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Name: Scott Downs
Aka: unknown
Age: 51
Location: Ghana
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: i dont know
On web sites: badoo


Report: I have been in contact with a us army gentleman in Ghana. He sends me pictures all the time, but within 3 days of talking he declared his undying love for me. Now he claimes he wants to come visit me but cant access his money. He wants me to pay for the travel arrangements, and he also wants me to sent money so he can eat properly. apparaently the food makes him sick. He claims to be from south carlolina, but is over in ghana for an unknown period of time. He wont communicate on the dating site, only via viber....I have pictures, lots and lots of them, and when I asked him how to send $ he says western union. Am I being scammed, becuase he has hasked for $ several times now...



Name: Randy B Hayford
Aka: unknown
Age: 57
Location: Ghana Accura
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: or .com
On web sites: Yahoo messenger


Report: I Susan Samuelsson have been talking with Randy B Hayford claims that he is a drill Sargent for the US army in Bagdad Iraq as we speak. I got a friend request from Ken Jones yesterday he's a US army officer in Afghanistan and l mentioned to him about Randy B Hayford then Ken called the US army data base and told him about Randy B Hayford. He came back to me and told me he's a fake stolen identity soldier profile and is in personating to be a Drill Sargent for the US army.



Name: Thomas Anthenas
Aka: Tom Lawendowski,Thomas Ans,Thomas Athenas
Age: 55ish
Location: Owen Sound,On.,Canada, Toronto,On,Canada,Los Angeles,California,USA
Address: unknown
Phone: 647-694-3680
Email: tomlud.....?
On web sites: POF, Facebook, Linkedin


Report: This man first contacted me on POF,as tomasluv101.July,2015. He quickly suggested that we communicate by email.He is very charming,poetic,romantic.Says he was born in Athens, Greece.Speaks with an accent. He said he was a widower with a son in the UK in medical school.He claimed to be an engineer/architect with his own business.He claims to have faith in God, said he was an elder .When I asked to meet him there was always an excuse.After several weeks and beautiful prove his undying love for me,he said he got a job in Cape Town, South Africa.That's when it all started. First they took his money,because he took too much into the country without permission.It just kept escalating.Jail..needed bail..Needed a lawyer,Barrister Michael? They do not use barrister in S Africa!!MONEY REQUESTS ++He was hospitalized due to high blood pressure just as he was to fly home to me!! More money to pay for the PRIVATE hospital..He will cry and make you feel very sorry for him...After sending $20,000 I finally said I have no more!!He still pressured me.Saying to believe him that he would pay it all back when he returned to me..His Angel..His Baby..I can't believe I fell into this Vipers Trap!!



Name: Fred Joshnton
Aka: unknown
Age: 45-47
Location: france
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: not known
On web sites: facebook


Report: He is on. Facebook hes a nicelooking older man on his profile lic bes siting at a table with anpther man looks foreign aith glasses on. Hes very charming, but. Refuses to answer questions.he claims hes Divorced



Name: Kim Ellis
Aka: unknown
Age: 39
Location: San Francisco / inmate at FCI Herlong
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: Corrlinks
On web sites: OK Cupid .. Date an inmate .. Meet an inmate


Report: Targets women .. Manipulates and lies to get women to send him money for all types of things .. You are not special if he is talking or writing you .. You are just a target to manipulate for $



Name: Pierre Truitt
Aka: unknown
Age: 63
Location: Malaysia, BatuCaves
Address: Hotel and1100 Apache Circle Bullhead City AZ
Phone: 5202018073 and 011601116945698 possibly England
On web sites: Was on match


