Not Published Reports


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Name: mark robert reich
Aka: unknown
Age: 46
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysi
Address: unknown
Phone: 601 2223 4062
On web sites: unknown


Report: Mark Robert, or Robert, is a scammer. he uses the story that he is stranded in Malaysia with his daughter Lilian. needs money to rescue him. he also uses illness as an excuse. Eric Tropical Hospital, is a scam. Skylink on line bank is also part of his scam. as is the Nigera Bank of Malaysia and Commonwealth Bank of Australia.



Name: ryan williams
Aka: wims642, lou
Age: 45-49
Location: Benoni, Melkbosstrand, London
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: datingbuzz, online dating, Thunderboltcity


Report: scams money from woman, says he has a building business and building a mall in melkbosstrand, needs only R2000 to get the money released to proceed with building,... Says he's widowed, one daughter, 2 grandson's, none of the names can be traced on internet,



Name: Anthony Jeffers
Aka: Dale Stone, Dale Shane Stone
Age: 47
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa, Maryville, TN, Los Angeles, CA
Address: unknown
Phone: 865-237-9103
On web sites: Yahoo and Gmail


Report: Met this person on Zoosk. I was looking for a friend and if possible for it to turn into something more. He contacted me the phone number 865-237-9103 is what he gave me. I spoke to him several times and then he said he was going to South Africa to visit his mother. To make a long story short, he pestered me for money constantly. I'm out of $ 20,000 to this idiot. I have filed a complaint with the FTC, Money Gram and Western Union. Apparently, Western Union didn't take me seriously because he bragged that his friend, R. Bandy, 162 Mason Ln, Central City, KY 42330 can still send him money. So, he had accomplices. I know I can't get the money back. Some of it was my 401k, now I'm on the hook to pay the IRS next year. I've lost my job because of him and his constant harassing. I feel like I'm going to be put in jail by the IRS because I can't pay it and my bills too. Wished someone could track him down so I can put him in jail where he belongs.



Name: Paul Ken
Aka: unknown
Age: unkown (on his fb he pretens dob 1960-10-10
Location: Acrra, Ghana
Address: unknown
Phone: 00233244284307
On web sites: facebook


Report: He started very soon a relationship, pretend to have a job as building contractor, travelled from florida to Ghana, where after one week he was short on money because the government of Ghana requied him to pay taxes. All that time he was not allowed to work. After getting his Ghana number my daughters fiance (Nigerian) called him and they spoke the local Nigerian language, an english neither me or my daughter understand. After that we had serious doubts he was an american. He stopped chatting when he realized i would not send money written an official proof of his identity. We started chatting on Oct 4th and i have a lot of love letters. Thanks if you could follow this up



Name: Carlo Da Como
Aka: Carlo Como
Age: 48
Location: Los Angeles
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: millionaire match,


Report: Nigerian fraud....trys to scam money...says he is a sub sea engineer, on barge, equipment broke, send money....I traced his emails....they all go to Nigeria



Name: Oseji Ashibuogu
Aka: Michael Dirk
Age: unknown
Location: Sount Africa
Address: unknown
Phone: 277-828-19596
Email: michy_
On web sites: Dating Sites


Report: He claims to be Michael Dirk aka on dating sites. Also calls from a 720 area code on cell phone traces back to Colorado. He claims to live in IL and has a daughter. He has pictures of someone the small girl he claims to be his daughter. He scams women for money, beware.



Name: Michael Tenny
Aka: Rahmon Oguntade
Age: 60
Location: London ,England
Address: 269 strone road
Phone: 0114474175599851
Email: mich@279601@yahoo.cpm
On web sites: ok cupid and yahoo


Report: I was scammed of over $30,000 by this man and then i was charged on discover card of $15,000 and through bank for $8500. I was a total fool and may have to go to jail yet over this. Please any one that meets this man run. Don`t let this happen to you. He tells you he loves you and then scams you for all he can get. this took me 10 months of my life to find out.



Name: Brad Johan Adelbert
Aka: unknown
Age: ? 57
Location: ? England
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: Dating


Report: Beginning of October 2012,supposedly Danish ,living in Ramsgate, Kent. Working as a gold and diamond merchant!



Name: smith maxwell
Age: 40
Location: Afganisthan
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites:


Report: he told me that he is a millitar from New York but he assign in Afganistan. He want to see me but i need to write he told me to pretend that im her wife and i want to spend a vacation to my husband. after 2 days i received the email. this is the email that i received. Dear Madam The information below are been forwarded to you in respect of the mail received on the 6th November, 2012. POLICY AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR LEAVE REQUEST 1. Returning officer requesting for leave should have a reasonable motive of applying for leave. 2. Experience has shown vacations and short periods of rest from duty, as well as unauthorized absences to attend to emergency situations at home, therefore every soldiers who either eligible for leave or not are not authorized to request for leave by themselves. 3. Returning officer is liable to receive some amount of money as leave bonus and allowances. 4. Short period of leave can be requested for a soldier by his or her spouse, family either immediate or extended with genuine reasons. 5. Maximum of leave period to be given to any soldier on deployment is 15 weeks. 6. Every soldier leaving the camp on family or spouse request should have a liberty pass card with him or her at departure and arrival, Identification card shall suffice to identify a service member absence not classified at leave. 7. Paid leave should only be granted to soldiers who are eligible for leave, unpaid leave to the non-eligible soldiers under any kind of condition. 8. Returning officer will be able to leave his designation country 72 hours after all processing is completed. 9. Spouse or family of employee who is requesting for a leave must pay all necessary charges accordingly. 10. On no account should a third party intervene with the processing. You are to provide the following information below . 1. Name of Expectant: 2. Home address: 3. Age: 4. Sex: 5. Occupation: 6. Phone number: 7. Relationship with deployed officer: 8. Service Member Name: 9. Rank: 10. Active Duty Number: 11. Reason for leave request: 12. Duration for leave request: By replying with this information listed above, I hereby declare that every information in this paper works is to the best of my knowledge. Regards Lt.Gen Stultz Jack Processing Officer He dont want to show his face to the cam and he told me he is not allowed to talk in the phone. Iam not sure if he is using his real picture in his yahoo messenge.



Name: jarrod bernard
Aka: unknown
Age: 52
Location: london uk
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: yahoo mesenger. date on line, neglog,others


Report: he is a scammers. he tells you beautifu things. then he travels and say his creit card is no good. and he has to get home. he then ask for money to complete his home ticket. then he has trouble with getting home hes ask for more money all for a total of $1000.00. then he gets home and disapppears.



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