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Name: Steven Williams
Aka: Dennis Osten, Craig Hatten
Age: 54
Location: London, England, UK
Address: 210 Highgate Way, London
Phone: 447926427155, 223230779782, 2332366211017,
On web sites: Facebook


Report: Add't phone # 233267693662. Started conversation in Sept 2013 with Steven Williams, under the photo of Dennis Osten. He also used the names of Mark Wilson and Mark Williams, Craig Hatten. Lives in London, England. Said he is widowed, one son David, and a daughter, Lisa. David in school in Ghana. Asked money for David's schooling. computer classes, rent, activity, term papers, everything you could think of. Said he working for Sailors for the Sea, on a ship. could not send money to ghana from ship. I sent a sizeable amount of money to Ghana. Receivers were Steven Botchway, Joshua Elijah, mostly. Promised to come to the states and wanted to marry me. We talked for almost 9 months. I new he was scamming me, but I wanted to prove my beliefs wrong. Not so. I have ceased communicating with him. I have copies of photos he sent me by messaging on facebook. Like I said earlier, on this website, they are identified as Dennis Osten. Do the pics really belong to Osten, and were they stolen from him? The scammer is already posted on this website.



Name: Christopher Smith
Aka: Eric
Age: Brown
Location: Afghanistan
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: ericbrown1960
On web sites:


Report: Eric Brown made contact with me on Claimed to be Sergeant Major in British Army serving in Helmund Province Afghanistan, and also camp Bastion.said he has only a few weeks left before he leaves British Army, we chatted on Skype, he asked for help with the costs of recovering luggage/ diplomatic luggage from Italy with his medals and Gold, and money. Often made very strange language mistakes in his messages which made me suspicious of him. Says he needs me to pay the cost of retrieving his luggage! 3,000 pounds which he will pay when he collects his goods from me on the 15th or 16th July... have blocked him this evening



Name: Steve Brown Morgan
Aka: unknown
Age: unknow
Location: New York, New York
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: Facebook


Report: His picture turned up on this site when I put picture in Goggle Search. He had a lot of pictures of an apartment said he was renting it out for people going to Brazil. He contacted me from a group I belong too.



Name: Jaylin Wright Cameron
Aka: unknown
Age: 56
Location: Dundee, Scotland
Address: apartment 201, Queen's close, Nethergate centre, Dundee, DD1 4HN , Scotland, UK
Phone: unknown+2348187560717,00447053840937,+2348138954633
On web sites: mingle 2


