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ROBYN | 10/6/2013 | 05:28


Your site is interesting, had skype call from General William Caldwell SCAMMER, Be ware of him. i have put in report




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John | 10/3/2013 | 17:42


Hi all.....Its a crazy world out there in cyberspace so please be careful who you send money to. Most photos are stolen by scammers usually from Nigeria or Ghana...what you see may not be who you are emailing and all they want is to get their hands on your money. So in my opinion it would be much safer to actually meet the person first before any money changes is so sad to read how many people are duped




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Margaret | 9/25/2013 | 06:44


Love the site has helped me a lot to look for scammers


United Kingdom


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ida balanco | 9/19/2013 | 15:26


please ladies be very careful of the names dave harry and keith wills they are the biggest shysters on the planet . also look out for messages they copy and paste forgetting you have met them on other sites .they are also on contract and when you want to meet them face to face they either landed up in hospital and get some other Nigerian to sent you a letter saying for him to be released he needs to pay the hospital bills.BEWARE OF THE ONES THAT TALK ABOUT GOD FEARING----AND ALL THE FAMILY DYING THANKS SCAMMERS WEBSITE LETS ERADICATE THESES MORONS


South Africa


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Colleen | 9/2/2013 | 18:29


You need to have your wits about you, stay one jump ahead and heed the warning signs.


New Zealand


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Annet | 8/29/2013 | 10:42


Hello i'm glad to participate in


Czech Republic


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rosemarycorvin | 8/23/2013 | 06:35


i would like to know if general bill cadwell is a scam he says he retireing from usa army and wants to send me money and he wants to visit englan d some how i dont feel this is true why do people do ths he has said he loves me i dont think i eant any more to do this pearson




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lisa goodrich | 8/21/2013 | 17:08


Why are there so many scams going on are people really that stupid or are we that trusting. We need to get a handle on this an have we got any one in jail for this an why is my scammer still on facebook I reported it to facebook all three of his accounts an still they don't do any thing an why can you sign up for an cancel that account at drop of a pin someone needs to put a stop to this once you make an account it should not be canceled for at lest a month.


United States


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sylva | 8/14/2013 | 00:09


Hello my dear Sylva,
How are you doing? I hope you are fine,They company have contacted you for verification if you know me as the sender of my consignment you need to reply to their email immediately for them to proceed for the delivery,Yes my love the consignment is intact but all you need to do is to respond to the company.Thanks for being there for me,i can't wait to come and spend my life with you
They have written you that is why i ask you to reply to Agency,They are the Rescued Security team who came to our rescue in the sea,Before delivery of the consignment you will be called on the phone,Honey please there is nothing to bother in my consignment it is a Diplomatic Delivery..Please respond so that they can issue you Airway Bill and official receipt
Have a sweet lovely,I called to hear your voice,Omg!! What a lovely voice you have
I hope you had a sweet lovely weekend
Yours Love
Taylor William, London


Česká republika


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Linda Foster Duncan | 8/11/2013 | 10:33


Looking to see if three men I know are on this scammers site.


United States



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