Report: Romance scam. Found him on match in Az. After 2 months got a job in Malaysia as a foreign contractor. Asked for help with vanilla cards. After getting to Malaysia asked for me to send laptop and phone to job site fed ex in his name. Next came problem getting his machines out of customs as extra taxes were added and asked for help. Then ran low on money to pay hotel and asked for help as he was getting locked out of his room. Then problems getting his bank draft payment thru using corruption issues as the problem which was in the current news. All the while romancing me and talking about everything getting us closer and closer. How were all my family members each day by name. Sent songs. Sang on the phone. Wrote a letter in his handwriting and scanned it to email me after I emailed him one. New laptop was missing a camera supposedly and he sold the cell for cash before using. Asked that the money be wrapped and sent fed ex as documents. Wife deceased never would say how didn't like to talk about it. Daughter at med school in Canada. I demanded pics so he emailed ones, old on the job and of his daughter. Swore it would all be fine as soon as the draft cleared and he came home to me. I did argue about scamming because it all fit but he always made me want to believe. Finally got a ticket. Sent itinerary from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai to Washington to Albany by. Called on Dubai arrival and never heard from him after that



Name: Adebayo Adewuyi
Aka: ICEBERG SLIM and Oliver Greene
Age: 35
Location: South Africa: Durban and Cape Town
Phone: 0731149279 and 0787736485
On web sites: WhatsApp, Skype, Netlog/Badoo Facebook


Report: This Romance Scammer is from just outside Lagos. He contacted 3 years ago while in Capetown and now lives in Durban. He started out on Net log and is a posted Scammer. Articulate .. bright with North American Grammer to perfection. Self-acclaimed MASTERMIND of like associates and an infinite charmer! Have some associates including Father details. His 'story' becomes more complicated and money is always the issue.



Name: Kelvin White
Aka: unknown
Age: 35
Location: UK, Indonesia, Thailand
Address: unknown
Phone: +447978260384, +6285338327200
On web sites: unknown


Report: Hello, I want to report about the scammer. 1. He wrote me first on the dating site 2. he first look to my profile and then wrote me, the site is His profile is 3. from the end on May 2015 4. He has sent me the photos just one and did not say me where precisely he lives. 5. He said that need to go to Indonesia from UK because of project. And when he went there several days ago, he wrote me via whatsapp that his credit card was blocked and he needs money (500$) 6. I did not sent him anything, I understood at once that he is scammer



Name: Fredrik August
Aka: Bruce ryals Benjamin apena Stephen prince uzoma Timothy sisk
Age: 55
Location: Illinois, North Carolina Huston Arkansas California
Address: unknown
Phone: (847) 232-4257 +44 7418 328201
Email: Unknown
On web sites: ok Cupid Christian yahoo messenger yahoo email address


Report: says he works at big catholic high school in California a prep college and high school take care of kids him an a lady mrs smith from Arkansas has twin boyes Ryan and another has friend rich that always need help in Mexico and turkey I had been told he was in Virginia working than can't get paid from bp oil starving can't pay hotel tell me his friend is rich will pay me back just send money to all these people in turkey scottland us Even wellsfargo account and Bank of America then they want ussa and navy's bank account open then all u banks password user everything Please our government says to bad for you I don't understand how they care so little they have technology to run them down and banks to we need a class action lawsuit filed against all email service and any sites that alowe this bullying and terrorism against women Western union has info so does scottland Fbi secret service every one



Name: Michael Scott
Aka: unknown
Age: 61
Location: Turkey, Las Vegas, Los Angeles
Address: unknown
Phone: 704-326-1280
Email: Unknown
On web sites: Zoosk


Report: Scammer listed as living in Las Vegas. Contacted on Zoosk one night, next day entire profile was gone, as was message the he sent to contact me. That was the first indication something was not right! When we texted he indicated that he was working in Turkey, and on his way back home to LA. Info he listed on Zoosk indicated he lived in Las Vegas-- everything he was saying just did not add up, then he disappeared immediately from Zoosk-- way too fishy, so blocked further correspondence with him. Beware he is out there looking for a new person to scam Already been scammed-- so knew better than to get involved with someone where nothing seemed accurate or believable-- ladies trust your gut feeling.. With these guys it's just a matter of time and their stating there undying love before your out $$$ and emotionally devastated... Don't let them do this... Stop it before it starts!!



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