Report: A month ago i knew a man online who says his name is Jaylin Cameron , from mingle dating website. He claims he is from, Dundee Scotland but he had three facebook accounts, two of which got deleted recently which listed him as living at Harwood Bolton. He had three other facebook accounts and under Jaylin wright Jason cameron, two of those got deleted. One of his accounts had picture of an elderly blonde woman, and it mentions he was in relationship with her. but he denied it and said that , the account of his's was hacked.Anyway I added him into yahoo messenger as friend, as he initially projected himself to be a very , religious minded, God fearing good person however i never wanted to date him as never found him attractive at all. He send me a couple of his pictures, which were of such a manner would give anyone an impression he was an affluent person . I also saw him once on cam, and thought he looks like the same person as those pics except he looks bit thinner . It never came to my mind even once that he is a conman. He even said he supported 8 children, as in charity around the world, and i thought he indeed was a kind man who also helped the local catholic church in every ways ,though they were all according to his version of himself. Even his facebook wall was full of prayers, and religious posts and says he is a very successful business man. I would never imagine at all he is a conman . He told me about a month back that his grandson died suddenly of some sickness and he had to rush ireland to see his only daughter, then it seemed he flew to Nigeria on some oil business .When he was in Nigeria he send me messages on yahoo messengers telling me that he was in there, to export oil to new Zealand but to his dismay his Discovery card will not work there, though it works in other countries and that he was in a situation he cannot pay for his food or hotel bills and was hungry, and requested me to send him 2500 dollars as loan, even though i told him i did not have enough money, he kept on requesting me begging me saying its just a loan , that he will soon pay me back by direct bank transfer, and thinking he is a rich person would not be a problem for him to pay me back my money loaned to him, and the bastard made me waste 2 hours in the bank early next morning as soon as the bank opens its shutters, to send the money through some person , which he says is part of some agency, to send money abroad from India, he mentions the name of agency as rajiv investments and he was in contact with them. I also had to scan the receipt and send to him so that he receive it same day, made it seemed like an emergency and he made me run up and down to get it done. but his demands for money were far from over for three days later he again came online, at yahoo messenger and says he was so sad that day, for the money send wasnt enough to pay for his food and hotel bills and requested me to send him another 3000 dollars, for the previous loan was als not enough to get himself registered as oil exporter with the united nations, i told him i indeed am in short of money as i needed to pay my worker's wages but he repeatedly requested me that if they can wait for few days ,for he will pay me back the whole 5500 dollars he loaned from me, with direct bank transfer when he reaches nigeria from ghana, but guess what? that never happened because when he pretended to do the online transfer says midway during the process that he is unable to do so, as it would not go through, and needs cost of transfer code , as its international transfer. I called my bank here in india, but they say that is not true at all as only swift code was needed.He wanted me contact some bank call Vanquis bank at Dundee but i realise it was fishy for the address he gave did not match any of the real bank branches out there . Then he requested me to wait for few days and he will pay back, yet when the time came once more instead of paying back my hard earned money demanded again 60,000 dollars as loan he says if anyone can loan him that amount in India, because he says he is in a difficult situation and needed to pay for the oil he transferred to New zealand ,and he says hes caught in a situation again , that for me was the biggest red flag that he was a scammer, i yelled at him and you cannot imagine how angry i was, i was so hurt for the lost of my money which is causing me so much emotional trauma, to add to that he keeps on stalking me online , and even put my picture in his yahoo messenger , and when i demanded him take it off, replies it is his yahoo messenger he will do what he pleases. When i told him i had reported him to mingle he laughed it off, says he goes not care.That is not all, for he keeps on phoning me at odd hours repeatedly different nights and even disturbs my mother from her sleep, calls me says such disgusting things like wanting to marry me that he would come over here to get me , even though i did not want or like him ever, and he says i was acting like a kid i should grow up and stop creating tension over nothing, the fact is if anyone reads the things he says to me , they would be so mad. It was only when i severely warned him , ill take up the matter with the British embassy as the local MP is related to me distantly, that he stopped to call me on phone.He was so arrogant and did not bother even when i warned him that i would tell my cousin who is a high ranking police officer , about him and what he does . In his profile at mingle2 he goes by jaylins, and claims he works as civil engineer and graduated from Warwick university class of 1975 and that he owns his own construction company , previously works in middle east building homes and that he had been to china on business trips , . The pictures he showed me, depicted him, near expensive car, or in a lawn with background of a nice mansion , tells me about his devotion and continuous help to the Catholic church, and supporting 8 orphan children, which i know now is all lies he made up.Not only did this creep stalked me online and called me several times on phone, sad part is he conned me off 5500 dollars , whenever i demanded him to pay back my hard earned money , he stalks me again,.I know i will not get my money back, i feel the pain of the lost of my hard earned money,but i do wish that this monster will not able to con other innocent people and and make them suffer like the way i did. I pray that God will punish him , for the cruel things he had done and perhaps one day he will pay a heavy price for conning other innocent people online.. I showed his pics to a friend of mine here, and this is all she says . that this man has been conning all his life. I have details of all conversations, and messages i had with him on yahoo messenger he goes by yahoo id c_jaylin and i noticed he is still using it and online for long hours sometimes, i also have the photos which he says were of him that he send me, and also address at Dundee Scotland which he claims is his's. and also the , many phone numbers he had used , to call from uk, nigeria ,& ghana which i have noted down. Please know i only wrote this mail to let you know, how much i had lost in terms of money , and the emotional pain i went through and how much i had suffered because of this monster,.I know i will never get back my hard earned money , but when i saw your website i wanted to let you know what happened, so that the monster cannot , con other innocent people online anymore. i have few of his pictures that he say's is his's which he has send me and few i had deleted, but i will send them should you need them,. I have seen him on cam once for quite sometime, and i thought he looks like the same person in the pictures but a bit thinner i dont know what to say more i just need your opionion, and views and your kind support i feel so sad about it all, and i could not tell any of my family members here as they will be very mad at me, for being so trusting, and losing my hard earned money to a monster



Name: Rodney Frank Thomas
Aka: Chris Harder, Thomas Hacket, Fabian Ramirez, Rodney Thomas
Age: 53
Location: Lagos (Nigeria)
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: zoosk


Report: Rodny Frank Thomas I have found informations about this scammer on web, he is also known as Chris Harder (e-mail, Thomas Hacket, Fabian Ramirez (e-mail and Rodney Thomas (e-mail The man is cruel and has threatened to kill an other victim and her family. You have registered scammer Rodney Thomas using the same e-mail address as Rodney Frank Thomas. Also you have registered scammer Hackett. The photos showed on Romance Scammers are the same as showed on male-scammers.



