Scam Email(s) from Brian Jarvis to Lenore (Australia)


Letter 1

I don't think you wish me happiness with this Email Lenore, i messaged you back Immediately i get back inside but you never talk back, why will i be scared of your voice and you did not scare me out, am really happy to hear your voice Lenore, i really love you and i mean it seriously, please add me back on skype or you give me your contact number here is my 0422644817

Letter 2

I am happy to read back from you Sweetheart, how is your weekend going? do you have anything special to do on this weekend? well for me it is the time to relax, cook good food and eat, sleep, watch tv, generally i relax my brains for new ideas, it is a time when i don't do much work except the normal domestic jobs, I got your request on Skype and i try to message you but you appear offline, you can talk to me anytime you're online ok, you're right, i have been waiting for your message because i know you won't respond until you're back home so please don't be offended if i did not write you...

I long for the day that we can meet face to face. I know it's only been a week since we met online, but I feel like I've known you forever. Every time I mail you, my heart skips a beat, and you take my breath away. I love you so much already, and we haven't even met in person. I understand that you have a very important job to do but, when I don't get to chat with you, I feel so empty. I miss you so much.

I long for the first time that i will hold you in your arms. I know it will be an experience that we both will enjoy and cherish for the rest of our lives. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and no one else.

Every time your name is mentioned, my face lights up, and I get a smile on my face bigger than Dallas. I know us being apart like this is a challenge for the both of us. God is seeing if we can make it, even though we are apart. If we can stay together until we can really be together, then there will be no one who will ever be able to separate us. I love you with all my heart and soul.

I am so glad my friend introduced my to the site. I had a good feeling come over me when I first saw you on my computer screen. You are a very pretty and wearing nice smile, You take my breath away every time I see you, and I feel deep down that this relationship is going to work. Love is a very powerful word. When you tell someone that you love them, you have to truly mean it from the bottom of your heart. I truly mean it from the bottom of your heart when i tell you i love you Lenore.

You are the best thing that has ever come into my life. I had this gut feeling that you and I were going to be together for a very long time. I love you. Please don't ever leave me. I hope I'm not over-burdening you with all these lovey dovey talk, but I do love you, and I need to tell you that. You have me forever if you want me. Thank you so much for coming into my life.

Letter 3

I'm very sure, you'll be back home now

Letter 4

I miss you. I miss you deeply!
I wish we were together right now so I could fill you with kisses, massage your sexy body with my magic fingers so that you won't tired/weak while sleeping and tell you a bunch of silly things into those pretty little ears of yours. If only you knew how much I miss you right now, you would surely fly over to give me a sweet kiss and a hug and to reassure me again of your love for me. How can you miss someone this much? How can such an abstract thing as love absorbe the thoughts of someone as rational as me? Why is love such a powerful feeling? Why do I long to see you and to be with you this much? Am I going crazy? I?m afraid so... Anyway, to go crazy over someone as special as you is, at least, a sign of good taste; and, contrary to what I?ve said before, it is also a sign of wisdom for I?m sure very little people in the world gather the same special characteristics as you do. When I?m far from you time seems to slow down, the hours become tedious and not even a good glass of wine can me feel better. I fight loneliness against my will but I can?t wait to be with you, face to face, and to be able to touch you and kiss you tenderly (pls). Be sure those kisses will be very special it will be a french kisses from me, because you deserve much....I also block my membership on the site because i found you now, i don't think i need any other woman, you make me happy without seeing your face, i can't stop immagining how happy/loved am going to be with you, please get skype downloaded on your phone or your computer so that we can chat often anytime and add me with, i registered my skype yesterday its free and fast to communicate anytime,here is my goodnight message for you (my angel), A day is going to end again. It is nice to have someone like U making everyday seems so great. Thank U my love and may all the angels guard you this night! Between a million yesterdays and a million tomorrows, there’s only one today. And I would never let it pass without telling you – I’m thinking of you. Have a good night.

Jarvis Brian.

