com has always made an effort to make online dating safer and secured by identifying the makings of a dating scam. There is no dearth of good men out there but there is no dearth of scammers either. Male scammers use various strategies to trick women into dates, sharing private information and even photos, videos and they resort to an array of heinous acts. Over the years, hundreds and thousands of women as well as men have been targets of dating scam, losing money, compromising privacy, security of personal information and many have been harassed online to the brink of being blackmailed. Such nefarious attempts need to be prevented regardless of the future action being taken. Often, the future action is not plausible because of the lack of identity and substantial facts at the disposal to identify the miscreants.

Male-Scammers.com has a database that can be used in anti-scam search tools to identify profiles, names and any kind of activity that has been suspicious, proven to be a dating scam and have been flagged. Fake documents, scam letter sets, audio and video files among others are now available in the database which can be used by individuals, dating websites and anyone who is interested in finding out the true nature and intent of male scammers.

To further solidify our mission to act against male scammers, we have put together the option to place report where you can register any dating scam that you know of. You can search our existing database, browse the profiles, add any info you are aware of and you can upload fresh information about new dating scam or male scammers that are not in our database.

It is necessary for everyone to contribute in whatever way one can so online dating is free of all malicious intent. There are more fake profiles on online dating sites than real ones to begin with. The last thing that’s needed is a substantial chunk of those fake profiles being of serial male scammers who can be easily flagged and dealt with using a central database.