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Name: charfi trabelsi
Aka: unknown
Age: 32
Location: france
Address: unknown
Phone: 0033645489761
Email: charfi@trabelsi
On web sites: myspace


Report: be carefull of this man,he is looking for woman's to married for the papers,because he don't have papers and he living in paris france



Name: Freddie Rodriquez
Aka: unknown
Age: 41
Location: Nigeria
Address: 49th street apt.5, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Phone: unknown
On web sites: Badoo


Report: Met him on Badoo claiming to be an US officer working in Nigeria. Connected on Hangouts and he immediately deleted his account on Badoo, so I didn't have time to copy pictures. Became very intense and said he had fallen in love with me.... bla,bla,bla..... I Googled his name and he came up on Recognized the picture, so it is definitely the same guy.



Name: David Lucio
Aka: unknown
Age: 64
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Address: yaya ABTan St.OGBA,Jaiye,lagos
On web sites:


Report: He was in Geo.when i met him . He wrote the most romantic letters He was always on the computer trying to find a plave in Africa to go hunting for leather skins to fill 2 containers and then he could come see me He filled them a few days early and went to ship them in Lagos which is where he went out every day to find the skins Mostly snake skins well then he cam back and needed money for a tax to ship,3000 I sent it then 4,500 and finally 6 thousand we ended with me still needing to send him 4,000 at the time I had not heard of scamming and believed h



Name: Michael Rupert
Aka: Melvin
Age: 59
Location: Campsbay Cape Town
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: BE2


Report: I had exactly the same letters that this Melvin/Michael Rupert has send to Katryn. Word for word exactly the same story until he had to go to the UK for an engineering job. From there he phoned me telling me that his geyser burst at his house in Campsbay and he needed R4000 to have it fixed because all his important documents are in that room. When i said no i think you are a scammer he told me that i have trust issues. I told him not to try and contact me again.When you tried to contact him by phone the phone number is not a valid number, I received all the photos also the one with him and his daughter Patience. Hope this can help someone, I deleted all his e-mails and photos,



Name: morgan james
Aka: unknown
Age: may 30. 50years old
Location: Afghanistan, kubal
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: girlsdateforfree


Report: Ask for new phone and items be sent through another guy due to secret of where they are at in afaganstan. In army due to get out in 3 months. No family. Divorced. Brother died because overdose. Only a uncle but no contact with him.



Name: freddie ridriguez
Aka: freddie seth
Age: 39
Location: ibadan ,oyo, nigeria
Address: 2341 wema lane
Phone: +2348176373751
On web sites: facebook,viber,line,yahoo messemger


Report: This the continuation of my report about certain scammer who is active in other site also with the name of Freddie Rodriguez.he delete me but i know still operating his account to find new victim to be sad to say i lost some but its a lesson and awareness also that we must learn that next time be vigilant enough..



Name: Conall Morgan
Aka: unknown
Age: 53
Location: England, Hull
Address: Brazil St., Hull.unknown
Phone: 07960287802
On web sites: Was but says he cancelled when he met me.


Report: Met on Sixties Connect dating site, Moved to talking on Yahoo messenger. Were going to meet but he had to go away to Nigeria suddenly on business. Sent very loving messages, said he would buy a house for us to be together. The day before he was due to fly back says he was robbed and could I send money to cover his hotel bill and airfare back to UK, potentially 2k, told him i didn't have it, he asked me how much I had I said ?90 but needed it to pay my mortgage and bills. Got very upset when I refused. Claims his bank had frozen his assets due to fraudulent activity as his wallet, money and cards had all gone. Said his daughter inAustralia couldn't help as she was broke. This has been going on now since mid July. He has asked me to send money, asked me to borrow from friends and family and at one point asked me to sell my house and live with my family until his return when we would be together in the house he would buy for us. Still ongoing.



Name: Kelvin S Miller
Aka: Lopez Kelvin & Elvis Kelvin
Age: No idea - he came up with different ages
Location: Ghana. Chicago Accra Syria
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: lopez kelvin (
On web sites: Skype


Report: Kelvin S. Miller initiated contact 24 March 2014 Via Skype Until 26 May 2014 Kelvin S Miller purported to be a US Military General serving in Syria. He begged me to help his son of 13 years age, Elvis Kelvin, dying with kidney failure in Hospital in Accra, Ghana. He begged money to be sent thro MoneyGram, which I did, GBP 2780 in 3 separate transactions to get his son various treatments because he said he was dying. The Money Grams had to go to his sons teacher, Mr Issac, who continually telephoned my mobile begging for the money. The boys headmaster, Mr Robert, also emailed me for money. I became suspicious when Kelvin S Miller demanded more and more money. During my research, too late, he is a Nigerian romance scammer and is still on Skype. He is using pictures stolen from a Stuart James, a genuine US Military General. Kelvin S. Miller also uses another name for his email and calls himself Lopez Kelvin .



Name: Maxwell Clark
Aka: unknown
Age: 57
Location: Santa Fa New Mexico
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: UNKNOWN


Report: Maxwell Clark contacted me on Skype I accepted at first and we started to talk and we then sent emails to each other it went from there. Then things went from there we sent photos to each other and told things about our families too. Then things didn't start to add up and people started to alert me about this man. So I didn't want to believe it but I thought I would come to the Male scammers site and I found the person I thought was going to be my future husband.



Name: Albert Lawrence Anderson
Aka: unknown
Age: 44
Location: Norway, Malaysia,
Address: unknown
Phone: 447024076399 +442030510988 +4797357020 +60102334807 +85220808100
On web sites: mingle 2


Report: I was a victim on a dating site I meet a guy on a money scammer crooke, then I figured out that this person is also using various names like Philip Paul or Albert Lawrence This is one of his bank accounts he is using : Srimathy Maniam Account number: 3987966707 Swift code: PDBEMYKL address: 384-388, Sentosa Central, Bato 7, Jalan Parissen, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia I have another of his bank account but I forgotten the name... I need help to find this guy, and also to protect another innocent women out there around the world...



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