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Toni | 6/18/2015 | 07:04


Hello I would like to get in touch with Catherine (UK) and Brigit from Austria who got scammed by Ross Nelson, aka Boubacar Cisse, Garry Abbort( as he is known to me) Dean Freeman...etc...He is also known as Gary Rubb.




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ibLisaEinAZ | 5/23/2015 | 02:28


Enter Your Comments..JUAN ADAMS aka ARBOR LEKA lives in Johannesburg, South Africa though he is from Kosovo/Albania
spokes broken English and very very sexy to all that have seen his pics. He is smooth and experienced has scammed alot of woman, though I've only found him on 2 dating sites (and I have searched plenty), he stole $20k from me in a year and 4 months. Broke my heart terribly. Iam very bitter and very angry, I have reported him to this site, and iam in process of sending the site all the documentation they have requested. Until them if u are interested in seeing his pics please do a search for JUAN ADAMS in the GOOGLE+ and he will be the pic of the very nice looking man in a blue & white shirt holding a wine glass. You will also see my name "iblisae" as one of his google+ folks. He is a liar and a thief and a top notch manipulator! Please please beware.


United States


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Shadi | 5/20/2015 | 16:44


Bad guys. :-(


United States


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Rose Mc Avoy | 5/4/2015 | 08:47


I have been scammed by Mark fisher wHo is on your site and I would like to see all photos as he also goes under the name of Philip Chon


United Kingdom


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idaa | 5/1/2015 | 21:20


I know him on a dating site, july or august last year. Even though he had hurt me, but I still love him and i can't hate him. I know he never loved me. I can't mention his name here (his name is on here and a woman has been reported ) because he threatened and will spread my pictures in online. He may have found a new woman and having fun with her. I just hope he returns what he borrowed rrom me and i know he read this message because he always monitoring this site. I am currently being treated at a hospital and I hope he kept his promise.




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Henry White | 5/1/2015 | 00:35


I met him on our time...uses very attractive pics, says he is a widow, from Secaucus New Jersey,Enlish accent from the UK....goes by email number is a Massachusetts area code...Art dealer, buys antiques...


South Africa


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Carla hey | 4/29/2015 | 03:10


I have been scammed by Scott morgan not his real name claims to be rich he s a big lair his accent is not American which he claims he is from he is in Lagos Nigeria the pics he sends are a lovely looking man but of course they are stolen indenity he also uses the name of Steve Franklin and lots more is on lots of social networks . I want him caught but nobody seems bothered to do anything it seems no,point in reporting scammers you get nowhere .these are the emails he used I done reports etc but all for nothing nobody listens and yet these scammers get away with murder it makes me sick




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Lori | 4/28/2015 | 11:58


A guy named westerwildcat contacted me on Plenty of Fish goes by the name Jason Brookes Has been barraging me to sell my home and send him money. He claims he is an engineer working in South Africa, but lives in Malibu California. Says that if I don't send him money, something tragic will happen to him. Has threatened to kill himself if I don't send money, also claims he has 2 daughters, Lilly who lives in Texas and Queensly who lives in Australia with her husband. I have done many searches on him. He has one phone (throw away) 011 277 441491 or 323 366 6049. Says he is being sued by "His Workers" and that he is building an Oil Rig, but cant leave South Africa until I send him 150K. Beware Ladies




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cathy | 4/12/2015 | 17:30


I'm checking on scam man just browsing thanks


United States


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priya | 4/12/2015 | 11:18


krishna mani is his name on .romance .scammer on /scam-profile.asp?id=820
He use a tel number
He have african accent
he registered himself on jeevansaathi
He project himself as an Architect (privately owned company and resides in LA


United States



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