Letter 5

I'm so pleased to read your email because you are too beautiful inside yourself, I never for once think i could meet someone like you online because i always believe all the people on the dating site are someone who are not willing for new things but for yours..You are totally different. I will appreciate if you can let me know the time you'll be online so that we can chat and talk better about each other because communication as you know is very important to us right now and getting to know one another which is very valuable or we should move our communication to Skype i think that's much better, i just downloaded my yesterday and it free and fast to communicate anytime But the important part of communication is being Honest, Trust, Loyal and Sincere. We can talk and talk and make our self look and sound good to each other but unless we are completely Honest, Sincere and Trust each other. Since i lost my wife, I have never ask any lady out for a relationship because am always afraid of broken heart, but when I met you on the website, my heart tells me that you will be my Mrs Right. I have never dated online in my whole life and I don't even know anything called dating online. A friend introduce me to the website and I decide to give it a try and I felt I should register and look for a lady of my choice who will bring me back to life because am always lonely. I want us to work hard for our relationship to come True by contributing, improve and helping each other to grow together as one family which I believe you will be able to work it out (like I will) to have nice things in life and to work hard so we can be comfortable together in order to enjoy ourselves. I want our relationship to be an example for other families whose Home have been broken and I want you to be the woman I will forever LOVE. I hope you can understand where I am coming from, I am at a point in my life where I do not want to play games, I have opened my self, my heart and soul to you and would like to know more about you and see the true colors of you. I will like to share my interests with you, I think it's one of the needed steps to get to know each other better. My interests are, Photography, Traveling, Museums, The great outdoors camping, Soccer, Movies, Antique Shopping, Creating History, Psychology, Animals, most anything that I haven't seen or tried once. I am some what of a dreamer believing that romance and love is what life is all about. I am a kind and some what sometimes over generous person with a heart of gold. I am intelligent and passionate. I love life and try to live it in such a way that each day has a new meaning to me. I am romantic by nature and loving by soul, I love to help others and love the laughter of families.

I am ready for life time relationship and life time marriage with NO DIVORCE if we understand each other better because I am not ready to rush into a relationship. I believe in love and all that comes with being in love. I am not a usual Man in thinking that love is how many Ladies you sleep with, but believe that being Loyal and Loving to one Lady is what makes love special. I believe intimacy is special in both forms. so many make the mistake of thinking intimacy is the simple act of sex, But to me intimacy is the touching of two souls, the beating of two hearts as one. Romance is a lost art these days and a lot of people often forget that the simple things in life are often the sweetest. How special it can be when two in love can simply swap a kiss, or share a walk hand in hand under a full moon.

I do not pretend to be the answer to lost love, or the answer to everlasting romance. But l love with my heart and feel with my soul. I know what it means to love and to have lost. But without the feeling of pain we can never become the wiser. I truly believe that for each of us we have someone out there ready to win our hearts. But without the risk their can not be victory. comfort is my watch word and I am comfortable in my own skin. I take pretty care of my self and I will do the same for my lady. So in having expressed my inner thoughts and desires. Well, I will like to know much about you as well and will be looking forward in reading from you soonest.


Letter 6

Once again thanks for the email honey, i want you to know that i really do understand all you said about yourself and every other things i don't know yet..,i am really glad to read from you and am getting use in reading your email . And it make me happy every mins i read it. Its means we have each other on mind. I am glad this is happening to me at this time of the year because i have been so lonely and hopefully with you i wont have to be lonely any more.every person that I meet, Tells me that I do not act ... or look my age. Ha, I don't know if that is good or bad ??? I know where I am going and i have alots of goals to accomplish but have not found the right woman to join me in my Goals and help me succeed with her Goals. I'd like to develop a friendship first and see where it goes from their as I am very cautious, Meaning that It has to be right for both of us, If it is right, You have me 100% . I only use one woman at a time and give her all my attention, always. If it is not right , I don't want to take up your time., I won't tell you a Stories and the same Courtesy would be greatly appreciated.

