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Thread: Need help

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    singlelady Guest

    Default Need help

    Back on Aug 18th 2013 I started chatting with a man I met through sugardaddyfinder.com and of course he contacted me first, almost immediately it moved to yahoo chat, he told me he lives in FL but his father was from Germany and Mother from California and that he was a civil engineer and about 2 weeks into chatting with him he told me his last contract was in Ghana. Although he has sent me several pics all of the same man, I have 3 phone numbers for him. 2 in florida and 1 in Ghana. He also gave me his address to both places but also has been asking for money but I have been putting him off about the money because i am extremely cautious and I am afraid he is a scammer. Really hoping you can help me out with this. He is a beautiful man and says all the right things but need to know if he is real or not and without his knowing I don't believe him

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    liposk Guest

    Default Please don,t send any money he is a scammer

    Please don,t send any money he is a scammer.I have fallen for a scammer really badly,he was I very nice man he did say all the right words send cards ,love songs,phone calls every day,very comforting caring you name it he done it.His name is Derrik Meade and I did lose a lot of money,dont believe him please.I have a lot of Photos as well all the same man and son.I did talk to him for 3 mon and then he ask for money,I was so sure after that long he must be real .But no he was just after the money.Please don,t send money never.

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    ida3105 Guest

    Exclamation dont send the money

    Be careful my friend....

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    twicevictim Guest

    Red face Google it!

    It is so easy to identify a picture if you can't find it on any scammer site. Go to google.com and upload an image. That is how I discovered my scammer when I couldn't find his pictures on scammer sites.
    Having been a victim twice to smooth talking jerks...don't send money!!:

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    I mean from that site sugardaddyfinder... that would mean that he should be sending money to you. That's what I thought a sugar daddy was. I mean this does sound like a total scam. Do not fall for this.

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    This is a scam. No man will go to a women and ask for money. A man who is truly interested in a woman would have to much pride to ask. Trust me. I have known my fiance online for nearly 4 years and never once has he asked for money, and even when I offered, he said no.


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