Scam Email(s) from Scott M. Peterman to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

You have such an adorable beauty and I am contented with what I read about you on your profile though I am new to online dating and on here seeking for something that will lead to success, I would like to get along knowing each other if you not mind,I'm Scott by name ,I was just going through some profiles on here while I came across yours,sincerely I must say you are looking so creatively,charming,cute headed,great stature,pretty,extremely cute and Gorgeously I will love to know more about you, if you don't mind to tell me more about you, are you married.? do you have kids.? and what do you do for a living..? let see what would happen although I knew it will leads us to positive destination....I will be looking forward to your response kisses and hugs to you MUAH! MUAH!! MUAH!!! for you only … Scott...