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Name: joseph dunford
Aka: unknown
Age: 64
Location: US
Phone: unknown
On web sites: SKYPE





Name: Paul Garcia
Aka: Paul garcia, also uses the name John fourie
Age: 51
Location: San diego, california
Address: unknown
Phone: 619 473 5156
On web sites: Tinder


Report: He claims he is a architect, interior designer, construction. Claims he is working at Cardiff by the sea in San Diego, California. Claims he was born and raised in a middle class family from Budapest, Hungary. I googled him and found his fake facebook profile and complaints from many women claiming he is a fraud and tried to scam them too. Did a check on his email account and it doesn't recognize his gmail email as a valid account. Lousy speller too. Just found his profile on pig busters as well as a scammer.



Name: Greg Rodriruez
Aka: Kuntz Leroy Konard
Age: here 62, formerly 67
Location: Springville, NY USA, West Africa
Address: unknown
Phone: (716) 794-1306
Email: do not have one
On web sites: Senior Soulmates


Report: Claimed to be a self employed Civil Engineer living in the USA in Springville, NY. We corresponded briefly on Soulmates, then switched to texting and phone conversations via (716) 794-1306. He very quickly started to profess to be in love with me and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Within about a week of conversing, he suddenly had to leave to pursue a contract in West Africa.He even sent pictures of him supposedly working on the site in West Africa. We continued to text and converse via phone until he had an



Name: Lucas James
Aka: Jamlex
Age: 56
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: unknown
On web sites: mingle2


Report: Asked to friend me on Mingle2. Recognized this losers pix. I screen printed his file info.



Name: Ernie Wilson
Aka: unknown
Age: 54
Location: China or USA
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: unknown


Report: Met on became a bit suspicious and came on this site and found this man immediately and also found that the letters he sent me and the photographs are exactly the same as he sent to a lady called Susan. I think this scam went a bit further he is supposed to have been on a 3 month contract that he won to China quite a few bizarre events happened and my last message on Viber was that he had been burgled and lost everything but his cell phone that he had been shot twice and was going to be going into life saving surgery and if I didn't hear from him he had died! I have not herd from him but call me cynical but a man in such awful pain and about to go for life saving surgery might find it hard not only to send me a very detailed message on Viber but also a long email!



Name: Jenson Kenneth Bjorksby
Aka: Anthonny
Age: 33
Location: usa
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: skype kenbjork23
On web sites: Badoo,skype


Report: He is surching for women on datings site..he start to chat with women and later he is asking for money..he is a money scammer and i think men like him should be stoped from hurting women. this is how he playes it: [18-4-2016 23:18:05] sa: seems to be normal to ask a fee [18-4-2016 23:19:30] Kenneth Bjorksby: It don't help have emailed them about 3 times trying to make sense of it and they insist the insurance fee has to be paid to IMF [18-4-2016 23:21:45] sa: in that cause u don't have another option to pay the sucks [18-4-2016 23:27:06] Kenneth Bjorksby: It really sucks [18-4-2016 23:27:47] Kenneth Bjorksby: The fee is $2,509 [18-4-2016 23:27:50] sa: i know and i feel sry for u [18-4-2016 23:28:32] sa: thats ALOT [18-4-2016 23:28:34] Kenneth Bjorksby: It's alright [18-4-2016 23:28:53] Kenneth Bjorksby: Well the engine cost a lot. Yes it's a lot [18-4-2016 23:29:29] sa: but u can't drift aimless on see for ever...if u can pay it,pay it and argu later with ur bank [18-4-2016 23:30:38] Kenneth Bjorksby: Well I can't pay it from the sea, that's the issue. That's why am pissed it's not that the fee is huge to me. I don't know if you could help me pay it I know it's crazy am asking you for this [18-4-2016 23:30:50] Kenneth Bjorksby: But I do feel helpless right now [18-4-2016 23:32:16] sa: wow..i hardly know u [18-4-2016 23:33:47] Kenneth Bjorksby: Never mind sorry I asked. It's ridiculous [18-4-2016 23:37:34] sa: if i had know u for irl i would have help u...but as a business woman myself...there r alot of scammers in this world [18-4-2016 23:38:33] Kenneth Bjorksby: That's alright I understand. [18-4-2016 23:41:15] Kenneth Bjorksby: I wouldn't judge your decision for being careful I would be as well. If I didn't need your help I would not ask. I know am asking you to risk a lot to someone you don't actually know but am worth it that's a promise and I Ll definitely pay you back [18-4-2016 23:48:00] sa: no.i wont do it,if u was irl friend i dont even want the money sry but ur dealing now with the business woman in me [18-4-2016 23:48:33] sa: why dont u call 1 at ur office to do the transfer [18-4-2016 23:49:01] sa: call ur account manager [18-4-2016 23:49:10] Kenneth Bjorksby: Ok



Name: Jeff Asmund
Aka: Jeff Johnson
Age: 46
Location: Sweden and Virginia
Address: unknown
Phone: +60143872894
On web sites: Facebook


Report: Claimed his was widowed. 2 daughters in boarding school aged 9 and 11. Spoke for 3 months and claimed he was coming over to visit with his eldest .. I had redecorated the house and prepared her bedroom. Claimed he loved me and we was going to be a family, he said he was going over to Malaysia to collect his ?300000 cheque from work he had previously done there, as a civil engineer consultant with his eldest daughter before coming over to the UK to stay here for a month. On arrival in Malaysia he claimed he must pay 10% tax upfront in order to cash his cheque. He said he had only expected it to be 5% so took the 5% (?15000) and ?2000 travel expenses. He claimed he couldn't get to any more money whilst he was there and needed the rest. I obviously couldn't give him that and then said he had given the ?17000 tax and was stool with nothing.. Needed ?200 for hotel expenses and couldn't get home, he used his daughter against me saying that she needed to get out of Malaysia because of ISIS ect. I questioned why he would pay over the only money he had instead of going home to get the rest. He completed flipped and called me every name under the sun and blocked me. This is not the first time it has happened to me online either.



Name: Martin Bryan
Aka: unknown
Age: 57?
Location: USA - St. Louis
Address: unknown
Phone: 562-666-3484
On web sites: Match


Report: He reached out to me on Match 04-20-2016 and was very complimentary. He also included his email address to correspond by email as he said he was new to Match and not comfortable with it. We emailed, texted, and several phone calls in a span of 2-3 days. Something just didn't seem right with his emails . . . very lengthly, font was different in the last email as if it were copied/pasted. He wanted to call several times a day. His photos on the site are professionally done which was also a little strange to me. After the last email, I googled his name and found this site. I blocked him immediately. He also gave me the same story about dual citizenship in UK and Hungary, lost both parents in car accident, lost his wife 6 years ago to breast cancer, raising his 15-year old daughter by himself. Very evasive when I asked what part of St. Louis he lived in.



Aka: unknown
Age: 59
Location: UK
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: YES





Name: Eric Davis
Aka: unknown
Age: unknown
Location: Syria
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites:


Report: Uses stolen pics of Ryan Newman. Scammer is asking of personal data including address and phone number. He is asking to receive his luggage



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