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Name: Mike Wrighy
Aka: Edouard Mike; Arnold Jens
Age: 49
Location: Houston Texas, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
On web sites: Skype, Facebook


Report: This jerk is smooth. He strung me along for 2 years before asking for money. If I couldn't send money, he would get angry.



Name: Philips Smith
Aka: unknown
Age: 42
Location: Liverpool
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
Email: Unknown
On web sites: Facebook


Report: He tries to gain trust n then becomes friendly n chats over on FB messenger and whatsapp n then say that he wish to meet u n marry u n says that he is soon visiting your country for business purpose also says that his wife is died in car accident n he has a 16 years old daughter now n he is looking for a woman like u , then he gives u flight details on whatsapp n then on the day of arrival he calls u from the number with ur country code n says that custom Has detained his luggage n hence he needs money n then he pressurise u n makes u speak with some lady who speaks ur language n then shares a/c detail n again n again pressurised u to help him n so dumb person like me become prey of such things n deposited money without checking further , I hv his three numbers , he took my 45000 INR , recently I hv become prey to this fraud - he is showcasing his profile as general director at some marine engineering and construction company - Bristol , Liverpool - uk / I don't know it's real he or fake one but has three FB profiles , I hv his chats saved in whatsapp , he make u speak with his daughter as well - please beware or this scam - I wish I get my hard earned money back



Name: James Barr
Aka: Army Love
Age: 43
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: unknown
Phone: 704-498-4412
On web sites: Facebook and NextPlus


Report: Meet this guy on facebook..Been texting back and forth on phone.He started very kind,sweet and sincerely to me.Well anyways he got to my heart cause some how he knew that I just needed a friend.. All my stuff on my timeline is private.I fell for him and sent he money bout 4times,which was really stupid on my part..All together I sent money to him total up to bout $7000 by money gram. I know now I really got screw and scam... I guess I was trying to move on from loss of my husband



Name: Donaldson Williams
Aka: unknown
Age: 50
Location: Niemcy, Ameryka, Afganistan
Address: unknown
Phone: +48326304314
On web sites: skout, skype


Report: Hello ... I was deceived by crook, in the amount of 50.00 thousand Polish zloty. I am now in trouble and debt in the bank for a few years, I do not have the support and nowhere to live now I do not have enough ... God how I was stupid ....



Name: jim amos
Aka: unknown
Age: 69
Location: barbados
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: unknown


Report: He sent a luggage from Http://wwidelivery and he gave me the tracking no# ramos_15785829 click that link and insert the tracking no#then submit it you can see the result but before he sent the luggage he asked me to pay the agent with amount of 250 euros but i sent only 200 because i dont have money anymore because his luggage hold at the custom reason is have 100,000 dollars inside!and the divorced paper as he said,what a cheater!he told me he cannot pay the courier because its not allowed the transaction.the delivery agent had sent me the email that the luggage was hold and need to pay 950 euros and i sent 200euros with the name of TIMOTHY OSUME ABEGBA.GHANA,I think its desame person with my onescammer from uk but now he is in malaysia hes names are:collins sunsugar,Wilson Jack,Harry kingstar that man scammed me 5,000 euros i had all the detail receipts,photos but he is using VIVER.scammer!



Name: Thomas Earl Thompson
Aka: Jeremy Lowis
Age: 58
Location: Spain
Address: unknown
Phone: +27 616654005
Email: unknown
On web sites: Facebook, Whatsapp, Tagged


Report: He contacted me on Tagged and said he was a Oil Rig Engineer off the coast of Spain but was here in South Africa to visit his son, who lives here. He said he needs a wife to take care of his son while he is away on the oil rig. We have only been chatting for a few days now and he wants to arrange our wedding as soon as possible. I came upon his profile as I don't trust someone who starts declaring their love for me when we haven't even met. I came upon his profile while I was checking out the latest new scammers.



Name: Greg Vanhoff
Aka: Greg Van Hoff
Age: 61
Location: Jacksonville, FL USA
Address: unknown
Phone: 512-710-9692
On web sites: Christian Mingle, E-Harmony


Report: Claims to be from Germany. Has one daughter studying medicine at the University of Florida. His wife died in an accident and he is an oil rig contractor and supports an orphanage in Ghana. Currently working out of Houston on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Claims to have found millions of dollars worth of gold in Ghana. He is willing to split the gold with woman/victim. He shows her fake contracts and pretends she gets 25% of the gold worth over a million dollars but she needs to pay fees to get it. She pays money to Ghana directly. She pays money to addresses in the USA. She receives money from other people in the USA by MoneyGram and she's told to take money received and wire it on to Ghana to a man called Ebenezer Donkor Agame who I'm assuming may be the scammer himself



Aka: LARS BERTIL BJORK, Steven Johnson, Michel Faucher, Dennis Simons Peters
Age: 56 aprox.
Location: Arizona USA (probably)
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: flirchi, skype, email


Report: I met the so called Williams Navarro, in flirchi, we started to chat, in february, and later we communicated in skype, het told me his ansestors came from Citilcun Mexico, and that he was working for the UN as the head surgeon, in Ukraine. About two weeks ago, he told me that he was coming to US for some conferences about his job in Washington DC, but while he was in Ukraine he opend his camera so we could see each other, which he said it was forbiden, because of military rules. He was planning to see me after the conferences so we could get engaged, and plan a wedding. After a couple of days that i didn?t hear from him when he was in DC, he wrote me a mail, saying he was in jail because oppenig the skype camera, and that a fan for $4,700.00 dollars had to be paid, he had given the UN my email adress, i did get a mail from that office, but it was a SPAM address. Searching i found he has many allias and ID?s with his pics, and different names, he wrote back saying he loves me and that somebody else was doing this.



Name: Henry 
Aka: unknown
Age: 37
Location: Hong Kong
Address: ??????47???6F? 9?2A ???
Phone: 85251770760
Email: Nil
On web sites: Badoo


Report: This is claim he is from China but migrants to Hong Kong when he is 5 with his parents. He working in a invest share company in Hong Kong . After two months contact with him , once day he saying he have a good deal from his company and ask to invest . By then I'm stop contacting him and I reliase he using another name Henry 41 years old in Badoo then another name ??42Years old and working in lippo group.



Name: james martin
Aka: Sergent James martin
Age: 56
Location: kabul Afganistan
Address: unknown
Phone: unknown
On web sites: browser my pics single site


Report: I know this guy on the single site sounds like very good guy Looking for he's soul mate until he start asking for money for he's vacations and hire a lawyer that I need to pay for papers and he's flight to kabul for the permits and pay James flight to USA pay for he's hotel until he's on accident accident



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