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He call him James Adams" | 4/11/2015 | 05:05


James adams ny namn .romance .scammer on
He use a tel nummber
+1 507-476-1993 and photos av Brain allan Scottish musician and a founder of the “Global One"
He have afrikan akccent


United States


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Lucie Eby | 4/6/2015 | 04:00


I was scammed by a man who claimed to be in the
US army, but he was a Nigerian scammer. His name
is Patrick Wells.




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Shirley Meisenheimer | 4/5/2015 | 23:30


I am looking for possible scammers by the Name of Steve Books, suppose to be from Miami, Fl Has lived in Nigeria and is on the country of Goeoria at this time. His email is


United States


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Jorlon | 3/29/2015 | 21:59


Thank you Met this guy thru face book. Well it all started how beautiful I am ( which my picture that I posted was blurry ) anyway he told how he feels all these romantic poems sang a song and not only that he used a kid as his son to scam women. His name on this data base is james u Walton aka in face book Nelson dim kelly. Widow works in Africa engineer owns a bussiness. At first I was impress but something telling me his lying. We been talking for about 3 weeks now Oh get this he even Skype me to show me he is not a scammer and uses gods name a lot. Send some pics of him and the son. Text emails and calls which is Massachusetts area code. Today asking me that tomorrow was his sons birthday and needs the money for his medications. What a low life. I called him told him he's a scammer and I know the location of IP address CA Mountainview. That I notified the authority of this matter. Check face book he deleted his profile. Beware ladies.. Will do more photo search.


United States


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birgit kaindlstorfer | 3/27/2015 | 22:02


i would like to get in contact to catherine (UK) who was scammed by ross nelson alias dean freeman as well....




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post | 3/20/2015 | 00:05


wanted to help my best friend. But i could not find his name, photos or others here. I'm afraid she scammed by that man.




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Merryl | 3/19/2015 | 12:17


keep up the good work.


South Africa


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Claire brown | 3/14/2015 | 18:18


I truly enjoy male-scammers. Com


United States


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Anna Tandy | 3/1/2015 | 02:44


I have been scammed by a Nigerian who lives in Malaysia. There are many of them who live there and pretend
No to be white males. I am not prepared to pay for this service, it should be free. I have lost £12.0000. We need to expose these bastards. I know a lot about how they work and who they are. Beware




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Ella | 2/23/2015 | 14:51







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