Not Published Reports


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Name: chris brooke
Aka: unknown
Age: 57
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown+60163748352
On web sites: skype facebook yahoo


Report: Say he is from Tasmanien but live in england now, Work for a contract in Malaysia there he vave build a shopping centre, He been in a car accident and need hospital help. Say he dont can reach his contractmoney before he can pay tax on his money.



Name: Richard Ramero
Aka: unknown
Age: 49
Location: USA Indianapolis IN
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: unknown
On web sites: Chemistry


Report: He will also send photos of him and a young boy he says is his son.



Name: Lucas James
Aka: unknown
Age: 55
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: BBPeopleMeett


Report: He introduced himself to me last night as a Sargent First Class in the Army. He has been in Afghanistan for 2 years and has 3 months remaining before he can retire. His son Lucas is living with a nanny in Africa since his wife died 5 years ago after a long battle of cancer. His parents died 3 years ago. There were many red flags and I baited him as much as possible. His math was a little off. He has been in the Army for 25 years, is 55 years old and was 20 when he joined. He talked a lot about church and God, trust and integrity. Last night when we were on Yahoo Messenger, he told me Church Service was 8 pm today and he was on duty at midnight tonight. When asked today when he had to work it was 1 am, but at 2 am his time, he came back online to talk to me. He was supposed to spend most of his day today on messenger with his son. That didn't happen because he was very attentive to me. He cooked dinner for himself....that didn't fit. Of course, not everyone has a stove....that is what he told me when I asked. Too many red flags. I googled his name and then his son's. There was a picture of the same person in the picture I received last night. Once I found that, I deleted him from my messenger and am finished with him.



Name: Welch Campbell
Age: 47
Location: Millersville,Maryland 21108
Address: 1175 Gold finch lane
Phone: unknown
On web sites: Hi5,Badoo


Report: He is working with a David Dombrow, he has been in Nigeria,Maryland,Saudi Arabia. Major scam he scammed me for over 20,000. And he got me for 900.00.



Name: eddie Stuart
Aka: Jeffery Richards
Age: 51
Location: nigeria
Address: unknown
Phone: 13122059443
Email: jefferyrichards85@yahoo,com
On web sites:


Report: He is not who he says he is just looking for money. and romance, he is a big lairer



Name: Cliff Malloy
Aka: Larry Jones
Age: 48
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: 164 East Legon Road, Accra Ghana
Phone: 011233268064082
On web sites: Facebook


Report: This man here meet me on this Website



Name: Richy Romero
Aka: Brian
Age: 48
Location: Janesville, WI
Address: unknown
Phone: 3235948451
On web sites: eharmony


Report: Too good to be true. Had only been chatting with him for a couple weeks and he wanted me to go with him to Spain on a business trip in a couple months. He was very willing and encouraged me to video chat with him to prove that he was who he said he was...being the same guy in the photos he sent and the same guy pictured in the profile. This was after I said I need some proof he was not a scammer. I did not video chat with him. He was very willing to come and meet me in person. He just needed to know where and when. I was also given the story about his 9-year-old son living in UK but nothing about him being sick or ill. He talks a lot about working for Turner Construction and SEARs in the engineering field. He also stated that he had his own company, consulting at one point, knightings247. He sends pictures from I finally received an email from eharmony stating that his profile activity was suspicious. I did some more checking and found him already listed on this site.



Name: Klaas Nieuland
Aka: unknown
Age: 53
Location: Madrid
Address: England and Holland
Phone: 003168895335 and +2348176546989
On web sites: e-darling


Report: He contactet me by a dating site e-darling he told me he was a British Militar and after a few weeks he asked me to ask his home office for a leave and yes of course i did and i had to pay money for his leave and stupid as i was i did now is asking the bank money for a code to get acces to that account were his leave and benifits are he asked to leave the base in spain and to come to a base in holland and the home office did aprove this the get the code i have to transfere more money. In between some one contactet me and told me don't transfere more money and gave you're side to me in one of his mails is that last true??



Name: Alexandru Claudiu Albert
Aka: Alex Catalin
Age: 23 DOB Nov 8 1990
Location: Romania Targu Mures
Address: Bolavard 1 December 1918 , # 235 apartment # 6
Phone: 0044 7474 13100
On web sites: was on


Report: Very plausible , great at telling stories and modifying the truth to suit him but forgets what he says over time . Says he goes to Faculty of engineering in Targu Mures on a scholarship and struggling to pay his rent and bills . But now says he has left University and cannot find a job and cannot pay the bills and desperately wants to leave Romania . Never sends photos or ID or any proof but I am fairly sure that this is his real name and real address



Name: Jack Redd
Aka: unknown
Age: 56
Location: St Lazare Canada recently from California
Address: unknown
Phone: 8052533758
On web sites:


Report: communicated for 6 weeks; just before we met he asked me for 10K; I have records of all of our communication from Skype and Yahoo messenger



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