Not Published Reports


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Name: Allen Moore
Aka: David Dario,
Age: 44
Location: USA - Oklahoma, San Diego, Texas,
Address: Not known at this momeng
Phone: Not known at this moment
Email: Not known at this moment
On web sites: SKOUT


Report: I reported Mr. Moore some months ago, after we met on Skout on April and being exchanging messages since then. After he left to one of the countries in Africa and I being able to find his info on this site, I confronted him. He told me I was a liar and never sent a message again. Today, being on the same site looking for a friend I met in person, I saw MR. Moore profile again with different pictures and different name. I just want to make sure that women out there know who he really is: a Big romantic scamners who will tear your heart And not going to stay to help you pick up the pieces.



Name: Tony Worrell
Aka: Harry Rollandy, Tony R Worrell, Tony D Worrell,
Age: 52
Location: Cynthiana, kentucky
Address: 525 E. Pike Street
On web sites: facebook.


Report: In nigeria. Contacting woman claiming civil engineer need help to get back. On christian dating sites, zeroes in on christian woman. Multiple pictures. Identified by two womenand reported to facebook



Name: Albert Hayford
Aka: unknown
Age: 60
Location: USA Provo Utah
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: facebook and yahoo


Report: constantly asks for money..scamed a woman in Washington out of 4000.00 dollars



Name: Chris Chambers
Aka: Christopher Chamber
Age: 40
Location: Ibadan OYO Nigeria
Address: unknown
Phone: 234-806-337-6340
On web sites: Facebook


Report: Was friended on facebook with this person. Started chatting on IM. He acted very sincere about caring about me and the very difficult time I am going through. He tells me he is in the Army ourt of Fort Bragg NC and that he is a single father with a 5 year old daughter. then he tells me he wants to come home for Christmas and he needs a sponser to get his leave. I have a friend in the military and I talked to her about this and she says no that you do not have to have a sponser for leave this sounds funny. I looked it up on the buddy finder and this person of this age is not in the US military. He also claims to be from a town in NC and that he graduated from the high school there but they do not have record of anyone with that name during the appropriate time period being a studen there. Hid english is not good. The things he says when writing messages reflect that. But yet he claims to be born in NC, raised in NC and graduated from high school in NC. When I did not send him the money he became angry and said I did not care about him and several things. I am totally convinced he is a scammer. I have pictures he sent me that are supposed to be him I can submit if you need them.



Name: Papi Vanni
Aka: unknown
Age: 62
Location: USA and Kent UK
Address: unknown
Phone: 9406030142
On web sites:


Report: I was contacted by this person Papi Vanni, on the match .com web site. It went on for weeks and then I received a letter about being his representative in a large oil transaction. I then received the letter for confirmation from a Capital Funds representative. At this time I became convinced it was not real and went back to searching the web for any of the names in the letter and that is when I discovered a letter matching mine on the site. I believe they may be targeting widows and that the next letters from said party would have been for use of my bank info and paying them money to receive the funds from a large sale of Magellan shares. I would like to stop these people, as it is a high level scam and I am sure many women are being drawn in. I would also like to protect the person who's picture they are using if this is an uninvolved party. I could use your help in knowing what I can do further to stop this scam. Diane



Name: anderson chamerberlain
Aka: unknown
Age: in his late 50s, early 60s
Location: USA
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: badoo


Report: Five years ago, this man scammed me out of money, stating he and his daughter needed money $450 to get home and l was stupid enough to believe it and now just two days ago, he has now emailed me again and l have told him he is not getting a cent out of me and l want him to repay my money back and he has apologized but of course has not made an effort to pay me like he said he would. l am a moderator on another dating site and l catch him on there, he will be will be getting a lifetime ban for scamming of vulnerable women. This man claims to work for the



Name: Philip Parrish
Aka: Christopher Marlin
Age: 46
Location: Los Angeles California USA/Syria
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email:,, &
On web sites: Facebook


Report: Thank you for your message .How are you doing today? This is a little about myself. Am an orphan, my parents died when i was 2 years old. I grew up in orphanage home later went to live with my auntie



Name: Trey Clarke Peterson
Aka: brian peterson
Age: about 45
Location: afghanistan
Address: unknown
Phone: 419-365-6160 and 419-520-7970
Email: or
On web sites: date hookup


Report: I met trey on date hook up and we talked for about a year. He said he was in army and he was stationed at army camp in ohio. He said he wanted to take leave and come see me. Then he asked for me to help him with the cost of going on leave. He said if I did I would get it all back when he got to me. I trusted him and knew nothing about how the military leaves go. So I sent him the money. over $3000.00 he got from me. He asked me if I could open up a bank account at usaa bank to have his pay direct deposit into it while he was with me. So I did, because I trusted him and he scammed my bank for $19000.00. I am now responsible to pay it back. This guy is very good at scamming. He uses some truth mixed into lies to make you believe him. He showed me a reimbursement form that was partially filled out to get my money back. He is working with a lady named dawn langenderfer in scamming.



Name: James Alvarez
Aka: capt.JamesAlvarez
Age: 47
Location: Afganistan/Hiaheah, Florida
Address: unknown
Phone: 646-481-8493
On web sites:,meet me


Report: He started talking to me on tagged and went to texting and yahoo messenger. Within a week if even started telling me he loved me (lol) and asked me open a google wallet card and claimed I had to put in a leave for him from Afghanistan which was over $5,000 I told him no and he said his bank would send it to my google wallet card which I did open. We talked 2x daily - when he woke up and before he went to sleep every day until 11/9 and that is when I went to google images and put in his e-mail and there he was all over the page



Name: Darryl Davidson
Aka: unknown
Age: 50
Location: Kuwait
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: okcupid


Report: I was getting suspicious, because i was asking him for his pictures and he kept giving me excusrs then he close his account on okcupid , and asked me for my email address so we can chat on yahoo messenger , So i waa just getting a weird feeling , he also had a gmail and just had a bad feeling and i saw your sight so i forward, Your sight to him and never got a email evet again from him . I also read alot of what i seen in your warning like the emails he sent me were simular to the ones i have read on your sight ! He never had the chance to asked me for anything ,he was always telling me that all he does is keep looking at my pictures and can't stop looking at them !



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