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"Many thanks for having this website, it is very important to all of us to be aware and try to reduce scammers this way. All the very best for you and the crews, to make this website happened."
Deborah (USA)


"Well thank god for this site you have saved me so much i cant thank you enough you should be so proud of yourselves you are helping innocent people."
Cheryl (New Zealand)


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"I discovered your site when searching a sentence of a letter from a man I found suspicious ... surprise, surprise ... the whole letter popped up on the screen as a scam, the man turned out to be one of the most active scammers. Thank you so much for this very useful service you offer. Emotional abuse can be devastating."
Jacqueline (Luxembourg)


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"I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have found your website when I was so close to sending a huge amount of money to a man who'd been scamming me. I found him on your website. I was heartsick, stunned and became physically ill when I realized that I had been conned by this despicable person right from the beginning. Your website opened my eyes and saved me from making a huge mistake. Thanks so much again for the very important service you are providing."
Mary (USA)


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