Scam Email(s) from Ramon Fernandez to Marty (USA)


Letter 1

My love i cherish the beauty and blessing of loving you,my lifelong sweetheart,my devotion is my token within this stream of moments our love paint the nub of time accepting the flaws of yesterdays and calming the fears of tomorrows,my love if I say i love you,i pray you feel my words and always open the doors of your heart and rest mine there forever to be steadfast in love I pray this will never end because we perfectly harmonized so pure that it feels so right at all times whenever you i read your messages/email you speak straight into my heart and i will forever give you the best of me and love you till the end of time.
My love what is life without love such emptiness without you, so long I have been a barren none has wandered to care... you came to hold my hand and every morning is not the same the thought of you wake me with a gentle melody in this journey to forever with you. wishing you beautiful and Amazing morning with happiness in your heart as you face today at work ,I love you to the moon and back.

Yours in heart


Letter 2

Good morning my love,how was your night,hope you had a peaceful night rest?my love you are the first and last thought in my heart and I will spend every available moment of the rest of our lives together admiring your beauty inside and out. I'm not telling you because I think you want to hear it but because it's true.
When I look at your photos it's all I are the most beautiful and only woman in my life and i will forever be grateful to have you as part of me forever,your heart,soul, body all of you give me reasons to smile every day and night,You make me so proud to stand next to you as your husband I love you truly, madly, deeply. More than words can describe.Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve such an amazing woman like you. Who selflessly, tirelessly looks after my mental, physical and emotional needs and well being,I hope I can always do the same for you.
You are a blessing to me,always have and always will be,Wishing you a beautiful and fabulous day ahead with happiness and so much love in your heart.
Yours in heart

Letter 3

Thank you so much for always giving me reason to love you more,you mean the whole world to me and i will forever be grateful having you in my life,You have reached out to me and showed me what it is like to love and to be loved and that truly makes me happy. You have given me the most amazing life.
My love there were times when I needed someone to talk to and you were always there for me,you helped me understand things that I wouldn't be able to understand without you,i promise to be by your side, even when the times get tough when you need someone to talk to and comfort you, I will be here with my arms open wide,I love you to the moon and back.

My love i just receive the Attorney information from the payment board committee,i will want you to contact the above email for my contract withheld payment to be process and transfer to you as my beneficiary.

Name:Barrister Pasqual Alhassan
Law Firm:P.A Law firm & Co

Yours in heart