Not Published Reports


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Name: Bryan Walker
Aka: Arnold Walker
Age: 56
Location: Africa
Address: I can get it.
Phone: 234-903-8174-871
Email: I don't have it. We chat on face book
On web sites: facebook


Report: Bryan has been talking to me for 3 months and I sent him 214.00 and now he is asking for 1116.00. He calls me every night and talks to me on face book.I have a fake passport, Fake driver license I.D. of someone that is helping him and a copy of the hotel that he is suppose to be staying in and pictures.



Name: Lucas Wilson
Aka: James Wilson
Age: 50
Location: Afganistand, : NY, USA
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: eMail & Facebook


Report: This began 02/23/20016 until 03/01/2016. James sent me a request to be his friend on Face Book. After a few weeks, I accepted him as a friend. Was unusable for me to befriend someone I do not know, thought he was a solider in the US Army. We began to use the messenger on FaceBook on 02/23/2016 was very interesting most of the time, until yesterday I became suspious of him. He said had dropped his iPhone, said it was broken, only could talk to me at his desk job w/US Army & not for long. When I said I hated that happend, he finall requested I buy him one, I replied why doesn't your son or family member get you one, said he had small family & son was only 12 yrs old. I said I could not pay the monthly service, you mean you don't have enough money to buy me the phone, his was an iPad 6. Ask him if by chance do buy you a phone, will you pay me back? He replied absolutely he would when he gets home to NY & we finally get to meet, this is when I became more suspicious. I offered to send him a care package, like snack etc, he never gave me a mailing address. Then I did research on him, found that he is a scammer, does not live in USA at all! Has done this to many women, stole someone else's I.D., a real solider in the US Army, who was injured very badly in Iraq.



Name: Kurt rubben
Aka: unknown
Age: 73
Location: nigera. Michigan
Address: unknown
On web sites: zoosk


Report: this scammer kept asking for my password. I refused to give it to him. He got very angry kept telling me our relationship has to be based on trust. I wasn't aware I had a relationship with him. When I refused to give him my password he told me to never bother him again and hung up the phone. Ladies he is or thinks he is a charmer (far from it). He is a con artist. Do not fall for the BS he tries to hand you. He is a liar and a scammer.



Name: Martin Sixsmith
Aka: Mart
Age: 49
Location: England Cornwal
Address: arch.sixsmith@mail
Email: arch.sixsmith@mail
On web sites: Romantico Brazil


Report: This man chated with me on whatsapp for about two months proposed to me sent an email with a ticket to my place and then disappeared for 2 days.After that he sent me an email telling me he had been between life and death and asked me to give him my number.Only and that day I found a false profile on him and a denunciation on this site.



Name: Rory Joseph Burchatz
Aka: Cort Henrick, Josephe, Ron O'Neill, Francis Banor
Age: 54
Location: USA, California
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown540-
On web sites: Facebook


Report: Met him on fb. Befriended me, while telling me how much he liked me. Seemed to be very polite, and serious. Made me feel special. At Christmas time told me that he was going to Germany to visit his family and after that he had to go to Cyprus on a construction contract. Said that he lived in Virginia. Asked me if I could help him with wiring funds to Nigeria for missionary donations that he gave. Someone by the name of Ron O'Neill wired me funds from New York on three different occasions, which I in turn wired to someone named Francis Banor in Nigeria. Then he started asking for my account number so the funds could just be transferred to my account instead of wiring it. It would be more convenient for me to send the money that way. Also kept telling me that after his contract in Cyprus was fulfilled that he was coming back to the states to be with me. I felt something wasn't quite right. Whenever I called his 540 number he has never answered it yet. He always had a n answer for all my question. Once I asked him if there was anything fraudulent going on, he never responded back to me. He stopped answering my text, calls through the fb messenger and everything thing. What an idiot I felt like. Don't trust anything that you meet on fb. He very good at what he's a doing. Someone needs to put a stop to this guy. He needs to be taught a lesson by doing some jail time. Who knows how many women this has taken advantage of.



Name: Bill Long
Aka: Harold Long
Age: 55
Location: USA. Milton, wi
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: Plenty of Fish,, Harley Lovers


Report: This guy is a serial dater and is very good at the game. He plays the victim and gets women to spend money on him which he never intends to repay. He's looking for a free ride!



Name: George Philip
Aka: unknown
Age: 45
Location: Malaysai / Dublin Ireland/ St Helier Jersey Island UK
Address: unknown
Phone: 60169485600/ 075977344844
Email: georgeliphip@gmailcom
On web sites: Facebook


Report: This man contacted me on facebook early December2015. He told me in his list of lies that he was a widowed in 2010, only son and Marine enginer of an oil exploration, then early January 2016 he told me that he was to travel to Malaysia to have a contract signing with PETRONAS, then make a few calls on me then told me that he needed $50,000 to pay out the tax to carry out the maintenance project with PETRONAS, the following day he writes me again he was short of $12,0000 to come out with payment with the board inorder to get the $4 million as part of the contract. But I never give any money to him and that's the end of everything between us.



Name: Robb Schaeffer
Aka: Robert Longstreet
Age: 50 something
Location: 5000 miles away
Address: unknown
Phone: 7039401201
On web sites: tinder


Report: I match with Robb on Tinder, and we started texting and emailing. He would often call me. he said he was an Engineer working on a ship in the gulf of mexico. We talked off and on for about a month, and then he told me he could n't come home because of this IRS letter, and he needed financial help. He sent me copies of the could tell they were fake. I have copies to send to you. I told him that I didn't appreciate being scammed and stopped talking to him. I recently saw him on facebook with the name Robert Longstreet.



Name: Louvel D'artagnan
Aka: Dr. Lou
Age: 50
Location: Texas & New York, USA
Address: unknown
Phone: 682-231-0151
On web sites: Plenty of Fish





Name: David Jeff
Aka: Daniel Cole Turner
Age: 50-54
Location: United Kingdom/ London
Address: unknown
Phone: 614-686-6877
On web sites: EHarmony, OK Cupid and possile more


Report: This individual goes by the name Daniel Cole Turner, met through Eharmony. Wanted to get off dating site and wanted me to set up yahoo account immediately. Contacted me and stated he lived in Columbus , Ohio and was a civil engineer Within a couple of weeks, he advised me he was making a large investment after completion of an administrative building in London. In October 2015, he texted me when he landed at the airport. Then he was going to get settled into an apartment he rented, then have a briefing with his staff the next day. Contacted me via text about 3 times a day, wanted to secure me , and show how in love he was with me almost immediately. I thought this was odd, then he phoned me. I asked him his nationality and he said he was British, been in the states since age 14. He did not sound British, but foreign broken language. He texted me one day and said two guys fell from a scaffold and one died. He had to pay off this family, borrowed money !!



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