Scam Email(s) from Brian Furbush to Wendy (Australia)


Letter 1

Dear Ms. Wendy,

It is certified that Mr. Brian Furbush N.I.C # 3828O3-63749814 has an account with Diamond City Bank. This account, number 77489XXXX, has a current balance of $9,2XX,XXX. Please note that the account will become active and accessible only after the confirmation of payment of the $400,000.

If you need additional information regarding this account, please refer to the account holder named above. The account holder can provide deposit information from their personal monthly statements.

I hope this information is useful.

Best Regards,
Keown Lee Yung
Finance Manager

Letter 2

My Luscious Wendy,

Thanks for the sweet words baby, i really appreciate it. Good to know you got the copy of the ticket i sent to you. Baby, it's great Kay also confirmed Singapore airlines are good, i checked it out too, it's reliable. I just need you to make sure you make it here on that day at all cost hahaha You have no idea how much i finally want to see you. Baby, there is nothing in all the world i want more than you. I wanna know what it feels like to touch your face, to smell your lovely hair, see how you look when you're laughing, get to know what it feels like to run my fingers down the side of your face, get to experience the feeling when i look into your eyes and see what i have been waiting to see, get to let you look in my eyes and see my soul and how much they appreciate and adore you, get to know how it feels like to sleep beside you on the bed, experience how it feels to kiss you, get to know how it feels like to rub my hands gently on your skin, get to know how you sound when i'm stroking your nipples and licking your ear at the same time, and also get to listen to every little sound you make when Snakey is in you. Argggh The suspense is killing baby. But i know we will be together soon and that will be enough to keep me going until i finally have you in my arms on Monday. I love you so much my sweetest angel.

Baby, a window seat will be perfect so you can rest on your body on the corner to make you comfortable. Also dont forget to get the travel pillow too baby. It's ok if you feel you need to get your shots from your doctor prior to your arrival, sounds fine love. Please dont bring too much clothes baby, we are visiting the malls and i'll also be shopping for casual wears too. And dont forget, we gonna need to get the iphones and the ipad at the apple store before we leave here on Thursday.

Below is the account from the driver baby, he said it belongs to his sister and it's very safe. I trust him baby dont worry -


Account holder's address : JALAN USJ 21/1, KUALA LUMPUR ,47650 Malaysia

Account number : 8602417450

Bank name : CIMB BANK


Swift code: CIBBMYKL

Send me a copy of the transfer slip once you have it baby and always remember to keep a copy too as proof because i'll be paying every single dime i owe you back. I promise you that baby. Thanks for everything and i really appreciate it baby. You make me feel so happy in a way i have never known before and i'll always remember this. Baby, you have all my love and you will always have my heart my adorable queen. I love you very much.

Good night and sweet dreams baby.

Your delectable prince charming,

Letter 3

My Luscious Wendy,

We are still waiting for our order baby so i thought i'd write you in the meantime. You can see how this environment has really affected our eating habits lol. For the past few days we've been surviving on junk foods like KFC, pizza and the rest because we couldn't leave the quarters. We usually order online but most of them dont do home deliveries and the only few that delivers dont get here on time, hence the delays. Luckily Nelson just discovered a local restaurant online that sells Macaroni pasta with prawns and mushroom. We ordered about an hour ago so they should be here anytime soon. We just hope it's as nice as the one we had in the restaurant opposite our work site. Cant wait for all this to be over so i can change this eating habit, i know its extremely unhealthy. But i know i got the perfect woman to help me with the changes i need. I love you baby.

Baby, i've told you not to worry about your money , you're getting it for sure. Be rest assured they are sending it back to Australia before the end of the week baby. I promise you.

The presidential race is literally a joke this year baby. I find it so hard to believe that there isn't anyone out there that is better than both of them. But between Trump and Clinton, Clinton is preferable for sure. I wouldn't say that i totally trust Hillary, but i trust Donald Trump far less. He is a joke baby, i just cant take him seriously. I dont see him as a potential candidate at all with the rubbish he utters everytime he talks. So disrespectful and have no regards for anything. I'm a Republican and the fact that he of all people got the nomination says a lot about the Republican of today and none of it is good baby.

I'm also against Muslim migration baby but sometime i can understand the reasons why they leave their countries, often because their home countries are filled with war. I once saw a viral video on youtube of a little boy shot in the head and laying on the street in Pakistan so you wouldnt have any other choice than to have a compassion for their citizens. Coupled with the fact that most of them struggling with living which is a terrible thing baby. But my problem with them is that they come to our westernized countries and just try to fuck things up and that's the only thing i'm against. And there's a majority of them that don't like us because we aint Muslims like them. Those categories are the ones i have a problem with.

What are you up to baby? I'll write you again once i'm done eating. Love you baby.

Your delectable prince charming,

Letter 4

My Luscious Wendy,

Lovely seats baby! Daphne has really been of great help my love. The fact that she was able to get us on the same flight was awesome. Everything is all set my love, be rest assured i'll be at the airport waiting for you. I'm missing you so much already. You know that i can't stay for one minute without thinking about you! I feel i'm going to die if you don't come to me on Friday. You are always my main thought and every other thought in my head revolves around you baby. I fucking want you so badly!

I'm so glad the money has finally come through and i can go to the world bank tomorrow morning. I'll have everything sorted and will await your arrival my queen. I cant stop thinking about our new life together, every second of every day and i'm patiently waiting until your arrival my love. I promise you that i'll look no further. I'll always love you and cherish you for the rest of my life baby. If i can't be with you, i don't want to be with anyone. You complete me baby, there's no longer an empty void space in me any longer. I thank you for that baby because you will never know how much you mean or how much you are needed. You're my heart, my soul, my everything my sweet angel.

I'll start caring about the cat(Nibbles) only after i see the main pussy on Friday hahaha Snakey wants her so badly. Dont you dare leave him paralyzed or else he'll never forgive you. I've been having a constant hard for the past 3 days and i really cant wait to dip him inside of you hahaha

I love you so much baby. I love you more and more and more than my life and cant wait to see you soon my adorable angel!

Your delectable prince charming,