Dating scams target divorced and middle-aged women

Who are victims of dating scammersThousands of people look for love on dating sites, social media and dating apps. Unfortunately, before you find Mr Right, you will run into losers who are out to scam.

Often referred to as “Sweetheart” scammers, these people will target vulnerable people and that includes people who have gone through a divorce and middle-aged women. They profile themselves as eligible, romantic people looking for their perfect match, and fall in love way too quickly!

How These Scams Work:

These people have various sites for dating down packed! They place a profile that is as phony as the day is long. In many situations, they steal someone’s identity or just use a fake name and an even more fake picture. Dating scammers are often in a group of people and they fill up these rooms using the same script.

They often portray themselves as belonging to the military and are stationed overseas or are in highly educated positions such as doctors, engineers, and lawyers. If they claim to be in the military, it gives them the perfect excuse why they cannot meet up with someone they have met online.

These people are very clever and will work on their background profile for some time. They build these profiles in order to draw victims in. In many cases, they will express very strong emotional feelings, very quickly, after meeting someone. Through these emotional moments, they will use terms like they have so much love to offer, they share way too much personal information, and will even send a small gift to their intended victim.

The Money Scam:

Once they have won the trust of someone, they will try and entice them into emailing vs talking on the dating site or by using an instant messenger service. This will quickly escalate to financial problems such as “child needs an operation but the doctors won’t do the surgery until they get paid”. Other financial hardships could be a failed business. In many cases, if they get a victim hooked, they will ask them. They might ask their “new love”: to cash a check or money order they will send them.

The Federal Trade Commission is aware of many scams and what these people will try and get someone to do for them. A really popular scam is getting their victim to open up a bank account for them, then they transfer money to that account. At some point, they will request their newest love to withdraw the money and send it out of the country. This is money laundering plain which is a federal offense – plain and simple! Sadly, the victims are oblivious that they are actually aiding and abetting in a crime and at some point, they’re going to find the Feds at their door!

The FBI’s Center for Internet Crime Complaints have stated, that on an average, victims lose more than hundreds of thousands of dollars due to dating scams. More than $85 million in losses took place in the last 6 months. Women are the victims of 82% of money scams and Men pick up the other 18%.

Advice From The FBI:

Your online interest may only be interested in your money if they try to get you to leave the dating website and only meet and chat through emails or instant messaging.

Professes undying love, way too quickly, and sends you a photo that looks professionally taken and belongs in a magazine. Chances are, these people have grabbed a professional photograph of a model or through photo sites that are normally used for business purposes. If the photo looks professionally done, chances are it’s not this guy or gal!

Claims to be either from your country of origin or your state but they work or travel overseas on a regular basis. They will agree to meet up with you but at the last minute they must leave on a business trip or there’s been a tragedy in their family. Really!

There are really good people on dating sites but you must use common sense and watch out for signs that just don’t seem right. Never agree to send a total stranger money, no matter how long you’ve been communicating online. Unless you really “know” them, you will become a victim.

Many money scams cover:

Medical bills
Emergency medical situations
Child care
Replacing visas or other documents
Hotel charges
Financial setbacks

And the list goes on. It’s not your responsibility to give someone money!

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a dating scam – report it at