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Name: Onyeka osita Dibua
Aka: Lawrence dibua, onix, osita onyeka, onyekachukwu dimma
Age: 28
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Address: Awka, anambra state, Nigeria
On web sites: Face book


Report: I met onyeka online in September 2011, on facebok. We became good friends, then lovers. Onyeka begged me to come to my country but he cudnt raise the money. I have so far gotten 3 visas for onyeka, everytime he is about to get his docs finalized, it's always something or the other. Yet, repeatedly, he request money, he is not working, just stay at friends house he said. Over the two and half years I knew him, life has always been a roller coaster cos he lies about every single thing. Now I was introduced to his sister, Doris o. Dibua, when she sent me a message accepting me to the family as he agreed and so the finally approved that he was going to come to. My country and we will get married. All is hunky Doris, until I get this message from a woman claim Ed to be be his wife, Chidimma Vivian Harrison, aka Chidimma akafor, Chidimma, Harrison, and a number of othe rallies. I swear if I have to put all the incidences down, this gonna be a real big I will tell you the ending...I reported onyeka as a scammer last year when I realized that's all he wanted from me was money. Notwithstanding that, he still begged me cos he wants to prove he ain't no scammer...well, once agin, onyeka is back in my life, stupid ass me...he is begging me for $1900 usd to get his new passport etched so he finally gonna go me to me. On the eve of me sending him the money, I got this message from his wife Chidimma, she said that you are a big fool, that they all lied, sister, mother, father, never one to none of them, it's fake people...I men two and half years! All this onyeka is denying, and so is his sister. Even his father, an ex top cop in Nigerian, have the nerves to lie to me. The parents, Lawrence and Josephine dibua, the brother , nnamdi, chinedu and chijoke dibua, all said their brother was so devoted and in love, yet he lives I. Lagos with his wife and only swindling me for money. I can provide you with all details even his bank account number. This scammer has to be stopped as you cannot go into people and mess up their lives like that.



Name: Eddie Jackson
Aka: Eric Jackson
Age: 64
Location: Sandy, UT, London, Amsterdam, Tennessee
Address: unknown
Phone: 8653211206, 2012854329, 4475528803
On web sites: IM


Report: Met Eddie on he seemed to be the man of my dreams. We we going to go into business together and he was traveling to London to find antiques. He ran into a bind with the money conversion and asked for my help, I believed him and so I sent him money with the promise he would pay me right back. Well, that's never going to happen and I've lost my IRA and I'm in trouble with the IRS as well as my credit cards. He keeps calling and wanting more and more help. He's now in Tennessee and wants to come to Denver ASAP and marry me. He also has a son Jarry who now is with his aunt in Canada. He's sent me all kinds of documents including his and Jarry's passport pictures. Recently he was supposedly in Amsterdam in jail and diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer. Then he calls me and he's in Tennessee and want money to pay the good samaritan 7K so he can get his passport and everything back so he can travel. He keeps calling and I'm not answering. I thougt at one time he would really pay me back my money.



Name: james freed
Aka: Richard Colins Bill Hamphrey jeffrey walter
Age: 49-55
Location: Dallas, Brisbane Australia,
Address: unknown
Phone: 2146008796
On web sites: pof zoosk facebook


Report: I was contacted thru POF in early Feb.



Name: stephen sami
Aka: stephen sami casper
Age: 48
Location: USA
Address: unknown
Phone: +13236389588
On web sites:


Report: I just want to know if he is a scammer or not, he wanted me 2 be his business partner. it looks like 2 good 2 be true. so i just need ur help 2 find out



Name: Calvin Dean
Aka: unknown
Age: 58
Location: kabul afghanistan
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: calvin. dean95@yahoo or
On web sites: unknown


Report: Yes, I started asking me to send money to him



Name: Michael Carroll
Aka: Leo, Daniel Reid
Age: 46
Location: London UK
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites:


Report: He has new name under Scott Anderson and Profile Pictures to submit of him. He has sent me his info via my bogus email address.