Name: Dibua osita onyeka, Doris o. Dibua Eneumo The dibua family
Aka: See below
Age: 28
Location: Lagos, Abia, awka
Address: See below
Phone: See below
Email: See blow
On web sites: All social sites


Report: Family of Scammers Re: Dibua Osita Onyeka: Aliases: dibua osita onyeka, Lawrence Dibua, Onyeka Osita,osita Onyeka, Lawrence Onyeka, onyeka Lawrence, onyeka dibua, onixLawrence, Lawrence onix, onyeka onix, onix world, onix L, onix lawerenceville, Lawrenceville, onyeka osita dibua, onyekachukwu dimma, James Williams. Email address: onixlawrence, Onixlawrence, Social networks...all networks. Age: 2 7 Years Dob: July 16, 1986 Address: No. 81, dr. Fasheun Street Ago palace way, okota, Lagos, Nigeria. Worked at: Nokia Care Centre 31, St. Micheal Road, Aba North, Abia, Nigeria. Permanent address: no. 31 Ngene Street, Amawbia, Awka, anambra state Other address: 40 St. Michael road, Aba, Abia state, Nigeria. Phone numbers: 2348101920193, 2344818334245, 23448067674790, 2348033296603, 2348033800566,2348067674790,2348037109988 Mother name: Josephine dibua, awka, anambra state, Nigeria Father name: Lawrence dibua, awka, anambra state nigeria Siblings: Doris dibua Eneumo dob January 21, 1984, tele:2348037109988 Nnamdi Jude dibua, dob. March 17, 1986 Chinedu Lawrence dibua Chijoike Donaldson dibua, dob august 04, 1994 Distinguishing marks:marks on buttocks Dibua osita on passport Onyekachi on birth certificate. Passport No: AOO647216 Place of issue: awka Date of issue: 29 dec, 2008 Worked at: Nokia Care Centre 31, St. Micheal Road, Aba North, Abia, Nigeria Sister and mastermind behind this scheme...Doris dibua Eneumo, dob, 21/02/1984 Phone number 2348037109988 Works at Complete Freight Limited, suite 125, block A NAHCO Complex, Right Wing, Ikeya, Lagos Married to: Nnamdi Michael Nwarfor. I met onyeka on Facebook, then Lawrence Dibua, mid September 2011.this day is may 14, By mid October, he had already discussed me with his sister, Doris O. dibua, Eneumo, and had agreed to come to my country. He wanted to return to the uk he said, as someone owed him $232,000usd. He said he had a brother there who is monitoring the movements of this guy and that he was deported from the uk because he overstayed. He said he had two uncles also who lived there, I asked him why don't they help him, he responded that they had their own families and hence their own issues and he don't want to bother them. I, totally can relate, agreed to help him. I recalled him calling me on the phone, oh he was so happy, he said he was on a business trip, he was into computers, and was just lazing in his hotel room.....oh I remember when he asked me to come on yahoo with him, I would see him...he was handsome, so gorgeous, tall, dark sweet smile, I can see that smile now, an awesome man, what was more awesome, as we speak, he was standing, he unzipped his fly, and showed me his erect penis, yes the first time I saw him, I saw all of him.... We spoke every day, every moment from henceforth. I learnt that he was the eldest son of an ex cop. He had younger brothers, all school boys and one older sister. He said his parents were old and poor and without a jobs. They didn't speak or understood English. He told me that he and his sister work to provide for his parents and siblings. He worked at Nokia in Lagos I eventually learn, lived in a hotel room. His sister stayed on her own somewhere In Lagos. The rest of the family lived In a Awka, , anambra state. Onyeka is a sweet talker, cool guy, we talked a lot, showed a lot of emotions, cried a lot, a lover, a dream lover, said all the right things....he very quickly became my world, my centre of attention, every woman dream of having a best friend and lover, he was those and being yearn for this African. On October 30, 2011' onyeka told me that he was going home in awka, anambra state, for a celebration. He had travelled to his hometown the day before...he was selling his land to come to me and he was going to tell his family about us, and there will be a celebration. On Sunday 31 October, 2011' onyeka called me (the tears run down my face as I recall this moment). .. Remember this like yesterday...he was so happy, he said baby, I have all my family and they love you....he had me on speaker phone, he said, say something, speak they listening....he let me speak with his brothers, who were all shy, their names then were John, Mark and David..then his uncle came on the phone...he said, we have approved the wedding with you and onyi..onyi, then got on the phone, I asked him wedding? You never asked me...he said am sorry baby, my family had to approve it first... He was so happy, we were laughing, we were happy! Some days shortly after, I recieved this message from his sister, Doris dibua, welcoming me to their family. I felt good, I was going to settle down, I was going to marry this gorgeous man who no one knew. We were going to get married and we were going to have this fantastic life...oh I was on cloud nine, is this real? We started then to plan his travels...he said he will come by December, 20, 2011, Well in the interim, onyeka then started to get familiar with my kids, as this is where he will be coming, to live with us. I didn't have any reason to doubt him, not for one moment ever. On November 6' 2011' he again travelled to awka to attend his best friend,s father funeral...Peter molukwu...that's the first time I noticed onyeka wearing a wedding band. I asked him