How To Watch Out For Online Dating Scams

Ways To Watch Out For Online Dating Scams

Ways To Recognize Online Dating Scammers

The internet can be a great place to meet people from all over the world but it can also be quite dangerous. People can pretend to be someone or something they are not and it can be very difficult to see who is for real and who is not. Online dating sites are even more difficult to weed through and can be dangerous in many different ways. Here are a few hints that should help you recognize some of the scams out there.

Their Photograph:

Take a closer look at the photo someone is using for their profile. If the picture seems a little too “professionally” done and the image looks like a model out of New York, chances are it’s too good to be true. If you can save the image to your desktop, search online and see if that photo is on a site where you buy photos or it’s posted elsewhere by someone else.

The Description of Their Appearance:

If someone is really desperate for a date, they might make up their height and weight. For instance, if someone claims to be 6.2 in height but weighs 100 lbs, that is way out of whack and it’s impossible for someone of that height to weigh that little unless they’re practically dead!

Their Occupation:

Surprise, surprise! Someone who is trying to deceive will have a very high-end occupation. With men their occupation could be an Engineer or a Doctor. A con never claims to be a Nuclear Physicist! But should they, check it out anyway! Either their self-esteem is so low, they must come across greater or they just want to impress you through deception. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with working in construction or being a secretary!

Check Them Out:

You can take a portion of their profile and do a Google search. If this person shows up on other sites, using the same name, but has a different photo I’d question their honesty.

Ask Questions:

These sites allow people to list their likes and dislikes, such as their favorite restaurants or movies. Ask them which movies they’ve seen lately and who their favorite actor is. If they list restaurants they frequent, ask them where the restaurant is located. Tell them you know of the restaurant but can’t remember where it’s located. Then search Google for a map to the location. Granted, if it’s a chain restaurant, that could be difficult to search, especially if your town or city has quite a few. If they claim their favorite actor is “so in so”, they should be able to list other movies the actor has been in.

Read Between The Lines:

Their introductory can speak volumes. There are phrases that fraudulent people use over and over again. “It doesn’t matter how far away you are or your color, what matters is love!” Yuck! An introductory should be down to earth and natural.

Show Caution With IM Chats:

Granted, there are people who just love IM Chats but keep in mind, many times IM Chats cannot be reported to the websites. If on an IM Chat, be careful what information you give out about yourself. Remember, you really do not know this person.

Where Are They From:

If they claim to be from a specific place but can’t seem to even spell the name right, that’s a problem. If they are from an area, like New York City, that has tons of attractions and landmarks they should be able to tell you something about them and certainly where they are located. If they claim to live in San Antonio, TX but know nothing about the Alamo – Run!

Talk About Their Pets:

If you have mentioned that you have a Golden Retriever and someone claims they do too, ask them about their pet. Pet owners are very proud of they four-legged friends and should know a great deal about them. Not to say they are breeders and know every detail about a given breed! But, if they have a Golden, they should be able to talk about their very sweet disposition. Whether a dog, cat or gerbil – pet owners know characteristics displayed by their pets!

Ask For Another Photo:

If they are sincere, they should be willing to send you another picture. If he has a dog, get a photo with their pet with their hand draped over their pets neck and their name printed on the outside of their hand.

Ask To Chat By Phone:

When first meeting someone, there’s nothing wrong with asking if you could call them and just chat. If they make up too many excuses, something is going on, such as – they’re married! If they claim they live in Dallas, TX but you are given a country code for Paris, France – Oops! Who knows where this person really lives? I can promise, it’s not Dallas!

Talk About Your Interests:

Let’s say you are into American History, don’t you think if they are also, they’d be able to have a good conversation on the subject? Even if it’s history in general, there should be a lot of conversation and even various opinions regarding a certain time-frame. Let’s face it, if they don’t know that George Washington was the first president of the U.S. or they think he was named after the state of Washington – they are not into history! Better yet – where did they get their education??

Too Serious Too Soon:

Be careful of people who want to jump into a “serious” relationship way too soon. It takes time to know someone and if they are discussing marriage, before you have even physically met, it’s not good! Another old and worn out line “God meant us to be together or God brought me to you” and “I cannot live without you” – again Yuck! This is also a way for someone to try and lure you to them, especially if you are low in self-esteem or very naive. Never buy that someone can’t live without you. That’s too fast too soon!

Never Send Anyone Money:

Scam artists are notorious for asking people for money. Their mother is in the hospital but the doctors won’t operate until they have money. They want to come visit you but they don’t have the cash so could you lend them the fare? No! No! No! If you get requests involving money, report them to the site – they will take care of them. Cut off all communication and go look for someone who is honest, sincere, and might not be a Nuclear Physicist but they do have a real job!

In Conclusion:

There are many great people, just like yourself, that enjoy online dating sites but it’s up to you to watch out for the wrong people. For every really nice guy or gal, there’s a con right around the corner whose waiting to lure you in. Ask good questions, do a little searching, and use common sense.