I want you to know that I give my woman all my attention,she is the most important thing to me and my responsibility is to always make her happy . I was glad to hear that you are not in a rush to find someone. It is hard to get back into the dating scene and at least by exchanging emails we can find out more about each other and see if there is a connection there or not. I read your profile at the site and i also see your pictures, i don't have anythng against that, what really matter is the loving heart, I originally went online hoping to meet someone that I could share the occasional coffee, meal or film with. Was getting pretty bored and lonely by myself. Didn't really think I would meet my soul-mate or life partner. But you never know what is around the corner if you don't go there. Basically I am a romantic at heart but when you live by yourself and deal with nearly everything alone it does make you a bit tougher and more cynical about life. Especially when you get burnt a few times. But I often think how wonderful it would be to have someone to share all the good and not so good things with. To wake up with someone and discuss the days plans or to be able laugh with them. To talk to when you are cooking or having dinner. They are some of the things that I really miss. I do enjoy cooking for others but sometimes find. It hard to get motivated to cook for myself. There always seems to be too much leftover. Not that the dogs complain. They do pretty well out of it. DOG : I have a golden retriever and his name's Mars, he's Carol's best friend, maybe you'll meet him one day

I will tell you now a bit about my habits, I do not believe that I have any bad ones but none the less they are habits. I always go to bed completely naked all year round, I cannot sleep if the house is in total darkness, when making love to a woman I like to have a light on because I want to see her enjoyment and not just hear it, I like to watch my lover get undressed, I like to shower with my partner and make love in the shower, I like to make love in the park or on the beach, I like to make love in the car when we can, I leave the tap running when I brush my teeth, I hate the toilet seat lid left up, I hate untidiness so always cleaning up , I like to be naked when we are alone in our home, I like to go for walks, I do not like being alone but I like and need my space.

I do believe that friendship is the most important thing in any relationship. Without friendship first there is nothing left if the rest of it doesn't work. Communication is also so important. Not being able to communicate leads to so many misunderstandings and eventually discontent. As you might have guessed I like to talk. Smiles. Intellectual stimulation is probably far more important to me than physical. That has to be there too of course but if you can discuss different things it keeps a relationship alive.

I am a very calm, logical person and it takes a lot to make me angry. Dishonesty and lies will usually do it but my pet hate is cruelty in any shape or form. To animals or people. Can't stand bullies or people who have no sensitivity for others feelings. I am writing a book again. So hard to write about yourself without sounding egocentric. I must Stop here and hope to read back from you again, less i forget am in Melbourne VIC now not SA....

Jarvis Brian

Letter 7

Hi!!! To be sincere with you Lenore, I`ve been alone for a long time now; not by choice or lack of interest in finding someone to keep me company, but simply because none of those who have crossed my path gathered the same qualities you do...
I must confess that I feel a bit awkward and embarrassed as I write these lines, but the feeling that we may really get a long with each other and be happy together is very strong.
I would like you to give us this chance. Please understand that I am not asking this for my own sake; I am asking it for the both of us, because I believe that you would have not touched my heart if it wasn`t meant for me to make you a happy woman. You may think that I`m getting ahead of myself if I say 'you are the love of my life'. And maybe, 'just' maybe, you are right. But now, this truth is what keeps my heart beating: it can only be you! because after i went to bed yesterday, i can't stop thinking about you and all i have read from you, you really make my heart beat as if we've been talking for years it makes me feel happy that i could not have my dinner but am happy and strong. Sometimes I wish there was no alarm clock because that is the only device which wakes me up, it wakes me up this morning while I am dreaming of you. Come live in my heart and pay no rent Lenore. you reading this letter of my, you'll feel the joy/happiness in my heart... Good Morning Lenore

From your new Friend.
Jarvis Brian.

Letter 8

Thank you for the mail, I really appreciate you sending me an e-mail, You know? this is life and we never can tell what little steps we take lead to greatness, and as they say, even a journey of a thousand years starts with a single step and I heard love is not even a destination but a journey for two to walk in harmony for life, maybe this may be our first step to greatness, what do you think? lol. I am tired of a life people live by saying they want something and neither do nothing about it nor willing to do so. I don't know how online dating works but I know it is a medium where two people can surely get to explore each others mind without sentiments.

