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Name: Viel Walter
Aka: unknown
Age: 53
Location: Miami, FL
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites:


Report: He clams to be a widower who lost his German-born wife a few years ago to cancer and is starting to date again. In one place he states that he has a son but then says he does not. He also insists that he is an international businessman who deals primarily in items shipped from Japan. He attests to having a diplomatic passport, a BMW, and over a million dollar credit limit for business. But yet after he sweet talks you for a couple of weeks on google hangouts, then he has the audacity to ask you to buy him a high end apple computer to take on a business trip. Don't fall for it. He is very smooth and sexy but a fraud. Be careful ladies.



Name: Michael Vena
Aka: Lewis Prezo Ryan Aggio
Age: 66
Location: Minneapolis New York Italy London
Address: unknown
Phone: (213) 262-9838
On web sites: Match


Report: Michael Vena contacted me on Match on January 11,2016. I last received an e-mail from him yesterday(March 15, 2015) He had me contact him on his personal e-mail right away since his subscription on Match was about to expire. We e-mailed each other almost every day during this time. He called me three times. The way I found out about him scamming me is that I looked up the Caribbean Bank that I opened an account for him and there was a series of e-mails from Lewis Prezo to Deborah which are almost identifical to the ones that I received from Michael Vena including documents from Bain International Investments and the Caribbean Bank. I lost $68,000.00 which was most of my 401k. I am sick to my stomach. I kept copies of all e-mails from him and can provide them for your use.



Name: Alex Madison
Aka: Alex_madison
Age: 40
Location: Afghanistan
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: Ok Cupid


Report: Emails Hello sweetie. wow you have a lovely family sweetie. I just roamed my number can you give me your num so we can text? it is easier that way ok? You are on my mind I just sent you a text baby. let me know if you got it Hello honey, this is Alex from Okcupid, i am so glad we can talk here. you look so natural and gorgeous. i really hope we get to know each other and see where it goes. i have been single for a while and i have come to realize that life without love is like singing a sing with no words in it. will be glad to hear back from you. Your email is so comforting, actually it made my day. i will start with the age haha i am not kidding. like a said i work out a whole lot and i eat a lot of fruits and vegetable then maybe nature too. A typical day here is more like praying there wont be no attack or bomb blast and treating patients. i spend most of my time in the hospital. a lot of people to attend to and a lot of people die everyday. it is not easy over here but i have to do what i have to do. I really can't wait to meet you. who is the little cute man in the picture? You are so sweet, this email got me so emotional. wish i was there to give you a big hug right now. I am so sorry i have not written there was an attack here so i have been busy. how is your weekend going sweetie? hope you have time to rest. yes sweetie, i did. you make me happier than i have ever been in a long while. How are you doing today? i managed to get some sleep last night. woke up thinking about you and only you. <3 You are indeed so gorgeous. Thank you for taking your time to reply me. it means a lot to me. feel free to ask me anything you wish to know about me. I was married for 9 years and got divorced two years ago because she was cheating on me. so i have been single for two years now. what about you? and what do you do? Hope to hear from you soon I love your sense of humor sweetie. your email made me smile . i will tell you all you need to know about me. welll i was married for 9 yeas and got divorced 2 years ago because she was cheating on me. I have been single since then. i signed on to Okcupid to see if i can find someone sincere and loving. i want my next relationship to be my last that is why i really want to take my time and fall in love with the right person. Life hits us with unexpected surprises but it is always good for us to bounce back and move on. I have no kids but i love kids, i am a Christian and i believe in the word of God. i am a workout freak and i enjoy swimming, playing indoor table games like scrabble, chase. i enjoy the beach and watching the sun set. I am also a clean freak. what i admire in a woman is the way she expresses herself, honest, caring and down to earth. I always wanted to be in the Army but life happened and i found myself in the medical field, i love my job. My love for the army made me enroll in this job. this guys out here are so brave. I will be home by next month and i will love to meet you. now its your turn to tell me a bit about yourself.



Name: Psul Garmen
Aka: unknown
Age: 48
Location: Wisconsin London Ghana
Address: 701 Riverside Dr Madison Wisconsin
Phone: +16082983155 /+2349039436495
Email: Don't have it
On web sites: Badoo


Report: asks for money to support their children, she says not being able to send money home



Name: Chris Anderson
Aka: Chris Anderson
Age: 56 years
Location: probably Africa
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: Facebook, Skype


Report: Someone using the face of the man represented in the picture in this web site contacted me on Facebook, introducing himself as a military surgeon, with the grade of general, suposed to go on retirement after few months. He said he was on peace keeping mission in Kabul, Afghanistan. He was speaking of love and wanted to spend his life with me. He asked me my e-mail address, to send me more about himself, and my Skype ID to chat on Skype instead of on FB. He wanted to meet me in person and asked me to buy for him an exit permit form and to apply for this to the United Nations sending a mail to the address given by him (probably fake) - - The amount of 700-800 euro should be sent to the UN. I made a research and discovered he is a scammer. He operates with the name CHRIS ANDERSON on FB and on Skype with the ID



Name: Victor Fernando parra omeno
Aka: unknown
Age: 57
Location: africa
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: Victor. Fernando. 771@
On web sites: facebook


Report: Useing stolen pictures



Name: Leonor Olvera Magallanes
Aka: Christopher Smith among others
Age: 49
Location: Officer in Yemen
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: FaceBook


Report: I am so glad my friend gave me this info can not imagine the horror seeing the photo of the man I have been talking to since November 2015 IS a scammer and has tons of alias's. I am sick !! On March 4, 2016 when he was professing his love and making plans to come here permanently, he was also chatting with Crystal (USA). I was informed his wife passed away from cancer, I have talked (or so I thought) to his 18 year old son who is in the hospital in Ghana ??? Leonor is in the Army {UK} stationed in Yemen. I have sent $$$ to a Mr. Martins as a partial payment for Leonor's



Name: Owen Hamling
Aka: unknown
Age: About 50
Location: Kabul
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: Dont now
On web sites: Facebook


Report: This person came up twice on my page with the same name but in the one profile he looked older ,in both profiles he was wearing military clothes.There where no other friends that i could see on the profiles and i got a feeling that this is a scammer ladies be ware!!!



Name: Patrick Giovanni
Aka: Dominic Akaare, Patrick anderson
Age: 59
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: unknown
Phone: 708-572-4597 , 801-980-6419
On web sites: OK Cupid, the hangout


Report: Moves very quickly, calls you a queen. Says he is from North Carolina, won't give you a address says he buys gold bars, uses photos of a white male, pictures very grainy, tries to convince you he is starving because his bank won't send funds



Name: Micheal Clemons
Aka: unknown
Age: 50
Location: Bronx, Canada
Address: 17 E Main st, Riverhead ny11901
Phone: unknown
Email: Unknown
On web sites: Our Time


Report: He contacted me 1st on the website Our Time.



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