Standard Dating Scam Scenario

Standard Dating Scam ScenarioOnline dating sites are a hugely important part of today’s modern world. Many singles now use them to find a partner and to enjoy dating and meeting new people, but these sites are not without their problems. Sadly, some men use dating sites to try and scam unsuspecting victims, and all users of dating sites should be aware of this problem. If you are aware of the normal operating mode of these kind of scammers, you will easily be able to avoid them and you are much less likely to end up losing money to one of these unscrupulous criminals.

The most common dating scammer scenario normally works like this:

A romance scammer will normally build up contact with his intended victim through a dating site. He will exchange messages with the woman he is trying to scam, and keep up regular conversation to build up a friendship. However, his letters will not normally contain many concrete details about his life, his work or his family and friends. He will keep his responses vague and avoid giving details about himself, but he will try to find out as many details about his victim as possible.

After a relationship online has been established, the scammer will start trying to extort money from his victims. This may well start out as small amounts, so that the victim does not become suspicious. Common excuses are that his laptop or webcam are broken, and that he needs money to fix them in order to carry on talking to the victim. They will spin a very convincing story, and may often pretend that they just need to borrow the money in the short term.

Some men will try to extort larger amounts of money from their potential victims. They will claim to have had an emergency – urgent repairs on their house needed, he has had money stolen or his car broken into, he lost his job and needs to cover a rent payment – all these excuses and many more are very common for romance scammers.

Dating scammers will not stop trying to extort money from their victims until the victim stops sending money. Romance scammers will take absolutely every penny before moving on to their next victim.

Protect yourself when you use online dating sites by making sure that you never, ever give money to somebody you don’t know. There is no guarantee that they are who they say there are, and the only way to ensure that you don’t have your money conned out of you is to refuse to send money to anybody that you have never met.