Money Order Scams – How They Work and How You Can Avoid Them

Money Order Scams With today’s advancements in the areas of communication and technology, people have gained access to all sorts of means and methods to connect with other individuals all over the globe. The internet allows us to meet new people from miles away with nothing more than a click of a button, and so of course, it goes without saying that some of us have used this to find potential partners.

Despite the convenience of internet dating, there are still potential risks and dangers we need to consider whenever we engage in a relationship over the web. Nigerian scams abound these days and some of these people might take advantage of your emotions just to get a few extra bucks.

Monery Order Scams: How They Work

You develop a relationship with a guy after some time of getting to know him on the internet. He seems sweet enough, and he’s a hard worker which makes him all the more appealing. You talk about everything and, over time, you’ve both learned to trust each other which is why he has requested that you cash out a money order his boss sent. His current location won’t allow him to cash the payment, and so he needs someone else to do it for him. He gives you the details and instructs you to add the money to your account for safe keeping. While you wait for the money to appear in your account, he asks if you could send him a certain amount just to make up for the fact that he won’t be able to get the money order anytime soon. So you do just as he says and transfer the cash to him via Western Union. A few days pass and you receive the money order… but it’s useless. It was all counterfeit, and your perfect lover is now nowhere to be found.

How to Avoid A Money Order Scam

People fall prey to online scammers because they can make themselves seem like ideal partners, friends, and companions. Don’t be deceived however, as these individuals are often masters of deception. If you’re currently involved in an online relationship, it’s best to perform a background check just to see if the man you’re dating is actually who he says he is. These professional scammers, particularly African scammers, can be crafty however, so don’t immediately trust an account that seems legitimate. Use your better judgment to pick up on hints that your new found friend might have an ulterior motive – is his English broken? Does he seem a little off during conversations? Is it all just too good to be true? Another tell tale sign is the involvement of money and money transfers. As soon as cash comes into the picture, it would be best to just bail. Don’t be afraid to walk away especially when your gut tells you to. Finally, save yourself and others from being scammed in the future by filing a report on a suspected scammer.