Name: Ruddy Morgan
Aka: unknown
Age: 52
Location: USA, UK, NIGERIA
Address: unknown
Phone: 0112347066148587
On web sites: offline messenger, yahoo


Report: I met this Ruddy Kelvin Morgan on and we have been corresponding for quite a number of years and he said he wife got killed in a car accident, he is filthy rich and will pay me back all my funds when he comes to Canada to marry me. He owes me $70,410.42 to date. I am in dire needs of my funds back now. The last thing I heard was that his dog died and his daughter got shot just outside the cafe in UK and he is by himself now. He stated he wants to buy me a new car, new house and has the engagement ring which he wants to put on my finger at the Airport once he gets here. He is demanding another $250.00 from me now. No way at all!!!! He wrote me a couple of undertaking emails that I was going to get paid back, but to this date, nothing at all!!! These scammers have to be stopped immediately. It has gone way out of control already and woman are getting scammed all over now. I want this Ruddy Kelvin Morgan caught now, put in jail and made to pay me back all my funds in full.



Name: Louis Percival
Aka: unknown
Age: 45
Location: United kingdom
Address: unknown#25 guinness road transford park manchester cityM,71SD United kingdom
Phone: unknown+447624054623
Email: Louis Prcival@
On web sites:


Report: I meet him in a dating site. & after that, he ssk me to go off in that dating site. & we chat on his while i am using my gmail. Then, after how many days, he told me. He wants to buy a condo unit here. In philippines. He wants me to go out & find a condo unit. For us. For him & for me & for her mother. Who wil come with him. For a vacation. & wants to talk about our marriege. He want me to find a condo unit with 3 bedrooms. One bedrom, he said for our guest. After that, he ask my bank account number, my valid i d's he ask me to send to him by email. For he will send me money for the condo. Knowing that he s a scammers, i send him my bsnk aacount number. My 3 id's. Valid i d's & all the requirements for the condo unit. Because her other wants to see the documents to be submiied. After sending all the documents he ask me to send my photos to him. As her mother want to see me. Then after this, he send me photos of a suitcase which a lot of money inside. & he give me the password to open it. When arrived here in my place. Thru



Name: Dennis Osten
Aka: Marten Lauris,Craig Hatten,Richard Ranbebe,Roderick Hakan
Age: between 48 and 52
Location: Ghana Accra, UK Fulhan, SA Pretoria
Address: unknown
Phone: 2348160232379
On web sites: facebook


Report: I am already a free member as of yesterday, my story is that in the time between telling my pre vious stoiry and now, dennis change his profile picture as well as Marten but both profiles are still the same info, I save the pictures before I messages them, saked if they ever think of the heartach they cause! I was block from both if their facebook! Where can I send the images to protected other women! Dennis is really good in what he do, he was never abusive towards me, but hope you find him and put him where he should be, in jail.



Name: Gregory Bergmann
Aka: unknown
Age: 53
Location: Johannesburg South Africa
Address: Gauteng Zip Code 2001
Phone: 2819949157, 7206630317
On web sites:


Report: oh this guy is crazy....he started by telling me about his all sounded so romantic and real. I was late to respond to him, then when I finally did he jumped in. He plays on your weakness and definitely tells you what he thinks you want to hear. This guy was telling me he loved me very soon and we had never met. Then he sends me this grand Valentines Day gift, and I was like WOW. Then I let my guard down. I was supposed have picked him and his son up from the airport March 2nd, I had the itinerary and everything. Then I get an email from him on Feb. 27th that he had an accident at work and 4 men were badly hurt and taken to the hospital and 1 was dead. I cried and cried. So the trip home was postponed. We continued to talk and communicate via email and text, and then he asks for money ($2,000) for the family of the deceased. At first I tell him I can't, but then he tells me that he will pay me back when he gets to Houston So I decide ok. I call a bank and they are like, NO 99% they are sure it is a scam. I decide to google his phone number and that is how I found he was already reported on this site. WOW!



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