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Name: Brent Elkins Winchester
Aka: Brent Winchester
Age: 54
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: unknown
Phone: 315-316-1441;631-865-2339; 011233202556261
On web sites:;


Report: We have talked online and by yahoo messenger (with cam) for about 5 months. He has not asked me for any money, yet but he is leading up to it very quickly now as he says he is



Name: Marcus Schlesinger
Aka: Gentletouch
Age: 49
Location: Geneva
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: Millionare Match


Report: This man claimed to be half swiss/half german but cannot read or write German. He claims he has a son Keith and gave a postal address in Geneva in a villa area. He says he is a widow and has a god mother in Paris. Skype ID is marcusschlesinger75 He pretends to be an oil dealer going to Dubai then get rob and his shipment is stuck in Dubai and needs very urgently money and get stuck and his son very sick in the hospital and asked for 7500 Euros to be sent to the following details: Emmalnuel Ojeleye account no 1014365943201Swift code EBILAEAD Deira City Dubai UAE Bank Name is Emirates NBD He stalks day and night just to make sure he gets his money and in desperate help as his oil shipment is stuck and he is in a hurry to see his sick son in the hospital and to visit me. Unbeleivable love love love mails each day and even letter from his god mother Catherine which I beleive it is him as the same way of writing. I found him in the same site under another name and with same photos with age 56 from Bavaria. I called him per skype and he sounds like a black man speaking english only but excuse his accent and he lied he has no camera per skype to show me his face. He is very persuasive so watch out ladies!!!!



Name: Harold Shawn
Aka: Morris
Age: 47
Location: Reston, Virgina, USA
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: Brazil Cupid


Report: This man send me this message; Ola querida, Eu sou Sr. Harold SHAWN MORRIS Acabei de ler o seu perfil e eu realmente gosto dele, por favor, podemos ser amigos? voce pode por favor me envie o seu endereco de e-mail privado para que eu possa escrever-lhe e dizer mais sobre mim mesmo. Meu e-mail e, eu tambem ira enviar as minhas fotos para o seu e-mail. Obrigado e espero aqui de voce em breve Hello dear, I am Mr HAROLD SHAWN MORRIS I just read your profile and I really like it, please can we be friends? can you please send me your private email address so that I can write you and tell you more about myself. My email is, i will also send my pictures to your email. Thanks and hope to here from you soon Morris April 8, 2014 2:55 PM



Name: Jack Reed
Aka: Michael Pierre
Age: 43
Location: London, UK
Address: UB4 0HF
Phone: +44 7700 3094 48
On web sites: Yahoo., Skype


Report: Ladies, be careful with his sweet talk... I was noticed when he posted his son pictures and I kew that he is scammer .. I am glad that I can share this in here . I met him on FB request as a friend, but when I took a look on his son pictures, it remind me the actor Zachary Gordon, who played A Diary f Wimpy Kid... that's ' stupid of him to post that picture ... Later on he communicate with me via Skype using his uniform as a engineering at oil companies.. but his photo edit so badlly... I even can recognize him using Photoshop...



Aka: unknown
Age: 42
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: skype


Report: this man is single has son is field engneer in mediterranean sea



Name: Eric Dawson
Aka: Neymar, Charlie
Age: 51
Location: Los Angeles
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites:


Report: I just joined after having a bad experience with Speed Date. Not more than 20 minutes from the time my profile posted then I was being contacted but 30-40 different men. This one stood out, said all the right things. But since I was previously burned I signed up here. I did a search on this fellow and his letter to me and guess what? The letter matches word for word.!



Name: david elkayam
Age: 59
Location: lagos
Address: 2465 Lake whatcom blvd Bellingham, Washington USA
Phone: 3204335397
On web sites: AYI (are you interested)


Report: This person as reported by Jane told me of the same story. He has a contract in cairo egypt with egyptian electricity holdings Last February . An engineer. Then lost his tools stolen by taxi driver in cairo. Able to finish work but need to pay tax of 30k so his pay can be transferred to his account. Asked help from me, already calling me honey and my wife, to raise 10k as his daughter has already sent him 20k. Even mentioned t g at his pay of3m is deposited to Flanders bank in cairo Egypt. Website for this bank is the phone number on this site is from New York. Then gave me a number to call the bank +201123272560. He also gave me username an password for his account in this bank. I was able to access the alleged account and all the info about him and his daughter as next of kin was there. Home address as stated. He has become more sophisticated and really upset that I don't help him. I checked list of banks in egypt no such bank. Picture he sent me looks different from one in the site now.



Name: Charles Presten
Aka: Michael Johnson
Age: 61
Location: London, Barcelona, Syria
Address: Willesden, London unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: POF, facebook


Report: Also has a facebook account in the name of Alexanda Finn, from Zurich but living in Oakland, Cslifornia



Name: Richard Conners
Aka: unknown
Age: 41
Location: USA, Medford, OR
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: How about We


Report: This man got me to email him and was trying to get me to drive up to meet him at his home in the Applegate Valley, 12 miles east of Meford. He sent me photos of a boat and a house, which he downloaded from the Internet. After using the Google image search tool, I was able to find out every image he sent me was from the Internet.



Name: David Brown
Aka: unknown
Age: 60
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: ?
On web sites: Facebook


Report: He say to be a Doctor in Afghanistan and are on a contrcact. work on USA Amy General Commander Study John Carroll University in Cleveland Ohio.......Have contarct money on a bank in UK......seams to be have some trouble with it..I have mail to forward about it......



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