about it and he took it off, said it was just a ring. Onyi, sent me pictures of his ring off his finger. This is the first time also he asked me for money . He said his friend didn't have all the money for the funeral expenses, that he onyeka lent him all he had. I wud have done the same, so he wanted me to send money just for him to return to Lagos. I readily did, and sent it to Peter molukwu as onyi was without ID. It was about this time that he opened up and told my how hard life was for him, as being the eldest son meant he had to work and contribute to his family. He said he worked for $150 usd per forth night.....I decided I will help him. I paid his hotel bills and his canteen bills plus any other expenses he might have, like the numerous times his phone fell and broke, like buying him clothes,even when get needed boxers, he would ask fir money to purchase those. I fed, clothed and housed him. Onyeka returned to Lagos and life went on, we planned on him coming in December, we spoke all day and life was great. We became, in my mind, best friends. We were in love, happily and only waiting now to be with each other. Oh we talked about any and everything, onyi was there every waking hour, we learn about each other, we played with each other, life was unbearable if we spent a few hours apart. He woke me up when he woke up every morning, hen used my picture as his profile picture on Facebook, we were a couple. I told all my friends, they loved him, everyone seems anxious but wearily so, as almost everyone warned me, please cheryll, be cautious. I didn't listen...I became Annie, oh I loved it...before that, Ann was just a name on my birth certificate, no one else ever acknowledged it...Annie became my name and I love him more for that. He was attentive, he loved me, I knew he did...(the tears run down my face again as I write this). Yes I knew he loved me, and I know he will always love me..don't matter what. As the time approached, oh it was awesome, he sang coming home with the kids, the kids grew to love him, he was constant, day and night, onyi was always just a tap of a key away from us. We felt safe, we felt protected, we know his heart was with us all the time. Onyi had his own money, he was going to pay his own passage...he said he had $3200USD. I never asked any questions. I just accepted it. At around the 18th of December' 2011, onyi was so distraught, his father was sick, he needs immediate blood transfusion, he wasn't talking, onyi was crying, oh I don't want my father to die...his blood transfusion costs $5000USD, and all he had was his passage money $3200usd. I said onyi, give your dad what you had and I will give you the balance, don't worry to travel now, wait and make sure your dad was ok before. Oh he loved me. He said he will send the money to his sister who had travelled home already, but he cudnt because of work. Soon after he was crying again, the Dean from his brother's school called him, by then the names changed, it was Chinedu...his dean called onyi, he was going to put chinedu out of the school because his school fees were not paid...$500usd, I said don't worry honey, we will pay it. So December 20. 2011 went by and onyi cudnt travel because his dad was so sick. Now onyi had sold his land, remember, well the money, he bought a container of laptops, printers and accessories. His parents had rented shop space, his younger brother, nnamdi will run this shop so they can now provide for themselves as he will be away. Oh this was a great idea, I stayed with him for two days as he cleared the container, entering each serial number into a data base, then he had to send all this to awka....the money was done, he paid for the licence of the business, the computers and the rent. Onyi said he worked then with Nokia, that store closed for Christmas and would not reopen until the new year...onyi then went home to awka, anambra state to join his family for the festive season. He said Annie, I been shopping, I bought all sorts of stuff for them. I told them you sent it so they would like you. I was like....Awwww, onyi baby, you didn't have to do that. He responded that these are Africans, they always want!!!.,! It was during this time that we had our first fight, simply but it should have been my first warning. He had told me that he had finished eating. Then we were talking, his brothers were there, then this I never revealed to him before...I heard a door opened, I heard a female voice, then suddenly, onyi needs to go eat, I was like ain't you just he responded, then he got angry, for the first time...he said, what the fuck, I can't go an eat, I made a mistake, I didn't eat yet. 2012....the other woman. Onyi returned to Lagos and back to work early January 2012. It's was only a few hours after I recieved my first phone call from his wife. Her accent was deep, and harsh, I cudnt make out a lot of what she was sayings. ..but she told me that she was his wife, thst they were living apart and he just came to spend Christmas with her. That he lives at his cousins in Lagos as he works there. She told me to stop talking to him, that he is married and they were trying to get pregnant. Oh my God, he went mad, so did his father, now talking fluent English! The father said to me....onyi is a young boy, that's a lie, people are just jealous of him. I then started to get messages but the person would send and delete their profile so all I will get is a message from



