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Name: patrick gomez
Aka: unknown
Age: 62
Location: Reno, Nevada USA
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites:


Report: I can't find anyone listed by this name on your website



Name: Shlomo Wanders
Aka: Bill, Mark
Age: 56
Location: Visalia
Address: unknown
Phone: 447418457396
On web sites: Eharmony


Report: 1. He imitated contact. 2. He told me that his eharmony had been hacked and he wanted me to email him at 3. Started Sept 6, 2015 till Sept 16. 4. That he wanted to email off of eharmony, he's language/verbal, he confessed love for me WAY too soon, one phone call and his accent was very heavy did not fit the photos he sent, he asked me to use viber and gave me a yahoo Id to use yahoo messenger (I didn't do this) other than to request contact which I blocked soon afterwards, he's inability to spell correctl, he would very occasionally say he has spent a lot of money in Liverpool . 5. Money was not yet requested. 6. N/a. 7. I began to do Internet searches like reverse images and found a photo that he had sent linked to the exact photo used on FB. The account on FB is still available with many other photos of this supposedly same man. During a viber text, I began telling him that I suspected he was a scammer and when I began to find info on the decrepancies I immediately shut things down. Blocked emails etc etc.



Name: Daniel Williams
Aka: unknown
Age: 49
Location: Usa Bahamas
Address: unknown
Phone: 512-666-5145
On web sites: Facebook


Report: Scammed me out of 1390$ stated his wife dead and he has two adopted daughters..please stop this from hapening again ..he preys on single hard working vulnerable women..



Name: Luemel O'conner
Aka: Joey C. Mendez
Age: 48
Location: Accra, Ghana - Kabul, Afganistan
Address: unknown
Phone: (323)438-0126 ; (218)270-4510
On web sites: yahoo messenger,


Report: me Joey C. Mendez on, he said he was a Major in the army and was on deployment in Afghanistan and was using a friend's account to meet someone. told me he had a son who passed away in a car accident and that he adopted a son by the name of Ludwin Reimmer. Joey C. Mendez sent me the same emails that he sent Cindy(USA), he told me Ludwin needed funds for his tuition to his school, this man has a group of people involved in this scam and they probably don't even realize it. He told me last month that he put in for a field retirement and it got approved and that he needed funds to be able to come home, i got a loan for part of what he needed and he chose to go to Ghana ( he told me that ludwin got beat up and that he wanted to see if he could help out in any way) and also help his friend with a business that they wanted to get up and running. what really got my attention was when he changed my password to my online banking and made an unauthorized deposit, I'm glad my bank caught it before he could do more damage. i have to pay for the $500 he so-called deposited , i can eat the loan repayment, it will rebuild my credit over time. I'm just sad that he used a man's pictures to full me , because this man i know as Joey Mendez is probably a good man or he got killed while serving his country.



Name: welch smith olchefsk
Aka: smith
Age: 36
Location: USA washington dc
Address: washington dc
Phone: unknown
Email: smith welch olchefske
On web sites: meetme and wechat


Report: i have been chatting with these guy for almost 5 or 6 days.these last sunday he said he has send me a package from washington dc to here in polokwane then on tuesday a received a call from cape saying they have my package but first i must pay R2500.00 to the courier services named A.Ndlovu courier service in order to receive my package i then paid th money then again they called me an say i must pay R3500.00 for insurance fee i then texted the guy who said he send me the package and told him that i dont have th second amount that they want then he said he will pay half an i must also pay half then i did not pay because i started to suspect somethng then today i received a call from cape saying they have found money in the package that was coming to me so they will inform the police to arrest me unless i pay confused and dont know what to do please help me



Name: colin ackehurst
Aka: johnson david
Age: 52
Location: harrisburg Pa
Address: unknown
Phone: 1-717-801-0713
On web sites: skout


Report: he siad he was widowed had to grandaughters he was raising yet while we were in text the youngest one died in june so he says..that was eva,,so he just has debby as he told he is in camabodia so he tells me when eva died he want money from me which i didnt give to him an he tried to guit me as to blaming me for eva's death..try as i did i could not find any thing in the obits in harrisburg,,now he wats 1000 dollars from me says the bank of england has his last pay roll an he needs 4900.00 but all he has is 3900.00.. i lied an told him i tried but couldnt get a loan as i swore i would never ever help any one with money again as i was scammed real bad last year..he even had me beliveving he was gonna marry me when he got home to Pa.what a fool i was again,,but t will never happen again