I know it is good because it allows us to cut blabbering and really speak our minds without intimidation of beauty and soul stealing smiles lol... I read your email with great respect. You are very sincere and honest. Life is too short to be negligent, it is good to be diligent,I went on this website because I wanted to see if I can meet someone whom I can respect, love and honor. My principle is that for all of mans gain the most important thing is the well being of his partner/wife. A man who thinks he is smart and looks down on his partner is in my view boastful without substance. In other words, life is about giving and not so much about receiving. You impressed me so much with all i read in your email and it would be my pleasure to get more acquainted with you. Thanks for being honest in your words, I believe being analytically in my email would let you know some things about me and possibly meeting in person someday if God says we are truly meant for each other.When I saw your profile, was brief and straight to the point.I could see that your intention of finding REAL love is somewhat True, I did want you to know that am not rushing to look for a relationship neither i want to be too slow to express my feeling for you , we just started communicating through email and we have be saying things we want and what we don't want...I'm very thankful to God that i'm a good and responsible father to my wonderful daughter, Well i need to let you know that ever since the lost of my wife , i have never date or neither i go out with any women because i had a wonderful experience and joyful relationship so far with my wife, Its very painful that i lost her at early age but i'm sure God want her more than me .... I am happy to read back from you, I will like to get along with you. I'm really sorry about all that as happened to you in the past. Life is always up and down, all what we need to do is to live it as it comes. I know that it is just a matter of time for us to know more about each other and to also arrange on how we can meet. I am adventurist, I like seeing new places and meeting people, but its rather based on business and not pleasure. I am very spontaneous and am up for trying just about anything once. Oh before i forget , Yes my daughter live with me but presently she at school living with her friend. And she is studying Business Admin, i will have to stop here, it late Now.. I wish moon always be full & bright and U always be cool & right. Whenever U go to switch off the light, Remember that I'm wishing U ...Good Night!

Letter 9

Thank you for the message Lenore, I really appreciate you giving us the chance to communicate here, I'm new to this whole internet dating thing so please bare with me if i don't keep up with the peace, it's been a while since i have an intimate communication with woman and that was since my late wife. I thought about giving the internet dating a chance because truly it might be my only chance to meet the woman of my dream since my working schedule never really gives me the chance to go out and mingle that much, My name is Jarvis Brian, I am 64 years old by age. I`m 6'0 tall 188 cm with a athletic build, hmentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring,honest, good listening, God Loving, and a positive person. I am real easy person to talk to and a good listener. I love to play Football and I enjoy chilling with my friends/family I like going to the movies or watching movies and cuddling with my woman in the room, I am very open to new experiences. I would like to meet someone who is spontaneous, a little bit adventurous, who is energetic and most importantly has a great sense of humor. Am currently looking at life options, maybe downsizing my home, traveling, part time work, who really knows? Would love to meet someone is likes doing the same things as I do, is a great communicator and listener. Someone who can be my best friend, who is easy to be with and has time at weekends to share their life with me as well as maybe going away on holidays together if we like being with each other.The woman I am interested in is someone who is independent, A person who can laugh at themselves, who is respectful of others and likes animals, I am a family oriented person. I am new to internet dating and i think its better knowing that we can keep communication here until it gets to meeting in person, i am a caring,honest and God loving man,the truth is that i love working for natural things a lot even though . I'm a Construction Engineering, As a Project Controls Specialist, i provide support to project management support functions including, baseline validation and review, estimating, planning, scheduling, and project performance assessment. And what i base on is building Road and Bridge , I hope i have given you a better idea of my work.

It is very hard finding a true soul mate these days without falling in the hands of those that want to play. Sure if you really want a man you can treat you right , I will be glad to be the man and there are alot about me which you need to know, I'm France nationality but i move down to Australia since 2005 due to my last project here at Adelaide, and since then i have decided to be living here in Australia. presently am i'm Permanent Residency in Australia. My dream is to become doctor in life but you know sometime there are change in life i lost my wife in an Operation of cancer then at Paris, I have 20yrs old daughter which i'm responsible for all her needs and take proper care of her Ever since i have been in this country, i notice alots of things about the women here ....Well i think i can say they are totally different from Paris ladies because they have easy heart and they are hard working..I love the idea of loving someone and giving them all that I have to give.

I'll like to be the man that will make you feel like you are the only special woman in the whole entire world. mostly important i want a woman who is caring, down to earth, romantic woman soonest the main thing is a life that will make me happy... to have a loving, passionate woman and a happy family as well. So do you think you can be that woman?

From Jarvis Brian.