Name: Roland Walker
Aka: Abrax Amonun
Age: 46
Location: Manchester UK
Address: unknown
Phone: 00447418469279
Email: unknown
On web sites: facebook


Report: was contacted in January by Mr. Abrax Amon, looking for caring and so on woman, because german women are so great (indeed they are) and the usual bla bla. Has a 6 years old son , Junior Abrax, wife died of cancer 5 years ago, was an US citizen. Mr Amon runs his own business in greater Manchester , actually on business trip on Iloilo City on the Philpippines. Mr Abrax has studied arts and interior design on the University of Manchester ( is a Business School ???) , and speaks avery poor English , education level is quite low. Just waiting to hear that he is on big trouble , and waiting forme to save him from whatever . Thank you very much



Name: Tom Greany
Aka: unknown
Age: unknown
Location: jacksonville fl, Ohio ,Canada
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: indeed


Report: Hello Ufiria White My name is Eng. Tom, I am a Building Contractor, I am coming to Jacksonville to work by early next month and my 5year old son will be coming from Ohio to spend 2weeks with me. I lost is mother 10 min after Donald was given birth to which was indeed a terrible experience for me. Right now i am in Canada and my son is in Ohio but i will order his babysitter to bring him to Jacksonville to be with me. I wont have enough time to stay with him so i will be needing you as his babysitter for 2weeks, I am willing to pay $200 Per/day, You will be looking after him from Monday to Friday, Weekends are not included because i wont be working on weekend. I will be waiting to read from you, Best Regards, Eng. Tom



Name: emerson zeal
Aka: zeal or john
Age: 20-25
Location: ghana or nigeria
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: caldwell.milley@yahoo &
On web sites: yahoo and skype


Report: There is someone on yahoo and skype posing as Dr Andrew James Baldwin better known as Andy Baldwin.their yahoo address is and their skype address is sgt.dr caldwell.milley,please post this to warn others from him.he claims he has a 14yr old son presently in Africa waiting for him to come take him home,he claims he is presently in de military working with de united nations in kabul Afghanistan on peace keeping missions,he has been there for 3 years and his wife past away 4years ago.its all a lie ,he just wants you money.he is a sweet talker so women be careful he will prey on ur vulnerability and ur motherly lover,he is smart and charming and don't cares if he hurts u he will do wat it takes to get wat he wants.



Name: Alex Evan
Aka: Jean-Luc B.
Age: says he is 55
Location: Rennes. France
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: skype jean-luc.b01
On web sites: Skype


Report: This person contacted me via Skype. He indicated he is 55 and a widower for the past 4 years. He added that he is raising his 12 year old daughter. As to employment, he told me he was a construction engineer. He is fluent in French and English. He told me that all he wanted was



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