Scam Email(s) from Michael Aguilar to John (Brazil)


Letter 1

Thanks for your response. First, i would like to tell you more about myself in order for you to fully identify who you are dealing with. I am Sergeant Aguilar Michael, active United States Army serving in Afghanistan. I am 53 years old, Widower. I have a deal to share with you, i am serving here as the United States Army of the 1st Armored Division in Afghanistan, as our mission here is highly exclusive due to insurgents everyday and car bombs are attacking our peaceful mission. I consider myself to be smart, honest, caring, spontaneous. I am a white man Height: 5' 6"

My parents are late and i have no relations. Life was not be Good to me, but i had really felt so good to see myself in the military world. I have a daughter she is 23 years old studying in London. I would like to know few things about you. So i can share this business deal with you as well, It's nothing to be worried about, believe me we shall keep our hands cross on this. Before i proceed further, i would like to know these few details about you. Do not hesitate to reply back

Your Present Country:

I would be waiting to hear from you, simply fill in the below details in order for me to proceed with the deal. God bless you, God bless America.

In God We Trust.

Best Regard's
Michael Aguilar

Letter 2

Thanks for replying back, i so much appreciate your high sense of humor and maturity.Aguilar is my surname, am from mexico but a citizen of the United States of America. I personally made a special research on the Internet address book and I came across your information. I find it pleasurable to offer you my partnership in business and I pray at this time that your e-mail contact address is still valid. May God grant you more of your needs.. I will use this little opportunity to share this deal with you. Though we haven't met, but first i have to rely my trust on you as a partner that can help me in handling a treasure. Right now am in our military camp right here in Afghanistan, Webcams are not allowed here or rather phone calls from the public. We only communicate with our love ones on emails and social networking sites etc. Have been here since 2014 and i have 4 months left to get retired. Here is briefly what i want to discuss with you and its from a clean heart.

July (2016), We were in trouble to fight over our goals, our goals was to eradicate all drug barons, and the terrorists in the northern part of Afghanistan, our aim is to stop an oil merchant who is the leader of the Taliban and also responsible for all the suicide bombing going on here in gulf region in Afghanistan, this man has a lot of followers who are ready to take a bullet for him. The gun battle was very heavy and last us for about 2 hrs, at the end of the day we prevail and killed all. Although, I lost some of my men as well. During the shot out, my friend Frank Hughes was killed, may his gentle soul rest in peace. It was during this shooting we discovered a large sum of money left in the house of the Taliban and this money is the money that the Taliban are using for campaigning against the U.S and NATO peace force soldiers.

I intended to keep this money because i am about to retired. I would submit my letter of retirement and the military congress would proceed with the procedures without any deployment. I have been in the force for long and I think is the right time to quit, I know that you are not perfect or nor can i claim that for you, but i simply need your assistance. No one knows about this money only my partner Frank Hughes , and he was shot on the stomach and he died after the gun battle. I was able to secured the box and drove it back to our camp from the northern part of Afghanistan. I am the platoon leader i suppose to report about this money to the authority but I did not, so i am looking forward to invest with this funds. You must keep this discussion confidential because this is my last assignment in the military and i am coming over to meet with you if only you can be in a better position of help, in receiving this funds.

This money is the fruit of my labor in the military. However i wish i could destroy it, but it is a huge sum of money ($3,500,000.00 Three Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) I am looking forward to send this money to you,until am through here with my mission and lets think of investing on a lucrative business. Or we either share the money 60-40. There is nothing you should be worried about cause it's not risky with my procedures, and i will be the one to pay for the delivery fee. All i needed from you is to know if you can boldly help me to accept this money, cause after our agreement regarding this, the money will be send to you through a diplomatic agent working in the UN Conference of the UN Diplomatic Delivery Service right here in Afghanistan. they delivered treasure's like this world wide. So i preferred diplomatic express upon this delivery, cause it would be the safest way for you to receive the funds without any stress or delay.

They are authorized by the U.N so they are highly respected worldwide whenever they show up their I.d Proof as well. So i will use this opportunity for you to let me know if you could be of help in receiving this fund? It's risk free and nobody knows about this money, The huge amount has been kept by me in one of our faulted Armored Vehicle. So nobody knows the hidden part about this money except me. Attachment below is the photo of me and my late friend (Frank Hughes) I would like to stop here and hear from you. be honest and lets be happy with this, if only you are willing to be of help to me. I stop here and await your response. God bless you, God bless America.

In God We Trust.

Best Regard's
Michael Aguilar