Name: mark nelson
Aka: unknown
Age: 50
Location: MALAYSIA
Phone: 60102952969 447937461590
On web sites: UNKNOWN


Report: I was contacted on facebook by this man, started on the 25th May 2015 - wanted to talk on the phone to hear my voice so he claimed. After about three weeks told me he had to go to Venezuella on conference and after Venezuella had to go to Malaysia to complete unfinished business which was conducted my his late father - also has a 80 year old mother Theresa and 17 year old daughter Sandra who is at boarding school in Norwich UK - He was awarded a contract by the Malaysian Ministry of Works which he was paid for 3,5 million dollar - the end of July 2015 he started calling me to ask me for money to clear taxes - I told him that I did not have the kind of money which he wanted 10 000 dollar and that I am a pensioner he would not take no for an answer and told me that I must help him I transferred only 1000 dollar because he managed to obtain the other 9000 dollar this went on and eventually I paid him 7600 dollar of which the 600 dollar was paid on the 11 September 2015 - he promises me that he is coming to see me in South Africa still this month and calls me his wife and is promising to take me to the UK to marry him and live with him - He also promised to pay me back what he has borrowed from me - which I know he will never pay back I have a copy of his UK pass port which is photo shopped with the Govender of Russia Oleg Kuvshinnikov - his facebook profile is also that of the Russian Govender Oleg Kuvshinnikov as well as photos of the Govender - I know it is too late but please ladies be very careful of these sweet talking men - especially when you are loneyly and looking for conversation on the internet - you fall in love with the photo and the sweet talk



Name: jeferson hams
Aka: unknown
Age: 44
Location: california
Address: nigeria
Phone: +19513823067
On web sites:


Report: we meet in okcupid site exchange email..and then after 2 days he mesage me and we know each other,then on the other day,he want to get my full name,full number,and adress...cause he wants to send a gift package to prove that he loves me..and then i search her name in google i found out that many girl he victim today someone text me he said this : HAMS JEFFERSON: i recieve SMs and call from the company that they will confiscated. and destroyed the package.Try and make sure you pay and recieve costnme almosT 82,000 us dolars. beware of this number +639422515477 this is number of scamers sent package this is new number of hams jefferson +19513823067 and 09422515477 pls find this man and no let this man victim other girl.. Note:if u send this man a money they will not chat u and see u anymore



Name: Robert Van Macaulay
Aka: Jeffrey Wellinton
Age: 54
Location: Delta Nigeria / Accra Ghana
Address: unknown
Phone: 2347060789318
Email: /
On web sites: hotmail-gmail-yahoo


Report: Please ladies BE CAREFUL OF THIS MAN!!!



Name: George Eddy Williams
Aka: unknown
Age: 640406
Location: London/Singapore
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites:


Report: 1. George takes Contact with me. 2. It started on match,com. George send me so beuteful letters so we had an love relationsship. 3. from June to September. 4. The first thing who happened were it was problems with the material. It started after maby a week after when we had sent mail to each other on private mail. After that the problem was he must pay 6% more to the customer. The agent he had i London had said wrong to him about the customer. He had sent med the business contract. He should get 750.000 GPD when he was back to London and i should get my Money. And when the buisness was clear he should get the rest 750.000 GPD. I sent him Money to him for that. After that i must pay his hotel bill and babysitter to his doughter Caroline (KIKI).I have photos on all of the banktransfer to his agent Alex Sahin, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who give them to George. I send him 2000 USD and 2500 USD. The day after he been robbed and he told the doctor i was his wife, so to get him from the hospital i must pay the hospitalbill too. I get photos from the hospital. Everty time he should go home he had problems and need more Money from me. I have borrow Money for help him, he been so angry if i doesn`t doing that. And every time i sent him Money he said he loves me. If i doesn`t want to give him money, he called med and get me to send the Money. He had all Control of me. He said he svore with his fathers grave to send me Money back if i helped him. I should get 15000 GPD if i helped him. And he baked me to go to Kuala Lumpur who a banktransaction should be there. When i had paid the flyticket -i got a bill from them (Diplomatic local warehouse. I will send you that after this mail). There in Kuala Lampurs Airprt, i should get the Money from them, over 1.000.000 and in a mail, they said i must pay oer 30.000 USD Before i got the Money. I doesn`t Went with the plane. I sent agents to the Airport in Kuala Lumpur when i should be arriwed there - and they couldn`t find him there. He had said to me i should take the first plane back to Sweden when i got the Money. When i seek on google about the hospital, i couldn`t find the hospital or the doctor. The end i could find about the named



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